Friday, 12 March 2010

Global Warming Scam Sets Off Big Freeze

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As the ravages of global warming dig their talons in to the quick and every sod and their dog rushes out to snap up an extra barrow-load of carbon credits from the Al Bore Bank of Climategate, has anyone actually had the nuance to question why it’s so fucking cold in mid-March with snow still covering the Pennines of middle England and the daffodils saying ‘”Bollocks to it – see y’all next Spring – maybe”?

For contrary opinions regarding the great global warming scam one might ask any of the thousands of passengers currently freezing their collective nadjers off on the scores of ferries plying the routes of the Baltic – due the fact they’re all stuck – frozen solid - in ‘unseasonable’ ice – and that’s salty sea ice to boot.

Both Sweden and Finland have deployed ice breakers in the area to help the stranded vessels but these too have become ice-bound.

Radio Numptyberg reports this is the worst Baltic freeze for 15 years – just proving how bad global warming actually is – and too, how right the Nobel Foundation’s corrupt selection committee were to award Big Al Bore the Peace Prize for his fictional flick ‘A Most Convenient Pack of Lies’.

And that is a tragedy almost as calamitous as awarding the same Peace Prize to the US’s Kenyan impostor for maintaining a muppet government of kleptocrats in Iraq, perpetuating the commercially-driven war of aggression in Afghanistan and supporting the rogue state of Israel in its criminal persecution of the Palestinian people – plus officially condoning their war crimes – by ignoring their existence – and the findings of the UN-sponsored Goldstone Report.

The tourist board of the French Riviera’s semi-tropical Mediterranean coastal region are pondering on a 90 degree marketing strategy and considering opening the inland hillside slopes for skiing due the current mid-March blizzards which have dumped 20 inches of snow along the coast and across into Northern Spain.

Also affected by Al Bore’s forecast onslaught of global warming are the Illinois-based Chicago Carbon Cap n Trade Exchange Bank and its counterpart in Boston – both snowed under in the worst blizzards to hit the eastern seaboard and Great Lakes area of the United States since the 1890’s – and not providing much of a good advertisement or incentive to purchase cap n trade credits.

Hmmm, so much for AGW – Al Gore’s Wealth.

Conversely Vancouver, chosen as the site for the 2010 Winter Olympics due the fact it’s always colder than a witch’s tit, has been stricken by a most unseasonable barmy, warm spell through February, with the Canuck government desperately importing shedloads of fresh snow from Siberia so the competitors have some white shite to slide around on.

Thought for the day: If a polar bear shits on an ice floe and someone treads in it, will it affect their carbon footprint?

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Anonymous said...

Actually I have family in Vancouver and the winters there are normally mild and wet. It is a very green area, totally different to the rest of Canada.

Recently I found out that Al Gore's middle name is Amanda. He was named after the long time President of Occidental Oil Amanda Hammer who was a big supporter and financier of Al's dad, Senator Gore of Tennesse, who represented their interests in Washington.

When daddy Gore lost his seat in 1970 he was given a very nice managers job at Occidental. Al Junior was himself financed by Hammer on his way up the political ladder and his daughter is married into the Schiff family. Twas Jacob Schiff who boasted about financing Trotsky and his murdering band of thugs from New York with 20 million dollars of gold.

Gloabal Warming is clearly being promoted by The Money Power but the promotion has been recently changed to Climate Change to keep the scam going.