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Broon Tops Ranks for Political Hypocrisy

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UK Slime Minister Gordon ‘Culpability’ Broon today embraces the ranks of those duplicitous political hypocrites who couldn’t tell the truth if they didn’t have a lie ready.

On the one hand Gordon is at the Chilcot Inquiry giving perjurious evidence that he was thumbs up for the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein – whereas in all truth, under the fickle rule of the then-incumbent PM Tony Bliar, Gordon – as Chancellor - suffered from the ‘Mushroom Syndrome’ and was kept in the dark, fed shit and told to get on with counting his beans – and hence never consulted nor asked for his unqualified opinion.

Conversely ex MoD mandarin Sir Kevin Knobitt DSO, appearing before Chilcot & Co’s Whitewash & Coverup Inquiry on February 3rd, gave testimony that rather than support the invasion Gordon Brown "guillotined" defence funding from a dribble to sweet fuck all due throwing one of his habitual fits of Scots bully-boy pique as he had not been privy to Cabinet meetings to discuss attempts to justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign state that presented no threat to anyone – apart from itself.

However, the entire concept of the Chilcot Inquiry is to exonerate Tony Bliar and his equally dodgy stooges from any form of blame for going against the best ministerial advice possible and illegally invading Iraq on the orders of his Zionist masters – and thus getting prosecuted – Nuremberg style – as war criminals - for the slaughter of innocent civilians and the theft of natural resources.

True to his perfidious nature Gordon insists he was not kept in the dark in the run up to the invasion and had been convinced by his own intelligence briefings – gleaned from the inside pages of the Daily Mirror and the BBC’s Children Hour news - that Iraq was a threat to the survival of Western civilisation and "had to be dealt with".

But – and it is a big ‘BUT’ - the main issue for Gordon, according to this morning’s testimony - was that Iraq was in breach of UN resolutions (wrong) - and that "rogue states could not be allowed to flout international law”.

Bravo, nice one Gordon – that’s the best thing you’ve said since assuming office: “rogue states - not be allowed to flout international law”.

Now, here we must tread that razor’s edge of truth and lies as we walk twix the avalanche prone peaks of Gross Hypocrisy.

Prior to appearing before the Chilcot Inquiry today Broon, speaking to a reporter from the Pecksniffs Gazette, defended his decision to radically emasculate the law allowing private persons - or Bolshie campaign groups comprised of moral do-gooders -to expedite the issue of arrest warrants against foreign leaders and military officers visiting Britain - under the statutes of Universal Jurisprudence - for their war crimes in foreign lands.

New Labour’s decision to change the law was made following an arrest warrant being granted against Israeli Opposition Chairslapper Tipzi Livid, who was scheduled to visit London last year.

The former Israeli Genocide Minister reportedly cancelled her trip to Britain in December for fear of being arrested after a court issued the warrant following an application by Palestinian activists who were understandably annoyed concerning the Christmas festive season slaughter of several thousand Palestinian civilians in Gaza in a series of attacks carried out by the IDF on Livid’s orders.

The affair acutely embarrassed Brown’s Labour government – especially when he was woken in the middle of the night by an irate phone call from Baron Rothshite demanding he changed the law – and double-quick – or someone else would be sat in the Prime Minister’s chair that following week – quite possibly Peter Scandalson - and Gordon might just be found dead in his hotel room with a Pestco ‘bag for life’ over his numpty head.

Hence the gospel according to the established Doctrines of Hypocrisy now states – to parrot and misquote the venerable Broon – rather than “rogue states will not be allowed to flout international law” – they will be if Israel is the offender.

Thus not only will this apply to Tipzi Livid visiting the UK but also the rest of the Knesset’s war criminals – and too Mossad assassins travelling on a variety of forged British passports – here purposely to snuff Hamas militia leaders – or simply expedite yet another false flag operation to demonise Islam by blowing up the London Underground train service - again.

Do you think Gordon Broon’s a lying git? Does he really look good in a kilt and long socks? Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you buy a ‘used’ anything from him?

Thought for the day: If a bear shits in the woods and there’s no-one around to smell it, does it still stink?

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