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Hitler’s Daughter Threatens Tory Leader

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Foreign leaders believe a Tory win in Britain’s scheduled general election on May 6th could prove to be the biggest obstacle to the French and German leaders’ dystopian plans to arm the EUSSR Assembly in Brussels with sweeping new powers to police national economies – and loot their sovereign treasuries at will.

Uberfrau harpy Mangie Merkel, the neo-fascist German Chancellor, has insisted ammendments to the terminally-flawed Lisbon Treaty are required to repair the treaty they fucked up earlier and introduce new measures in order to prevent another Greek economic fubar crisis.

However the Kraut authoritarian harpy insists an incoming UK Conservative government will not be allowed to use new treaty negotiations to demand powers be returned to Britain, further challenging Tory leader Posh Dave Cameron to defy the might of Berlin - and the EUSSR.

"I vill not speculate on der outcome of de British elections," Merkel informed a reporter from the Totalitarians Gazette. "Treaty changes vill be agreed by unanimity so I am not vorried about some poofter Eton schoolboy and his Oxford Bullingdon dining club chums changing vhat I do not vant – to put it bluntly. That iz der vay it iz.”
“Ya, and if dat Bonkers Boris Nonsense Tory Mayor of London person gives me a hard time and makes fun of my boobs again I shall haff him by ze balls."

Posh Dave Cameron has pledged to hold a referendum on any new European treaties and further called for powers to be repatriated to Britain – wholly managing to forget his earlier ‘broken’ promise that if the Tories were voted into power by some unfortunate accident or quirk of fate, they would hold the Labour-denied referendum for ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the purgatorial quagmire.

However, Merkel, the self-appointed EUSSR bully-frau Compliance Troll claims she is ready to oppose any further referendums - and the populist defeats that blighted the original fated Constitution - and too the Lisbon Treaty - all in keeping with Baron Rothshite’s instructions.

Merkel and her sycophantic lapdog, Nicholas Teakozy – the poison dwarf French President - have ordered Herman van Rompy Pumpy, the EUSSR chief, to form a special "task force" to look at "all options" for improving economic stability - including a European Monetary Fund and an expulsion procedure for euro members that break the rules – unconsciously providing a Get Out of Jail Free card for the Brits by way of simple ‘non-complaince’ and ‘bureaucratic disobedience’.

William Vague, the vertically-challenged Shadow Minister for Hobbit Affairs, informed a reporter from the Anarchists Review that a future Tory government would not accept any restriction on "Britain's ability to determine our own financial fuck-ups".
"An EUSSR economic policy covering Britain will never be acceptable to a Conservative government,” Vague stated, taking a sneaking glance over his shoulder.

The call for a new treaty also contradicted Gordon Brown's insistence that there should be no discussion of a new treaty until after 2055 – when he is long dead and the calamitous New Labour Party no more than a dreadful memory.

Senior poridge wog Broon,who is scheduled to holds an Easter egg breakfast session round of talks with the Kraut Gorgon in Downing Street next week, insisted the EUSSR heirarchy did not want to hear any more institutional or constitutional changes mentioned after the ‘labour pains’ (sic) of railroading the Lisbon Treaty past demands for a British referendum on EUSSR membership.

However the German pit bull spit the dummy when one journalist wit inquired that if the EUSSR’s Stalinist edifice did not stand the test of time would she agree the founding principles were flawed – comparing the Brussels based bureaucratic nightmare to Hitler's Thousand Year Third Reich – which lasted a mere twelve – with six of those involved in a total war with every fucker and their dog across Europe – and far beyond.

So, to round off what has so far turned out to be a bad start to a totally fucked up week, Merkel, aka the Templin Troll, has carried on in like vein during an official visit to Ankara by alienating the Turkish Prime Minister Revup Tieclip Ecodogcan in repeating her xenophobic belief that Turkey is still a Third World basket case and not suitable for full EUSSR membership until it gets its proverbial shit together.

Things quickly went from bad to worse with expletives being thrown in both languages due disagreements over Iran, Cyprus, drowning polar bears, Somali pirates, aardvark rights - and educating immigrant Turkish children in Turkish – in German schools.

Conversely Germany is Turkey's main trading partner, its largest foreign investor and its major source of fat Kraut tourist revenue - with nearly three million Turks living inside Germany – almost enough to keep several large Konzentrationslagers topped up and busy.

