Saturday, 16 October 2021

Shitty Whitty Pushing Water Fluoridisation

In today's 'Let's Kick Some Establishment Ass' nasty news roundup we bring our readers the latest and greatest hot gossip topic: 'Toxic Fluoride Good for Children's Health' – another scandalous exposĂ© special edition from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – publishing, as always, 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand-forged, crafted and tempered into razor-edged bespoke satire; to sate the palates of all budding anti-authoritarian non-conformists, proto-nihilists and those eclectic career radical, pro-justice, anarchist revolutionaries who carry the immortal genetic Rh-Neg recusant bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial - and harbour zero respect or empathy for the privilege-abusing arrogant authoritarian 0:01% predatory paedo' elitist Masonic-Satanist oligarchy – aka the Deep State Sabbatean death cult Corporatocracy - cursed by their exaggerated sense of entitlement and greed – who, imprudently, have deluded themselves into believing they rule this world, and all upon its once-pristine mantle.

Yep, you heard it right the first time around. England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, is pushing for toxic sodium fluoride to be added to Food Bank Britain’s drinking water - to dumb down the general population into a perpetual state of submissive compliance - even more than they are already – and all under the covert guise of reducing tooth decay in children – the very same children Whitty is pushing to inject with the experimental mRNA gene therapy Covid Clot Shot.

The witless Whitty, an unkempt, scrofulous onanist with the personality of a noxious landfill site, who resembles some discarded rag doll muppet the cat dragged in - is yet another government bureaucratic stooge pushing the Jill Gates of Hell Foundation / Klaus Schlob WEF genocidal population cull agenda of all lesser mortals – aka the common herd useless eaters - first with the Covid-1984 hoax scamdemic mRNA fake vaccine – and now promoting a 'first line of offence' potable water fluoridation drive on the fake premise such will prevent dental decay in our school age sprogs.

To compound the 'fluoride in tap water' lie Whitty further perjured his sick self by declaring that fluoridation would halve child admissions to hospitals.

Que? WTF? Where does that reasoning n logic originate? Has Whitty gone totally delusional? Will fluoridation of drinking water miraculously prevent kids suffering bone fractures, catching mumps, measles, chicken pox, or the other 1001 ailments they are prone to?

Fluoride – a toxic waste by-product of the fertiliser industry and a known brain-numbing intellect suppressant – was originally deployed with great effect by the Hitlerian Nazis at their concentration camps.

Now we have Whitty taking up the vacant Angel of Death role – as per Auschwitz psycho doctor Josef Mengele - and pushing the fluoridisation of England's drinking water.

No shit, Sherlock – worth checking if there's any mention of potable water fluoridation or child dental decay on the Georgia Guidestones prescribed recipe for global genocide.

Conversely, the Daily Shitraker tabloid news rag stated for the public record that the bought n paid for Sabbatean death cult shill, Whitty, has dismissed evidence regarding safety concerns over the compound, claiming it doesn't cause cancer and dismissing exaggerated health risks.

Likewise, the Tory Nasty Party's equally psychotic Ill-Health Secretary – (head honcho at the NHS (No Hope Service) - and ardent Friends of Zionist Israel Club supporter / anti-BDS campaigner - Sajid 'Dipshit' Javid, (a clown who deludes himself as being the Muslim heir to Slaggie Twatcher's legacy of chaos) - is tugging at his death cult leash to press ahead with adding the toxic mineral to our once-sceptred isle's water supply.

Hence, if Shitty Whitty and his fellow charlatan Javid, continue to drive the Great Reset agenda's malignant fluoridisation policy and Whitty maintains he's 'done the research' – then, at best, he's only done half of it – for any research covers all aspects of an issue – the upside 'and' the downside – and the downside 'negative' facts related to fluoridisation of drinking water are legion and documented – including the incontrovertible fact it actually discolours, then rots, teeth (and gums), inflicts skeletal weakness, neurological issues, elevated blood pressure, acne and seizures – while simultaneously effecting a state of calcination of the Third Eye  pineal gland – and converting a 'perfect working order' critical thinking brain into an apathetic state of 'couldn't care less' mush.

