Thursday, 4 March 2010

Scots Nix Sex Offender Alert Scheme

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A ‘Pervert Detection’ scheme known as ‘Sarah’ Law’ that will allow parents, vulnerable paranoid gays, single women posing as vestal virgins – and sheep farmers - to check if someone in their neighbourhood is a sex offender will be rolled out across England and Wales by March 2015, according to one report just leaked to the media from Whitehall’s Snitch & Grassers Department for Advanced Shit-Stirring.

A similar scheme to Sarah’s Law was to be launched in Scotland but due the abysmal failure of Edinburgh’s corrupt ruling elite in the Holyrood Parliament to stamp out the scandalous raving paedophile rings operating for decades around the country’s Grampian crime capital of Aberdeen, the idea has been archived with an ‘indefinite postponement’ label attached.

According to Holyrood insider Jimmy McTwatt “How the phuck can the scheme work north of the border when the dodgy Masonic- controlled police force purposely ignores a parent’s complaints - and crooked lawyers simply slap an interdict on anyone campaigning for the prosecution of the powers that be for molesting underage kids – then charge them with a breach of the peace to gag them.”

However, in England and Wales, under the intended scheme parents will be able to log onto the government’s Spot-a-Paedo website to check if any of their children’s school teachers have convictions for kiddie fiddling – or which local council officials and magistrates – and other neighbourhood ranking establishment Freemason worthies - have been caught with their proverbial ‘pants down’ while engaged in vile acts of al fresco wanking, cottaging, dogging - or shagging underage ewes.

A pilot scheme initiated around Smegmashire’s Ferryhill-on-Sea area last year resulted in the scandalous discovery that the local government was infested with kiddie fiddling pederasts – from the wheelie bin operatives to social workers, boy scout troop leaders, vicars and priests, solicitors, special needs school teachers, doctors and nurses, police officers, magistrates, town councillors and even their New Labour MP – Sir Irwin Bogbrush.

This festering den of iniquity became exposed and public knowledge when one group of concerned parents contacted the police ‘and’ the national press after their dodgy neighbour – Bastardi Fuctifino - a Portuguese ice cream van driver - had begun offering bowls of drug-laced tapas to their children. Police confirmed that the individual was a registered sex offender who had been banned from contacting children – and selling ice cream – or tapas.

Fuctifino was arrested and remanded in custody for breaching the statutes of his parole – awaiting deportation back to the paedophile haven of Praia da Luz in the Algarve – but not before blowing the whistle on his fellow Masonic kiddie fiddlers comprising the ranks of the local gentry and governing establishment who had promised to protect him from prosecution – then turned their collective backs on his predicament as the wolves of justice sated their bloodthirsty jaws on his sacrificial, scapegoat carcass.

However, before his deposition could be given to a Parliamentary committee, Fuctifino was found dead in a solitary confinement cell at Bellmarsh Prison with thirty-eight stab wounds in his back, which the Ferryhill-on-Sea coroner, Sir Marmaduke Mullett, declared was the most determined case of suicide he’d ever come across.

Conversely, following the success of the Ferryhill-on-Sea sex offender disclosure pilot project, it has been calculated by concerned parent networking groups that the Pervert Detection scheme and the juxtaposed Spot-a-Paedo website will hopefully serve to grind the heel of Justice’s jackboot into the midst of the once-untouchable bigwig-run pederast rings operating throughout England and Wales – and further function to embarrass and shame any honest members of Scotland’s vice-ridden corrupt judicial establishment to adopt the scheme also.

The overall success of the Sarah’s Law project – while being a diluted copycat version of the US-legislated sex offender disclosure project - Megan’s Law – still lies with the commitment of ‘honest’ members of government to resource the programme efficiently and ensure it is enforced and appropriately monitored.

Further the scheme is intended to serve to prevent a recurrence of the disgraceful Thomas Watt Hamilton / Dunblane schoolkids massacre scandal that was investigated by Lord Cullen - and his damning findings into the calumnious involvement of the Scottish hierarchy paedo’s concealed from public view for 100 years to prevent their censure and prosecution.

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