But Turkish PM Ecodogcan was not amused and told Pox News “This woman is a whore – she insulted me and my country saying we are not fit to join the EUSSR.”
"The Wheels of Progress regulations she is trying to impose upon us before we are allowed to join the EUSSR are inherently destructive to our financial stability and culture – and national identity. Her Wheels of Progress are going to crush our economy and our lives.”

Merkel, who privately boasts a Lipizzaner pedigree, nevertheless has a lot of the rude mongrel in her genes.
Mangela originally came to national prominence as a Stasi stoolie posing as an Agitprop activist and honorary member of the Baader-Meinhoff Gang – was the sole founder of the Templin Bad Breath Society - and has been described by allies and critics alike as the type of go-getting totalitarian fascist politician who would have the brazen hubris to erect Arbeit Macht Frei signs over all German factory gates.

Merkel is no stranger to controversy, with her first husband Ulrich, a chronic monkey spanker, dying of an ingrowing foreskin condition while using a penis enlargement pump connected to the domestic vacuum cleaner.

The German Chancellor was personally the source of controversy during a springtime visit to the Oslo Opera House in 2008 when her evening gown’s plunging cleavage allowed her mammary glands to flop out when she sneezed – with her boobs plummeting like a pair of hanged men. Photos appearing in magazines at the time refeered to her ‘exposed assets’ as ‘Merkel’s Weapons of Mass Distraction’.

Although she claims to be ‘sexually straight’ rumours abound of her lesbian affairs - first with Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Dildodo, followed by ‘Bavarian Beastie’ rampant doggying sessions in the Black Forest with French First Lady Sapphie Godemiche – and in a Washington Georgetown motel with US Secretary of Sleaze super-dyke Hilarious Rodent Clinton.

However the biggest scandal and embarrassment of all is that political opponents claim she is the actual daughter of Adolf Hitler.
While the fact that Hitler purportedly snuffed himself in 1945 and Merkel wasn’t born until 1954 is explained away by ex-Nazi Dr. Karl Klauberg dutifully collecting and preserving frozen samples of Adolf Hitler’s sperm when he used to jack off over the cat and Eva Braun’s jackboots each evening while listening to Wagner.

Although Merkel’s bio’ maintains the illusion she was born on July 17, 1954, and is the daughter of a Lutheran minister from an East German-controlled church, Soviet KGB archives reveal an entirely different story.
Stasi GDR files indicate that she was born on April 20th, 1954, and details of her birth were included in the records of the German Dr. Karl Klauberg, who was one of the Nazi "death camp doctors" convicted by Soviet courts and imprisoned. When he was later recognized as a brilliant scientist, he was released and became known as the father of artificial insemination.

The Rothshite Zionist forces of darkness controlling East Germany decided to produce a child from Hitler's sperm.
Klauberg and his Soviet team brought Gretl, the youngest sister of Eva Braun to Eastern Germany, where she was artificially inseminated and acted as a surrogate mother – with the resulting progeny being a daughter, born on the 20th April 1954 – the same birthday as Hitler’s - 20/04/1889.

It was then 'agreed' by the Rothshite Zionist controlled Soviets, Americans and the Vatican that the baby Merkel would become a custodian of the Catholic Church through its connections with her Pastor foster father’s East German Lutheran Church.
Further it became ordained that once a German Pope assumed the Roman throne of St Peter, Merkel was to also take her biological father's position as German Chancellor.

By sheer coincidence, symbolism discounted, on April 20th, 2005, the ex- Hitler Youth Nazi, Cardinal Joseph Ratflinger became Pope Benny - the Mk 16 model – precisely on the 116th anniversary of Hitler’s birth. Hitler's daughter, Mangela Merkel, was elected Chancellor of Germany that November.

Hitler, the illegitimate son of a Rothshite mistress, arises from nothing and is coached and mentored into the Chancellorship of Germany – and kick-starting the apocalypse that constituted World War Two – all in the name of lebensraum (breathing space) for his Germanic hordes.

Merkel arises from nothing and is coached and mentored into the Chancellorship of Germany, President of the European Union, and then head of the powerful G-8 economic cartel.
A rabid and fanatical, spittle-raging bigot when in full verbal gallop – high in oath and blood-splattered - a true psycho masterpiece – just like her biological father.
So, who better qualified to lead the New World Order’s Fourth Reich – to greatness – or destruction.

Hmmmm, there’s nothing like a string of real coincidences to make the hairs on the back of your neck prickle.

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