Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Subject: Abu Qatada has better legal protection than anti-paedo abuse campaigners Green & Rustige

So how does this work? The Court of Appeals has squashed a Home Office bid to take a deportation case to the Supreme Court for petition – hence the Palestine-born hard line Salafist Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada, is granted respite from extradition to his point of origin - Jordan - as he might not get a fair trial there due the existence of, quote: ‘a real risk of a flagrant denial of justice’.

Conversely Englishmen Robert Green and Tim Rusty Rustige can be arrested by Scottish Police in England for allegedly exposing and publicising the now-internationally notorious Aberdeen Hollie Greig scandal - involving the sexual abuse and serial rape of a legion of disabled and special needs children by a network of elitist paedo' perverts - and the honesty and moral scruples of officials involved in the suppression of evidence and investigation into these crimes (an act which surely falls under the safety net precepts of the Public Interest Disclosure Act).

Both were then subjected to erroneous rendition to Scotland – with no chance of a fair trial (and Green racially abused by a biased Sheriff and duly imprisoned on a concocted breach of the peace charge - while Rusty's wife and youngest son were snatched, carted off to Plod Squad HQs and interrogated in an pathetic act of intimidation to crucify Rusty) due the culture of institutional corruption that links rogue criminal elements of the Holyrood government with the Crown Office and a totally bent judicial system, plus the Grampian police – all involved with the coverup of a VIP paedophile ring comprising Aberdeen-based elitist establishment figures – and the sinister thread of craven Masonic venality permeating every aspect of the affair.

When is some Operation Yewtree / Fernbridge style investigation going to put Scotland's scandalous mess of pottage under the microscope - and also clamp down on the nefarious actions of the rogue Grampian and complicit Shropshire local authority social services harassing the Greig family to silence Hollie's cry for justice against her vile Caledonian patrician abusers - this seemingly 'untouchable' cabal of vile, power-broking kiddie fiddlers?

Scotland's judicial system: fast, cheap and out of control. To quote the Bard: Something stinks in Denmark – and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.