Mind you, considering the fluoride / brain mush factor – and the shite that Whitty pontificates on - he might have been personally drinking the shit for years – and be a walking example of WTF fluoridated water can do to muddle the human thought process.

Our colonial Atlantic cousins, over in the good ole US of A, have been fluoridating potable water for decades – and just look at the state of that fucking place as a result – talk about dipshit thinking when the actual President – Biden – is a perfect example of the debilitating effects of fluoride – a total IQ-deficient moron who can't even walk up a set of stairs without falling over his own feet – and lies with such practiced political sincerity he even believes it himself.

And now to the nitty gritty of this issue: Dentistry – and the entrenched inequality of accessing free NHS / low cost dental care.

The problem with tooth decay / poor dental hygiene among the common herd population of Food Bank Britain has fuck all to do with water fluoridation and all to do with the lack of NHS dentists.

Whatever medical / health regulatory body governs dentistry, they should have ensured that a licensed dentist accepts - and treats - a greater percentage of NHS patients than private – yet the reality is one of dentists going solely private and charging £40 quid for a patient to simply say 'Aaaaah!' – and a King's ransom for fillings, extractions or crowns.

Go to any dentist and the scheming crafty cunts will 'straight-face' declare they do accept NHS patients - but the waiting list is two years. Hence yet another rich n poor social divide – those that can afford to pay a dentist mega-bucks, and those on a regular working wage, that cannot.

When it comes down to financing a family household, then food and heating come first – with the monthly Sky TV subscription forked out before any dental plan – (and Sky Sports probably taking first place in the food n home heating order of things too).

Allergy warning: for Woke readers suffering from HSS (Hypersensitive Snowflake Syndrome) – there is no known EpiPen medication remedy for adverse reactions to the politically incorrect.

This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane unorthodox irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour and caffeine-boosted public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references, 5G electrosmog radiation, Covid mRNA Clot Shot spike proteins, and a chemtrail residue of genetically-modified nano-particle bush telegraph innuendo.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Does Nostradamus Work for Astra-Zeneca?

How Did Astra-Zeneca Manufacture COVID-1984 Fake Vaccine in July of 2018 Before the ‘Disease’ Was Even Discovered or Named?

Boxes of COVID-19 Vaccine from AstraZeneca show a Manufacture Date of July 15, 2018 . . . But COVID-1984 wasn’t discovered until 2019 and wasn’t NAMED until February 11, 2020.

Here’s the smoking gun: A box of COVID-1984 Vaccine from AstraZeneca, with the manufacture date of July 15, 2018 computer printed on the box flap:

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Rusty's Skewed News Views 'Shadow Banned'

Rusty's Skewed News Views 'shadow banned' by Google – for making fun of sacred cows – (aka the worst people in the world) - and – Heaven forbid – (my bad) – 'government authorities and their civil service bureaucrap-sies'.

Yep, that's the situation with corruption-ridden Big Tech and the prevailing snowflake 'political correctness' culture.

Friday, 8 October 2021

Frog Eurostar Stasi Enforce Face Muzzles

Armed French police belonging to the Covid Stasi Squad, arrested a British passenger on a London-bound Eurostar yesterday, after the train manager, Pierre le Merde, accused him of wearing 'the wrong type of mask'.

Mr Jack Fawkes, (photo inset below) a 40-year old resident of Anfield, Liverpool, had been attending the annual 'Anarchy with a Bang' conference in Paris, was forcibly, and against his will, removed from the train following an emergency stop in Lille, Northern France.

A mob-handed gang of eight uniformed French Covid Stasi thugs attended the arrest and dragged Mr Fawkes, kicking n screaming blue murder - from the train during the journey home to sacred English soil, leaving him stranded on the platform of a deserted Lille station.

The gospel according to French Eurostar officials, they require all passengers to wear at least one mask onboard their trains.

