Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Holyrood To Pass New Paedo-Protection Law

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Crooked Ministers infesting the halls and cloisters of Edinburgh’s Holyrood Parliament are considering a new tactical law which would serve to prevent members of the outraged British public from stalking and harassing ranking representatives of the establishment’s paedophilia rings - such as police officers, social workers, common or garden Freemasons and attorneys of the exalted judiciary - by text or online – or while stood on an improvised soapbox rostrum at Speaker’s Corner - or outside the Aberdeen branch of Marks & Spencer.

Currently those who behave in such a way simply face a breach of the peace charge – as was instanced by the contrived arrest of one British broadcaster and journalist Robert Green in the Scottish crime capital of Aberdeen on the 12th February for the abhorrent ‘intended’ offence of calling a spade a spade in his crusade for justice for one Holly Greig – a disadvantaged person who was used as a sex toy by the Ferryhill paedophilia circle since she was a child.

Scotland’s Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, a man whose gelid reptilian touch makes one cringe - and automatically count your fingers after shaking hands with him, wants to create a new offence outlawing "threatening, alarming or distressing behaviour" that could upset the North of the Border pederasts – especially when someone starts asking embarrassing questions about the decades-long institutionalised occurrences of sexual abuse against disabled and special needs children around the Aberdeen area.

The government will seek to change this by lodging an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill, which is now going through the Holyrood Parliament faster than shit through a goose in a pathetic attempt to maintain the cover-up and protect the criminal offenders who continue to molest their child victims with impunity – then hypocritically sit in judgement on others from their seats of jurist authority.

Once the new powers are enshrined in law they will give the bent police and corrupt prosecutors the ability to act against stalkers who send threatening messages stating that ‘Justice Will Be Done’ or ‘Thy Time Hast Come’ via email, text, phone calls – or posting on social networking and alternative news internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Twatter or Twaddle - and the number one favourite kiddie fiddling exposure website - Paedo.Watch.

Ghengic McTwatt, Holyrood’s Minister for Catamites, informed Pox News the proposed offences would cover not only the sending of threatening or harassing emails, text messages or phone calls, but also persistent following, pursuing or spying on suspected paedophiles – with the proposed amendment applying especially so alternative news websites publicly announcing that the UK Prime Minister Gordon Broon is a raving pederast in charge of a government crammed chocker with kinky sexual perverts of all carnal fetish persuasions.

Justice Secretary MacAskill, tasked by his corrupt Masters to look after their own, concluded by telling one reporter from the Sodomite’s Gazette "Stalking and being publicly accused of kiddie fiddling can be a deeply frightening experience for victims such as Sheriff Graeme Buchanan and his circle of paedophile Masonic colleagues in Aberdeen - and we want to ensure that the small minority of honest men and women who comprise the ranks of truth and justice-seekers wishing to expose criminal acts of sexual abuse against children are brought to book, permanently gagged and jailed.

"I intend to send out the message loud and clear that if you engage in this offence, there will be no escape, there will be no wriggle room to exploit and you will be met with by the full force of law – especially the scally Banksy wannabee’s who defaced the walls of Aberdeen’s Cheesy Crust Church of the Latter Day Pederasts at weekend with scandalous graffiti regarding the good residents of the Ferryhill area.”

“What the hell are these do-gooders thinking of – challenging the time-honoured traditions and vices of our pillars of Scottish society over the fate of a bunch of disabled no-hopers - Life’s losers – I mean, who really gives a shit about them – or the Children and Young Persons Act of 1937 – or a wee spot of three-hole rape?”

“These Sassenach scallie types would be well served to remember Hollie Greig’s Uncle Robert and what happens when you go sticking your nose into other people’s affairs – and consider if they fancy getting barbied in a car fire too – or found dead in the woods amongst the heather - wrists slashed with a blunt gardening knife.”

“All it takes is a quick call to Mossad on the Holyrood hot line and these mischief-makers simply get found dead in their hotel rooms with a Pestco ‘bag for life’ over their heads.”

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