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Sloppy Mossad Hit Squad in Budapest

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This morning’s edition of the International Scandalmongers Gazette is rife with reports concerning two Israeli ‘Sigint’ spy planes sneaking into Hungarian airspace to ‘light up’ the car of a Syrian-born Hamas militia agent as he drove across Budapest – from the Jolly Jihad Hotel to his regular afternoon appointment at the Happy Ending Rub n Tug Massage Parlour.

It has now been established that the aircraft were targeting the agent for Mossad’s elite Orla Guerin hit squad – all of whom are believed to be travelling on Disneyworld passports since the outrage caused over cloned travel documents following their last sloppy snuff job on a Hamas leader in Dubai.

In addition, the gospel according to the reports being leaked by the freelance ex-KGB agent turned investigative journalist, Vladimir Pisstoffsky, confirms the planes were on a "spy mission" that was directly connected to the assassination of an unnamed Syrian national (Ghaban al Kess Emakk) in his luxury limousine on Wednesday in the Hungarian capital.

The two Zionstream executive jets, both registered to the Tel Aviv-based Kikesters Air Charters, and equipped with US-made hi-tech sigint electronics equipment, flew across Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania before entering Hungary's airspace – with both planes exiting the country immediately after completing their mission – the tracking and targeting of Mr Ghaban al Kess Emakk for the Mossad hit squad - without ever landing – or announcing their presence.

Apparently the Zionstream jets were able to slip under the Hungarian radar system at Budapest Airport due it being totally antiquated and hadn’t been fully wound up to full operational capacity last Wednesday morning.

Shylock Scumberg, the CEO of Kikesters Air Charters (owned by the London-based Rothshite Yid Mafia crime family syndicate) told a reporter from the Warmongers Gazette “Our planes were not engaged in any naughty hanky panky – they were travelling across Hungarian airspace on a secret diplomatic mission.”
“You should be blaming the anti-Semite Iranians for this crime – not we peace-loving Jewish types.”

Meanwhile, the Hungarian Foreign Minister Rabbi Bris Milah told a reporter from the Lech Lehizdaven Gazette that air traffic in the country is under the jurisdiction of the Budapest Aviation Authority and to address any questions to them – preferably in Hungarian as none of the BAA staff spoke English.

Conversely, pursuit of this line of inquiry revealed that both Kikesters’ flights had received permission to enter Hungarian national airspace from Mr Shylock Cabaz Sharmuta, the head of the Hungarian National Transport Authority – who had granted said permission for the overflight in response to a direct request from Mr Ghaban Ibn Himar, head of the 'Hungarians for Zion' section of the Defence Ministry.

Meanwhile, Zeenat ben Noser, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, denied the two Zionstream aircraft were in any way involved with a Mossad black bag snuff job – then contradictorily stated that “both the Israeli Air Force’s ‘Shylock Squadron’ planes on permanent charter from Kikesters were on a “routine” top secret diplomatic flight mission - the Israeli latest euphemism for state-sponsored ‘murder’.

However it has now emerged that at the time the assassination hit on the 52-year old Syrian-born Ghaban al Kess Emakk took place the two Israeli Zionstream spy planes were circling over the Hungarian capital, close to the airport, where the ambush and shooting actually occurred.

Eye witnesses, their testimony supported by CCTV cameras that were - oddly enough - actually working at the time of the assassination, stated unanimously that a very shifty looking group of Hebrew-speaking individuals arrived in the area just prior to the assassination disguised as a team of Albanian gypsy buskers.

This dodgy gang was comprised of eyeball twisters, gerbil jugglers, ferret stretchers and dog wankers, with members of the traffic jam team posing as spaced-out rhubarb addicts and a pair of barrow-pushing kosher bacon vendors.

Immediately following Kess Emakk’s limousine entering Kelevra Square the exit was blocked by the bacon vendor’s barrows and a laser beam struck the victim’s vehicle from above, then the buskers dropped their pretences and jointly opened fire on the vehicle, killing the occupants – with the lead shooter grabbing a black briefcase from the bullet-peppered limo’ before awarding each other with a hi-five palm slap then fleeing the scene of the attack in waiting taxis adorned with Israeli CD plates.

Do you believe in the adage of “Mossad Mossad everywhere and not a drop of Justice”? How about the new Palestinian kiddie’s song “They’re here, they’re there – those manky Mossad are everywhere!” Have you seen any little green men with big noses carrying British passports. Have you heard rumours that
Mr Ghaban al Kess Emakk was this week’s Top of the 'Pops' on Mossad’s ‘Hit Parade’

Was Kess Emakk an anti-Semite - and probably a Holohoax denier - as he had a Fatima and the Fatwah’s CD on his car stereo? Do you think he was bent on destroying the Great Satan and Israel? Did he really hate Western Democracy and our political freedoms just because he watched Jihadville?

Allergy warning : This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of untruths, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If bunches of hi-fiving Mossad agents keep blatantly shitting all over International Law with official impunity, who’s going to implement Universal Jurisprudence if the world’s crooked Zionist-financed politicians are controlled by the Rothshite Kike Mafia?

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