Other dumbfounded passengers on the service informed one gutter press hack from the Daily Shitraker that the obnoxious train manager 'took a dislike to Mr Fawkes' immediately on hearing his Liverpool accent and subsequently ordered the train to be stopped at the next station so he could be thrown off.

"I've done fuck all wrong and followed the Eurostar coronavirus rules – this is beyond outrageous," Fawkes opined to stunned passengers and press hacks alike while being dragged off the Eurostar train by the fascist Covid Stasi Squad.

"I'm effin' clueless n have absolutely no idea what the fuck the brouhaha is all about - except that this wanker of a frog Eurostar manager - him in the fancy faggot uniform, with all the gold braid, took a very strong dislike to my Scouse accent, and then accused me of not wearing the right type of mask."

Ah, and there we are, the foul n foreign French – our historical enemies. But what can anyone expect from a fuckling pig, but a grunt.

 Allergy warning: for Woke readers suffering from HSS (Hypersensitive Snowflake Syndrome) – there is no known EpiPen medication remedy for adverse reactions to the politically incorrect.

This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane unorthodox irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour and caffeine-boosted public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references, 5G electrosmog radiation, Covid mRNA Clot Shot spike proteins, and a chemtrail residue of genetically-modified nano-particle bush telegraph innuendo.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Petrol Queues Crisis Good Lesson for Brits

Yep, you probably thought the Tory Nasty Party and its apparatchik bureaucrat dogsbodies were about done drubbing the common herd's noses in the shit after 18 months of dystopian Covid-1984 social restrictions, but obviously they ain't done yet – with their titled Environment Minister being of the opinion that the current petrol crisis is a good lesson to jolt, and wake up, Food Bank Britain's dozy public demographic to the urgency of the climate change extinction threat – and abandoning fossil fuels.

Mr Frank Zacharias Robin Goldshit, aka Baron Goldshit of Richmond Park, and a habituĂ© of Worstminster's Upper House of Frauds dosspit – is a haughty personage who describes himself as not only a British politician 'and' a life peer, but also a gutter press hack 'and' (yet again) the Minister of State for the Pacific Ocean and the fucked-up Environment.

No shit, Sherlock – talk about multi-tasking.

For the benefit of those members of the public who scratch their heads at the mention of Lord Goldshit and say 'Who he?'  - Goldshit Junior is the silver spoon-fed wastrel son of arch-scumbag zillionaire financier, Jimmy Goldshit – and half-brother to Princess Diana Spencer – (due Di's Mumsy, Frances Roche Spencer, engaging in a bout of rolling around – naked – 'sexual dalliance' in the crisp fallen leaves of the Sandringham woods with Jimmy 'No Condoms' Goldshit, back in the Autumn of 1960).

In an interview with the Fuckwits Gazette, Lord Goldshit opined that the incessant miles-long queues at petrol stations - an aberrant occurrence purposely – (and with malice aforethought) - sparked due black propaganda press manipulation – and a dearth of cheap labour eastern European tanker drivers to deliver fuel - was a timely wake-up call for the British public viz the need to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles - and dependence on fossil fuels to end.

Yeah right, here we go again - electric cars – just plug the fucker in and away you go – no queuing at gas stations, no smelly carbon monoxide exhaust fumes.

But where the fuck does the electric to charge the cars come from? Onshore / offshore wind farms and horrid hectares of solar panels?

And when de wind don't blow n de sun don't shine - what the fuck then? Back to environmental 'unfriendly' fossil fuels, and relying on the coal fuelled power stations. 

This is, after all, the northern hemisphere island nation of Broken Britain – once described best by a 14th Century French Dauphin (Battle of Agincourt, 1415 / St Crispin's Day) as 'a land of fog and little sunshine'.

Friday, 1 October 2021

UK Fuel Crisis Solved - by Xmas.

