Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scots Send Child Holohoax Doubters to Belsen

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An entire class of primary schoolchildren ended up in tears and went totally ape-shit after being told they were to be removed from their families and friends as part of a make-believe Jewish ‘Holohoax game'

A group of stunned primary schoolchildren began screaming their veritable heads off and went into self-harm mode when their teacher informed them during a bizarrely concocted Holohoax scenario that they were to be taken away from their families - and some of the very naughty members of the class sent to a Nazi death camp (Konzentrationslager) in Poland – probably Auschwitz.

The pupils, aged 11, upon hearing that their parents had all been arrested on suspicion of being Al Qaeda terrorists and deported on extraordinary redition flights to Guantanamo Bay, became hysterical after a number of them were segregated by the school priest Father McSodom and told they were being shipped off to the Ferryhill Orphanage for Latter Day Pederasts in Aberdeen.

Head teacher Candida MacSlagg told a reporter from the Totenkompf Gazette that the staff were discussing the Holohoax while downing their regular few pints of Old Headbanger lager in the Caber Tossers Arms at lunchtime.

Rabbi Sheldon Scumberger, a visiting Zionist Propaganda lecturer from Common Purpose, suggested it would be a good idea to ‘make the kids shit their pants’ and give them an understanding of what anti-Semitism and the Holohoax horrors faced by Jewish children during World War II were all about.

However the barbaric exercise, which was sprung without warning on the children at St Atilla’s Primary School in East Kilbride last Thursday morning, reduced the entire class to trembling jelly states – with three girls suffering nervous breakdowns and seven boys attempting suicide by snorting tracks of cold porridge.

One stalwart boy, Frankie McScrunt, went for his class teacher with a bottle of Scotch shouting “See You, Jimmy – I ain’t goin’ ter no bumboys orphanage in Aberdeen!”
The 11-year old Frankie, who then ran amok and was later taken down by a police armed response squad’s snipers, told the arresting officers from his ambulance stretcher “Fer fuck’s sake fellers, if I’d had known it were all a wee joke I would nae have hit the twat so hard.”

One girl claimed she and her classmates pissed their knickers and went catatonic when Ms MacSlagg told them she had a letter from the Scottish Executive saying nine children had to be separated from their classmates and sent to the Ferryhill Orphanage of Latter Day Pederasts in Aberdeen for ‘sexual re-orientation’ instruction under the watchful eye of Sherrif Buchanan and his Masonic cohorts.

Head teacher Candida MacSlagg further informed the shocked youngsters that those who were born in December, January, February and March had lower IQs than other children, 'due to lack of sunlight in their mother's womb', and that they had to wear yellow dunce hats and be sent to Auschwitz or Belsen as part of the Scottish Executive’s eugenics and ethnic cleansing programme.

MacSlagg explained to Pox News and the gathering lynch mob that the children were not informed beforehand as the idea was to have them experience an "accurate emotional response" to the scenario – which obviously worked when Frankie McScrunt beat his form master to death with a litre bottle of first malt Glen Liver Damage.

Rabbi Sheldon Scumberger, an employee of the Common Purpose social engineering group, was apparently found debagged behind the bicycle sheds with a yellow dunce cap shoved pointy-end first up his rear passage – and a bottle of Glen Liver Damage premium Scotch (empty) embedded in his skull.

Well, so much for common sense with Scotland’s Education Authority.

For Jehova’s sake, if the schoolkids are required to feel empathy at the horrors and privations that the perennial victim Jews boast and whinge they suffered at the hands of the Nazis during the purported World War Two pogroms and Holohoax – then parcel the little fuckers up and ship them off to the beseiged ghetto of Gaza for a short vacation – that will provide the exact same hands-on traumatic experience as the Nazi Konzentrationslagers.

Would you send your children to a porridge wogs school camp in pederast-ridden Scotland? Just look how Prince Charlie and his siblings turned out after a few terms at Gordonstoun – homo’ sadists to a man. Are you a Holohoax denier? Are any of your neighbours anti-Semites? How about uncle-Semites? Would you like a ten meter high Apartheid Wall built around your enclave?

Send your comments using the online form below and you could win a trip to Gaza and scribble offensive graffiti on Israel’s Apartheid Wall.

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