Thursday, 25 March 2010

Kikester Hoofed Out In Diplomatic Row

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Today’s reading is taken from the gospel according to St David of Millipede, the current UK Foreign Secretary – until May 6th.

In response to the cloning and forging of a dozen British passports by the rogue Israeli ‘intelligence’ (sic) agency Mossad - used to expedite the killing of Hamas leader Shaheed bin Kess Emakk in Dubai last January – Millipede has declared an Israeli diplomat - Shylock ben Scumberger (Mossad station chief) persona non grata and expelled him from the UK forthwith.

The foreign secretary told a reporter from the Khazars Gazette that the misuse of British passports by a bunch of state-sponsored criminal Kikesters was ‘intolerable’ – and there were "compelling reasons" to believe Israel was responsible for the forgeries – and hence the murder of Mr Shaheed bin Kess Emakk.

However Israel's ambassador to London, Ron Tosser, told the Genocide Review “The relationship between Israel and the UK is of mutual importance as we need the financial backing of British Zionist Jews – and British armament sales.”
“Hence we are disappointed that the government is taking offence at us using British passports for our agents to go and knock off Jolly Jihadi terrorist types.”

Ambassador Tosspot concluded “For Jehovah’s sake, it would be a bit effin’ obvious if we had Mossad travelling around pulling false flag op’s and doing hit jobs on Israeli passports now wouldn’t it.”

Britain's Serious and Organized Crime Agency discovered the forged British passports were counterfeit copies of authentic documents handed to Israeli officials for inspection either in Israel or other countries – and that the fakes were high-quality professional forgeries and almost certainly "made by a state intelligence service – such as Mossad."

FS Millipede declared that whatever pretence or fa├žade of trust existed between the two countries had been badly dented and demanded formal assurances from Ambassador Tosser it would never occur again. Further, in an unusual step, he issued travel advice to U.K. citizens warning their identity details – and also transplantable internal organs - may be at risk if they visit the outlaw state of Israel on business or vacation.

To add emphasis to the British government’s displeasure, pro-Zionist Millipede has pulled out of an event at the Israeli Embassy this afternoon, where he was due to be the guest of honour at a "waterboarding party" to mark the opening of its new ‘extraordinary rendition centre’ in up-market Kensington.

While Israel’s fanatical goyim-hating ultra-nationalist Foreign Minister Avigdor Orla Guerin maintains that his government has never been supplied with any proof that Israel was involved in this affair, he regretted Britain's decision as it could well have been the Nigerians or Icelanders who were responsible.

However this is not the first time British passports have been misused by Israel. In 1987 the rogue state was caught forging UK passports for an intelligence operation, and Israel promised it would not do it again.

On that occasion, eight British passports altered to facilitate travel for Mossad agents were found in a bag - in a West German telephone booth. Que??
Then in 1988 Britain expelled Israeli diplomat Sharlila Bala’a il A’air over a spying row – who was described by MI6 as a scumbag Mossad agent.

Conversely the expulsion of the Mossad head of station in London has provoked outrage in the Israeli Knesset, with Cabaz Kelevra, the National Big Nose Nekeshers Party lawbreaker, totally spitting the dummy and quoted by the Genocide Gazette as comparing the British to "dogs"– just because their sloppy hit team amateurs got caught out red-handed on CCTV murdering political opponents.

Hmmm, ‘dogs’ - a bit of a change from being termed an anti-Semite or Holohoax denier for disagreeing with anything the Israelis say or do.

So, reflecting on the length, breadth, height and depth of this 'wet job' cluster fuck, the past media hype afforded to Israel by the Hollywood kikesters - promoting Mossad as some kind of super-spy agency – is obviously more at scent than substance.

What we see from Dubai – and in Belgrade last week – are sloppy cack-handed botched jobs wholly lacking in any form of sophistication that the career Zionist Yids who own and operate Tinseltown promote and propagandise in every kikester movie they produce.

Thus to assess Mossad’s agents, Ninjas they are not - as was clearly evidenced by the hi-fiving bungling clots who were responsible for the WTC demolitions in NY on 9/11 – and in Bali with the Sari Club micro-nuke – and at the Madrid Railway Station - and again in London on 7/7 - and the Mumbai false flag attack. The Three Stooges - Moe, Larry and Shemp - could do no worse at hiding their carbon identity footprints.

The entire Dubai fiasco now reads alike some botched Wiley T Coyote or Looney Tunes script or scenario - masterminded by Homer Simpson and his black brother OJ – with assistance from the Tiger Woods School of Driving.

Who do you think forged the British passports and snuffed the Hamas leader in his Dubai hotel? Was it Snow White and the 26 dwarves? Perhaps it was the gang from South Park – or the Iranians – just to make Binman Nuttyahoo and the Knesset look bad?

Ah well, the rogue state of Israel sticks out like a sore thumb – as usual – due their brazen arrogance and total disregard for law and order.

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