The Tory Incompetence Party Crime Minister, Bonkers Boris Nonsense, might well be tearing out what remains of his unkempt blonde thatch, and banging one's proverbial head against a 10 Downing St wall, as the formerly-well-regulated daily life of Food Bank Britain goes to shit in a handcart - viz the serpentine queues at gas stations continuing to manifest - regardless of his 'from on high' proclamations that there is no fuel shortage – when, in fact, there is - when n  where we fucking need it - at our local filling stations.

Okay, no shortage at the refineries say Boris n his cronies – but how the flying fuck do common herd drivers fill up there? Hence we're down to zero options but lying in wait at the local gas stations for a tanker to arrive – then pounce, and cop a £30 quid top-up of diesel for the fuel-gulping 4 x 4 Chelsea tractor SUV's the posing Bimbo Brigade 'simply must have' to drive around town, ferry their brats to private schools, then get Mummy to her fat-arsed Pilates class – to meet up with her fat-arsed Woke Karen cronies.

Or, for a few £££ nicker less, fill up Granny's eco-friendlier three cylinder / one litre smart car run-around with regular unleaded.

To wit, that's the reason the filling station queues continue to grow unabated, cos the common herd don't believe – (with good reason, n rightly so) – a fucking word this – or any - government says. The credibility / trust factor in Broken Britain's government - any fucking government - Tory / Labour / Lib-Dum - has gone the way of the Dodo n suffered an extinction level event - thanks to the decades of deceit from cunts like war criminal Tony Bliar n the contemptible Posh Dave Scameron. 

Sorry Boris, but vacuous platitudes simply ain't gonna cut it anymore.

No shortage of fuel, the powers-that-be declare – then why the fuck have the gas stations closed up shop? – apart from selling shelf life expired sausage rolls n hot coffee – albeit the auto engine is yet to be invented that runs on Costa's over-priced best Brazilian blend latte.

Really, where the fuck is Guy Fawkes when you need him most?

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Starmer: Cervix Transplants for Trans Voters

Welcome to bog standard Brighton and this week’s New Labour Party Clown Show – a veritable circus without a tent - with class acts of idiocy from the batshit ‘party leader’ (sic) Kier Stammerer and his pit bull deputy, the expenses-fiddling, ginger-mingin Angela ‘Airpods’ Rayner.

Labour’s head honcho, Stammerer, has publicly criticised one of his own party MP’s remarks viz ‘trans women’ – (blokes with cocks pretending to be females of the species) - and called for the House of Conmans to implement further ludicrous political correctness / reverse logic laws - to protect trans rights.

The septic Stammerer personally believes that Labour’s Cunterbury MP, Rosie Duffield – (who is not attending the party conference in Brighton after being branded ‘a transphobic slut’ and receiving death threats from the para-military Cross Dressers Anonymous group) - was out of order to state a blatantly obvious truth - that ‘only women have a cervix’ – (along with boobs, vagina, womb n ovaries) - even though common sense and a basic understanding of human anatomy tends to confirm the fact that men definitely don’t - and taking a few hormone pills, applying a touch of lipstick n wearing a wig is not going to metamorphose some hairy arsed bloke into a female of the species.

Okay, if these folks want to exist in a Woke political correctness culture of self-delusion and are at odds with biological facts – specifically viz Reality and the Truth, then that’s their burden to bear.

Contrarily, we resist the likes of Stammerer’s attempts to impose acceptance of these skewed delusions of reality on the public body at large – and especially so the ‘switched-on’, critical thinking sector of society who know the difference between human male and female genitalia, and their inherent reproductive systems – and can sniff out the trans-camp’s socio-political propaganda bullshit attempts to deny any and all inconvenient truths, to serve their own perverse agenda.

Typical of political hypocrisy, and attempting to please both sides, Stammerer called for a ‘what if’ relaxation of facts and the truth concerning trans biology; claiming that trannys are among the most marginalised and abused communities – especially so since the Black Lives Matter statue-toppling militancy movement has taken racial discrimination heat off the darker skinned minority sectors of Food Bank Britain’s multi-ethnic society.

