Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Israeli Organ Transplant Breakthrough

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Doctors at the St Shylock Bris Milah Memorial Hospital in the Tel Aviv suburb of Manuke Khara have performed the country's first kidney transplant involving a donor and recipient not only with different blood types but also different religions and nationalities – and too political convictions.

While the medical profession has applauded the procedure as a major breakthrough that could see a significant increase in the number of Palestinian children getting kidnapped and butchered for transplant organs, the fundamentalist rabbi’s have cursed the news stating it is against Talmudic law to go around transplanting non-kosher organs from ‘trefah’ goyim cadavers into the sacred physical bodies of Jehovah’s ‘Chosen People’.

According to a stop press report in the Transplant Weekly, the double kidney recipient was 96-year old AIPAC spokesman Seymour Weaselstein who has type B kosher blood – and received the organs from a kidnapped 11-year old Palestinian urchin named 'Lucky' who ‘had’ type A trefah goyim blood.

Dr Ghaban Ibn Himar, chief of experimental medicine at Israel’s ‘Facility 1391’ extraordinary rendition and re-education centre, where transplant organs are harvested for sale on the international black market, told a reporter from the War Crimes Gazette the operation thus proved that organs stolen from kidnapped Palestinian Muslim children – such as those comprising the ranks of Hamas’ Gaza-based 25th Brick Chucking Brigade - could be successfully transplanted into the bodies of pro-Zionist Jews – regardless of what Jehovah or the rabid Rabbi’s claimed.

The procedure is based on technology developed decades ago in Germany where similar cultural restrictions and beliefs had to be overcome by pioneering Kraut surgeons to prove to the Nazi hierarchy that organs harvested from concentration camp inmates with mongrel Khazar bloodlines could be successfully transplanted into the bodies of wounded Aryan Ubermensch warriors of the Third Reich’s Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.

Almost 700 Israelis are currently awaiting kidney transplants, but medical officials claim this was due to the archaic religious stigma involving differing racial types.

With this week’s successful transplant breakthrough the staff at Facility 1391 are expecting a rush of orders for organs, with the IDF’s ‘Butcher Battalion’ working 24/7 to kidnap or head shot the requisite number of West Bank and Gaza-based Palestinian youths to keep up with the supply and demand chain – and at the same time avoid witnesses from do-gooder organisations like the Red Crescent, Amnesty International and the Ox-Rat snitch and grassers charity.

Conversely the Jerusalem-based Rabbi Sharmuta Rosenscum told reporters from Fux News “Just wait a while then these people who have had goyim organs transplanted will turn into self-hating Jews and become Holohoax deniers and start throwing bricks at the IDF and proclaiming we have to give half of Israel back to the Palestinians.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a suspected anti-Semite propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references – all attributed to Bono.

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