Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Israelis Build Shylock Hamlets in West Bank

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The outlaw state of Israel’s brazen Knesset has authorised the building of thousands of new apartments on the sites of an usurped Palestinian cemetery and an olive grove in the occupied West Bank.

The move comes as one of the many Washington-based Shylock lobbies announced that Israel and the Palestinian Authority had agreed to hold indirect negotiations in neutral Dubai to settle the matter but talks had broken down after the Palestinian representative - a known self-harmer - accidentally fell down the hotel’s elevator shaft – twice – before being discovered drowned in the atrium lily pond.

Meanwhile, US Vice-President Joe Bidet has arrived in the region to an amazing Busby Berkeley display of honorific fanfare, becoming the highest-ranking US official to dare set foot near the volatile war zone shithole since Zbigniew Brzezinski’s pet Kenyan - Barky O’Barmy - took over the White House Oval office.

Israel had promised a 10-day pause in settlement building across the occupied West Bank zone while they stocked up on bags of cement pilfered from the UN Aid supplies for the rebuilding of Gaza – currently impounded by the Yidrow Customs bond in Haifa.

The US Envoy George Weaselstein is currently in the country to mediate in what is asininely referred to as "proximity talks" – recently re-defined by Amnesty International as how close an IDF battle tank has to be to a Palestinian home before it can open fire.

However other Palestinian groups based in Syria, including the Islamist Hamas Jolly Jihadi movement which runs the Gaza Strip, rejected the talks as being “more at scent than substance” and “the usual bag of duplicitous Zionist kike crap fast chat.”

The Palestinian Authority leadership in the West Bank had demanded a complete stop to settlement building as a precondition to re-engaging in talks which broke down after a Mossad hit team, impersonating a Thomas Cook tour group, tossed a mobile air con unit into the Palestinian delegate’s jacuzzi on the patio of their Cyprus beach resort cottage – toasting the whole entourage.

Under international pressure the Israeli government agreed last November to a possible ten day pause in West Bank building but refused to stop building in Jerusalem, which Hamas & Co claim tops their daft wish list as the location of a future capital of a Palestinian state – and conversely the Israelis claim will be the site of their all-new Rothshite-funded Third Temple of Solomon.

Peace Now, an Israeli action group, told the Genocide Gazette, "These mamzers in the Knesset are welcoming Vice-President Bidet by blatantly demonstrating that they have no genuine intention to advance the peace process – only to carry on with their business as usual stance and continue to usurp the Palestinians from their lands.”

All settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are considered illegal under international law, although the rogue state of Israel – with its customary unqualified arrogance for the goyim – has disputed these facts since it stole Palestine from the rightful, historical owners in 1948.

Thought for the day: If a Rabbi shits on the West Bank and there’s no-one from Hamas around to smell it, does it still stink?

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