Significantly, and a factor not to be ignored, while Rosie Duffield faces unwarranted criticism, and the slur of being transphobic, for knowing that only women have a cervix - and her opposition to males of the species self-identifying as gender-confused trannys - and then demanding free and uninhibited access to female-only designated school toilets and women's prisons – such befuddled, gender recognition proclamations viz ‘the cervix’ - and special treatment / equality demands from transvestites within the Victorian age would have prompted their incarceration in the Bedlam lunacy asylum.

Perhaps this posturing establishment stooge, Stammerer, should be remembered best for the level of high grade corrupt notoriety earned during his tenure in the post of Director of Public Prosecutions - and top dog of the CPS, circa 2008 / 2009, due his controversial failure to prosecute a brother Freemason – specifically the kiddie fiddling rapist and arch-necrophiliac, Jimmy ‘Sodomite’ Savile – viz a contrived lack of evidence excuse conjured up by ranking Masonic elements of both the Surrey ‘and’ Sussex Plod Squads.

A top law society legal beagle later reviewing the oh-so suspicious failure to investigate and prosecute Royal Pimp Satanist Savile, (best mates with Prince Dobby ‘and’ Slaggie Twatcher) - commented: ‘Any reference within the investigation report viz the involvement of the DPP in the decision-making of the case, has been erased – along with failures of CPS data retention policy viz records appertaining to the decision not to charge Savile in 2009 – all no longer existing.’

Yep, fun, games and chaos at seaside Brighton, with Labour’s dingbat deputy leader, the piranha-fanged Angela Rayner – notorious for her Parliamentary expenses ‘indulgences’ - facing calls to ‘say sorry’ in the wake of her comments uttered during a conference reception - describing the Tory Nasty Party as ‘scum’.

Rayner, MP for Lancashire’s Ashton-under-Water ‘conshituency’ - and former Labour leader Corbyn’s anti-Semitic ‘hench-bitch’ - reportedly launched an outspoken attack on Bonkers Boris and the Tory Gang during an event for Labour activists from North-West England at the conference in Brighton - describing the Tories as “a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, and misogynistic”.

Eager to be recognised as the Labour Party's home-grown screeching gobshite Karen – Rayner then seized - (pit bull fashion) – on Dominic Raab’s recent vacation – demanding to know how a Tory MP affords such indulgences – a question she is surely equipped to answer herself – as she’s on the same bloated House of Conmans MP salary - and bounteous expenses - as Raab.

What a moronic, whingeing, wannabe gobshite Rayner is. If Labour can do such a better job than Bonkers Boris n the Tory gang, then why ain't they in government? Why? Cos their last two shitbag leaders who occupied 10, Downing St - the war criminal super-slime Bliar – and then that cyclopian Nonceland creepy wanker Broon - fucked things up so badly in the eyes of the British public that Labour and their Fraggle Rock look-alike MPs can go fuck pigs – along with the Lib-Dum Losers Party – until Hell freezes over.

However, let us not be distracted by this IQ-deficient rat-faced ranga cunt’s exaggerations, hyperbole n downright lies – or her propensity for ‘talking crap’ when ego surpasses intellect – for she has imprudently positioned herself with a ‘losing party’ – a New Labour political machine controlled by criminal self-interests – and a decade past led by that arch-cottaging public toilet habitue, Tony Bliar - who committed Broken Britain into the US conspired illegal military invasion of a Mid-East sovereign nation – Iraq - to expedite regime change and secure natural resources – specifically oil – all part n parcel of the graft n corruption-ridden US / Neo-Con pro-Zionist ‘Project for a New American (read ‘Israeli’) Century’ global power domination scam – starting with aggressive, military occupation actions against pre-selected Middle East countries.

The next act up in this past week's Worstminster Parliamentary political Comedy Show was the SNP's (Scottish Nonce Protectors) lard-arsed Kirsten ‘Six Chins’ Oswald, the Minister for Cellulite Affairs, engaging in yet another shit-flinging exercise in our debased House of Conmans and blaming the Tories for a cost of living crisis – fingering Boris for a toxic combination of cuts, tax rises and growing cost of Brexit – then calling for an emergency energy payment to help common herders struggling to live on lower pay.

