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Free Gaza Aid Flotilla Strafed and Torpedoed

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Today the world’s politicians of all Infidel sectarian persuasions join with Pan Islam to stand unanimously united (obviously excluding the AIPAC / Kikester controlled US of America’s White House and Kenyan cuckoo impostor President whose crooked administration funds and arms Israel) in their condemnation of Israel over its deadly attacks on the ‘Free Gaza Movement’s’ humanitarian aid flotilla – manned by hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists.

The decision by Israeli mad dog troops to storm the ‘Freedom Flotilla of Moral Conscience’, comprising six ships carrying desperately needed medical and food aid to the beseiged Gaza Strip, resulted in the killing at least 15 people and was condemned as inhumane and unacceptable, according to independent news and media sources not owned or controlled by kikester Zionist sympathisers and apologists – or Rupert Mudrock.

Named the Freedom Flotilla and led by the pro-Palestinian Free Gaza Movement and a Turkish organization, Insani Yardim Vakfi, this convoy of six cargo and passenger vessels represents the most ambitious attempt yet to break Israel’s three-year blockade of the Palestinian coastal enclave.

Amnesty International, quoting the statutes of the Geneva Convention Act 1957, declared “We strongly condemn these inhumane practices of the Israeli leadership and call on the Court of Human Riights & Wrongs in Strasbourg to issue International Arrest Warrants against the Israeli war criminals involved in the attacks and the Knesset politicians responsible for ordering such.”

The Turkish Prime Minister Achmed Gobbler, told a reporter from the Warmongers Gazette "This deplorable incident, which took place in open seas and constitutes a fragrant breach of international law, may lead to irreparable consequences in our non-existent bilateral relations.”

Several of the ships were sailing under Turkish flags when they were attacked and Ankara has been swift to demand an explanation of the incident from Israeli ambassador Rashaim ben Mamzer, who was summoned to the foreign ministry still in his pyjamas.
Mamzer expressed his regrets concerning the attack on the aid flotilla, which took place during the hours of darkness and was meant to be one of their customary false flag op’s to be blamed on Al Qaeda and Hezbollah but unfortunately Al-Jazeera TV had live feed cameras on board one of the ships and gave the game away.

Ambassador Mamzer told reporters “These aid relief people were were throwing leaflets and shouting slogans at out commandos and called them Nazis responsible for the Gaza Holochaust - so obviously they opened fire. They must remember who the enemy is here – Hamas – and it is the Gaza Palestinians fault for this blockade for voting for Hamas. These people want political self-determination and this is wholly unacceptable as Palestine now belongs to we Khazars – the children of Zion.”

The Western non-Muslim casualties aboard the aid flotilla are likely to further damage the outlaw state of Israel's international image and confirm the fact they truly are a bunch of out-of-control psychotic belligerant agressors and war criminals.
Thus the sneak attack on the Freedom Flotilla has now served to put the activists and the Israeli psychopaths on a high-profile public relations collision course – with blood and guts spilled as evidence.

Fellattia Titwank, the Gaza-based spokeswoman for the Ox-Rat ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ charity informed Fux News “Whatever the reasons, such military actions against civilians involved only in peaceful activities is unacceptable, and Israel will have to bear the consequences of this behaviour, which constitutes a violation of international law.”
“Seriously, these kikester twats running the Knesset are not earning any brownie points within the realms of polite society.”

Earlier the Free Gaza Movement which organised the six-ship flotilla issued a press release stating that the Israeli naval vessels had commenced barrages of indiscriminate fire on the convoy.

Conversely Israeli Defence Force chief General Ochel Batachat countered this, stating for the record that he had been ordered to maintain the blockade of the Gaza Strip to enforce their policy of ‘ethnic cleansing’ via the route of starvation.
“My commandos boarded the convoy and were conducting searches for weapons of mass distraction and encountered violent resistance from Amnesty International type academics and other protestors of conscience waving Peace on Earth leaflets in their faces and shouting anti-Semitic slogans – which obviously provoked them into opening fire.”

The six-ship flotilla departed Cyprus and sailed into international waters on Sunday and was expected to arrive in Gaza this morning carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid in an effort to break Israel’s three-year criminal blockade.

The latest reports from Al Jazeera’s live news HQ in Qatar claiming to have lost all contact with the Freedom Flotilla have sparked rumours that an earlier sighted Israeli Dolphin class submarine – the ‘Rosh Tahat’ - had fired several DM2 A-4 type torpedoes into the convoy to prevent them docking in Gaza.

So, congratulations to Israel for their latest exhibition of politically incorrect gunboat diplomacy in unifying the differing factions of both the Western and Arab Islamic political arenas into a cohesive outraged body that at least will wreak moral condemnation on their military attacks on the humanitarian aid flotilla.

That which previously threaten to be a potential public relations disaster for Israel regardless, has now, due their unprovoked attack on vessels sailing under the flags of a foreign sovereign nation while 65 miles out on the international waters of the Mediterranean - resulting in the deaths and injuries of scores of unarmed pro-Palestinian activists – has turned the incident into a fully-fledged diplomatic calamity that will require the jurisprudence of an ‘honest and intent’ criminal court to resolve.

Hmmm, doubtless this will instigate an investigation that will produce yet another UN-generated Goldstone Report to be arrogantly ignored by the ratsach Knesset mafia and tossed in the trash can.

Thus, bravo for Baron Rothshite’s Monopoly game – more innocent goyim blood spilled to maintain the illegal state of Israel and achieve the insidious ambitions of the Protocols of Zion - at any price.
Yep, a great job of work by the trigger-happy kikester Sabras too – as a pitch to win the Shylock of the Month popularity competition, we’ve seen better organised riots.

Diplomatic remonstrance aside that Israel will have to endure the ‘consequences’ of this latest display of its customary barbaric behaviour towards those they can bully will doubtless manifest as more scent than substance and be ignored.

We ask what consequence did they shoulder or suffer – or display remorse or conscience - for the slaughter of the civilian population of Gaza during the 2008 festive season 22 day horror of Operation Cast Lead – or for the murder of Jesus Christ some 2,000 years back? Zilch. None. Not even a ‘Sorrygramme’

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