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Pope Protected Kiddie Fiddling Priests

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German authorities are seeking to break the Catholic Church's “wall of silence” on their priest’s scandalous record of sexually abusing a variety of domestic pets and farm animals – and the scatologic and colorectal abusive activities of clerical pederasts who only took holy orders to gain regular ‘intimate’ access to choir boys and sate their paedo’-sodomistic cravings.

Sexual abuse of child pupils at scores of German Catholic schools, churches, choirs and boy’s clubs - including the prestigious St Sodoms Chapel for Latter Day Catamites monastic boarding school in Bummerstein - have sparked a nationwide scandal with more than 1,500 ex-students coming forward with allegations of suffering from chapped lips, gonorrhoea of the vocal cords, haemorrhoids and ruptured anal sphincters due sexual abuses inflicted upon them in the 1970s and 80s.

During a radio interview Justice Minister Heinrich Schittfegger criticized a 2001 Vatican directive issued by Cardinal Joseph Ratflinger - Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – formally the Office of the Inquisition - requiring even the most serious child sexual abuse cases to be first investigated internally by the Vatican’s Department for Whitewash & Coverups.
Schittfegger maintains Ratflinger had erected a "wall of silence," to protect the Church’s dodgy criminal kiddie fiddling priests.

Cardinal Joey Ratflinger, the ex-Nazi Hitler Youth ‘Snitch n Grassers Brigade’ member, reinforced the strict cover-up policy by introducing a new principle: that the Vatican must have what it calls Exclusive Competence. In other words, he commanded that all child abuse allegations should be dealt with direct by the Vatican in Rome to avoid publicising the fact 90% of all Catholic priests were raving faggots and child sex abuse offenders.

Before being elected as Pope Benny – the all-new Kraut Mk 16 model - in 2005, the pontiff was head of the powerful Congregation of the Doctrine of The Faith - the department of the Roman Catholic Church charged with promoting Catholic teachings on morals and matters of faith – for 24 years.

Regarded by all and sundry as an arch-Nazi Fascist bully boy, Cardinal Ratflinger was known as the 'Enforcer' of Pope John Paul II in cracking down on liberal challenges to traditional Catholic teachings – especially so where temporal and secular law enforcement matters were concerned.

In 2001, while he was a cardinal and the Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops world-wide, instructing them to put the Church's financial and commercial interests ahead of child safety.

Ratflinger’s orders to bishops were rather than reporting sexual abuse to the relevant legal authorities they should encourage the victim, witnesses and perpetrator not to talk about it.
Further, the victims were to be silenced by whatever actions deemed appropriate and threatened that if they repeated the allegations or showed off their stretched sphincters in public they would be excommunicated and go to Hell where Satan and his demons would bugger them rotten ten times per day.

Five years ago, prior to the last Pope croaking, Cardinal Ratflinger sent out an updated version of the notorious 1962 Vatican document Crimen Sollicitationis - Latin for ‘The Crime of Solicitation’ - which laid down the Vatican's strict instructions on covering up sexual scandals.

This document was regarded as so scandalously secret that it came with instructions for bishops to keep it locked in a safe at all times.

An all-new BBC Panorama special, Sex Crimes and the Vatican, investigates the details of this little-known document for the first time.
The programme also accuses the Catholic Church of knowingly harbouring paedophile clergymen since the time of St Peter’s inverted crucifixion.

It further reveals that priests accused of child abuse are generally not struck off or arrested – unless they’ve actually murdered their paedo’ victims - but simply moved to another parish full of fresh little boy’s bums.

Patrick McTadger, a former Vatican-approved enforcer of the Crimen Sollicitationis in America, informed the Panorama programme: "Ironically I eventually discovered I wasn't working for a holy institution, but a criminal organisation that was wholly concentrated on protecting a bunch of ordained rapist bumboys and raving lezbo nuns."

Thus this avalanche of bad publicity has resulted in the Pope himself being drawn directly into the Catholic sex abuse scandal as further shocking news emerged of his part in a decision to send a paedophile priest for therapy.

The priest, identified only as Hermann the Homo, went on to re-offend and was accused of forcing an 11-year-old boy to perform oral sex then subsequently convicted of sexually abusing hundreds of minors after he was moved to pastoral work in nearby Grafing.
He was given an 18-month ‘suspended’ jail sentence and fined DM 4,000 - but still continues to work as a priest in Upper Bavaria

The archdiocese confirmed that Pope Benny, who was then Cardinal Ratflinger, had approved the stupid decision to accommodate the priest in a rectory while the therapy took place.

Further recent media revelations concerning the sexual abuse of former choirboys in the famous Bavarian Rectumburger Analsplatter Choir - which was once headed by the Pope's younger brother Georg Ratzinger - has turned the spotlight back onto the hierarchy in Rome.

Apparently this particular sexual abuse scandal dates back for centuries - to the days of Martin Luther.

The junior Ratzinger, who led the choir from mid-60s to mid-90s, has denied any knowledge of the abuse due suffering a selective memory condition and Alzheimer’s – regardless of being fingered (literally) by former choir members as a raving kiddie fudger.

The choir's director and composer has unveiled terrible details to the Shitstabbers Gazette of how, as a choirboy, he saw the boarding school's director at the time – Werner Soerarse -"come into the dormitory at night and pick out two, three pretty boys to take back to his apartment for ‘suck and swallow’ games and administer prostate massages with the nine inch ‘conductor’s baton’ he kept hidden in his trousers."

What are your views on celibacy within the Roman Catholic priesthood? Do you think clerics should be allowed to enjoy a weekly wank in the bath? How about nuns and altar candles? Do you think the God of the Old Testament – the ‘jealous and vengeful’ bloke - approves of these ‘abominations’?

Thought for the day: If the Pope shits in the woods and there are no choirboys – or bears wearing big hats - around to smell it, does it still stink?

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