Quite obviously the vacuous bimbo enjoys the sound of her own harpy cackle – which we, the voting demographic, do not appreciate – as she makes a futile attempt to present herself as a surrogate rabid pit bull ‘leg biter’ for her boss - the ginger-mingin Sturgeon.

Alas, and pity for the stupid cunt really, as the issues she raised were devolved to the Scottish government many moons previously – and are now the responsibility / fault of the Sturgeon beast.

Albeit Oswald may just be right when claiming energy bills could skyrocket by £550 quid per household – especially so if some loopy Covid-1984 ‘Variant Z’ lockdowns kick in again this Winter - and the common herd are forced to watch the fucking telly all day – and night - with the central heating turned up to a ‘semi-tropical’ setting.

But no worries viz central heating bills, as Broken Britain is about to run out natural gas and hence it's gonna be a matter of chopping up the Ikea flat pack furniture to burn and keep warm.

So, back to Brighton and the close of the conference’s daily business, with Stammerer proclaiming: “When we win the next General Election, it is not because the country has come around to our way of thinking, but because we have seized the future and moulded it.”

Wrong – with a big, capital W. Get it right, wanker – not ‘when’ the voters come round to ‘your’ New Labour way of thinking (sic) – but when dumb-arsed Labour come round to England’s voters way of thinking. What we want – what we need – not what you cunts ‘think’ we need – and attempt to impose upon us.

Maintaining this fatally flawed Bliarite world view will see Stammerer n his mental midget party minions first stumbling, and tripping, then falling heavily, on their chosen path to Damascus – and when that occurs, there will be no fucker or their dog around to help them up.

In closing, the utterly delusional, political correctness / Woke insanity continued to be broadcast throughout the conference, with that creepy Sabbatean cunt Ruth Smeeth playing the threadbare anti-Semitism hate card, while Mark ‘Dipshit’ Ferguson, of Labour’s National Executive Committee, attempted to earn himself a few political brownie points by working the BLM / Wokester white supremacy ‘hate thy neighbour’ argument - urging ‘white men’ not to dominate speaking slots.

To wit, during a more at scent than substance utterly pointless debate on housing n transport, the fuckwitted Ferguson commented that people raising ‘pale paws’ to contribute their socio-political views n opinions did not reflect the diversity of the overall attendance – and, quoted: ‘there are too many Whiteys putting up their hands.”

What a fucking shambles - and if that is the best a Labour Party annual conference could churn out, then we’ve seen better organised riots.

Yep, Labour n the rest are fucked - due their inherently-dogmatic socio-political myopia. There again, every true love / hate story has its merits, and comes through against all obstacles - with the moronic Stammerer this week attempting to win over Food Bank Britain's women's vote by declaring that as Daniel Craig is standing down from the iconic James Bond role, then the next 007 should be a split-arsed 'licenced to kill' MI6 agent - a suggestion that would not sit well with the spy franchise's author / creator, Ian Fleming - a confirmed misogynist and all-round chauvinist pig.

Conversely, the way Bonkers Boris & Co, and 'thumbs-down' Labour are right now (just forget about the hobbit-brained Ed Davey n the Lib-Dums) then the dormant Nigel Farage political machine may just morph into power and command England's future - setting his attack dogs on the likes of the WEF's Klaus Schlob - and this entire New World Order / Chinese model good citizen / social credits / Great Reset agenda.

Allergy warning: for readers suffering from HSS (Hypersensitive Snowflake Syndrome) – there is no known EpiPen medication remedy for adverse reactions that might be suffered due reading the politically incorrect ‘truisms’ contained in the above weblog post .

This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane unorthodox irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour and caffeine-boosted public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references, 5G electro-smog radiation, and a chemtrail residue of mRNA genetically-modified nano-particle bush telegraph innuendo.