Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mossad Maniacs False Flag Manky Moscow

Once again, the latest and the greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill - providing additional proof that this still is the month of the Mad March Hare.

Scores of commuting peasants were killed and legions wounded when two split-arsed Muslim suicide bombers known as 'Black Widows', and believed to be garbed in burkahs reportedly blew themselves all the way to Paradise when they detonated their 38CC ‘Boob Bombs’ on the Moscow Metro during this morning’s rush hour.

Dozens died in the first blast at 07:56 hours as a train stood at the central Lubyanka station, beneath the offices of the FSB intelligence agency.

Forty minutes later, at approximately 08:38 hours - with all train services continuing to run without interruption - a second explosion ripped through a train at Park Kultury, leaving another twenty-plus dead and maimed.

The Chekist Federal Security Service (FSB) at Paranoia Central wasted no time in declaring - to anyone daft enough to listen - that a cadre of Islamist rebels fighting for independence in Chechnya was responsible for this current wave of suicide bombings. This premature conclusion was reached following receipt of an e-mail that claimed “It woz the goyim Chechens wot done it.”

In February the Chechen rebel leader Vladimir Pisstoffsky, a Maoist devotee of asymmetric warfare - and eating cold Pol Pot insta-noodles - opened his big mouth to a ‘foot-in-it’ level when informing a reporter from the Warmongers Gazette that the Zionist First Sphere of Influence ruling the Kremlin would now be targeted and Russia suffer for past transgressions when he extended the zone of military operations to the cities of the Rodina.”

Ministry of Scaremongering spokeswoman Titsup Trollenberg informed media reporters the first explosion tore through the carriages of a train when it stopped at the Lubyanka station at the peak of the rush hour.
The station, which accommodates both the busy Sokolnicheskaya and the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya lines, lies conspicuously beneath the headquarters of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Lubyanka Square.

The second blast at Park Kultury, which is six stops away from Lubyanka on the Sokolnicheskaya line, came at 0838 (0438 GMT). It reportedly struck at the back of the train as people were getting on board.
Police estimates now state that more than 100 people were injured in the two attacks, 30 of them seriously, while another 25 just shit their pants.

In a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putrid and President Medevac, FSB chief Alexander Bollocksky revealed his investigators had received information via a Tel Aviv-based intelligence source that the attacks had been carried out by "Islamic terrorist groups related to the North Caucasus".

Conversely 23-year old Moscow night club ‘erotic’ pole dancer Tekem Orloff, who was a passenger on the 07:56 train told a reporter from the False Flag Gazette "I was moving up the carriage when I heard a loud bang - a blast – behind me and I looked around and saw a bomb or explosives had gone off under the train and blasted the carriage floor upwards – just like the three 7/7 London tube bombings did.”

Well, Tekem Orloff’s little statement tempts one to jump to conclusions and speculate that there were no little Miss Jihadi Shaheeds on the trains with PETN Boob Bombs or Semtex backpack charges, and the rogue Israeli Apartheid State’s Thug Squads have been going hard at it again - like a lizard drinking – 24/7 plus overtime.

And what busy bees they have been too - besides waging an all-out war against the besieged Palestinian population of Gaza, plus bulldozing mega-hectares of West Bank settlements to usurp the rightful owners so they can build a few thousand illegal homes for Kikesters, they find time to forge scores of foreign passports then trip off to Dubai with a sloppy Wet Job Squad to snuff a Hamas militia leader – and knock off a Syrian Hamas agent in Budapest last week also.

Not to forget those metallurgists in Tel Aviv, going flat out like a lizard drinking and gold-plating thousands of tungsten ingots to replace the real McCoy looted from Fort Knox by the kikesters controlling the Federal Reserve.

We have PM Binman Nuttyahoo burning the midnight oil in the US – shoring up the credibility of AIPAC and bullying the Kenyan bloke in the White House to stand firmly behind the blood-stained flag of Zion - and bomb the shit out of Iran – prior to invading the place.

Really, with all that shit going down, how do Mossad find the time to pull a couple of false flag bombing jobs in Moscow to demonise the Chechen Muslim adherents of Islam – simply to broadcast the fact they hate the Russian’s Democratic freedoms.

But these guys are well versed and practiced – just look at their New York WTC 9/11 false flag job. That kicked off the desired invasions and on-going conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
As Mark Twain once said “A lie can skip round the world and back again while the Truth’s still pulling it’s boots on.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If Mossad crapped in the middle of Lubyanka Square would the FSB smell something ‘shitty’ was ‘afoot’ before they trod in it?

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