Friday, 21 May 2010

US Demand Additional Iran Sanctions

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Rather naively, the Iranian Foreign Minister Mangrove Mockturtle yesterday spouted off to one journalist from the Jolly Jihad Gazette that Tehran's recent nuclear declaration with Turkey has left no opportunity for fresh or additional sanctions to be imposed on Iran due the whingeing of the paranoid Khazar Jews occupying Palestine or their running dog agents controlling AIPAC who fear a nuclear Iran would see an end to the rogue state of Israel’s military hegemony in the Middle East.

Mockturtle related that his Turkish and Brazilian counterparts had briefed him on their negotiations about the declaration, which the three foreign ministers signed in Tehran on Monday following a few beers and a bonding session in the group cluster fuck hydro-spa pool at the exclusive Three Hole Massage Club, adding that their ground-breaking agreement had served to counter all previous Zionist-instigated opposition to the domestic nuclear development programme, so hence negating reasons for a new UN Security Council resolution against Iran.

Conversely, and just to piss all over Minister Mockturtle’s celebratory bonfire, US President Barky O’Barmy, reading aloud from the safety of his all-new White House bulletproof teleprompter, informed the known Universe via Fux News that following a meeting with 37 American Jewish Congressmen he was planning on demonstrating his commitment to the Israeli regime by insisting on new sanctions against Iran – regardless of the Tehran heirarchy now complying to earlier US / UN / IAEA demands of having their low grade uranium stockpiles reprocessed into fuel rods by a third party Western nation.

The US, in compliance with Tel Aviv’s bidding and supported by the EUSSR’s Zionist puppets, has prepared a draft resolution in the UN Security Council that calls on Iran to suspend 'all' nuclear research and development activities or face a fourth round of sanctions.

The draft resolution was a desperate rush job counter measure after Iran issued a joint statement with Turkey and Brazil that declared its readiness to engage in a nuclear fuel swap with the West under which Tehran would send some 1,200 kilos of its low-grade uranium to Turkey for a timely exchange with 120 kilos of 20% enriched uranium that would serve as the fuel required by the Tehran Nuclear Reactor to produce medical isotopes for cancer treatment (and bump the enrichment up to 90% for the odd covert nuclear fission bomb).

However, Iran's agreeing to the swap of the enriched uranium has caught the US and Israeli kikesters with their proverbial pants down as they were pushing for further sanctions at the UN.
Now that the swap agreement the US stooges were demanding has been reached the kikesters are up and whingeing and changing the rules of the game claiming that the swap deal is no longer enough.

Really, aren’t the Iranians a pain in the proverbial arse. You just get set up with military hardware staged throughout the Mid-East and attack plans coordinated with Tel Aviv – and Diego Garcia loaded down with nigh on 400 bunker buster bombs – knowing full well that the mule-stubborn President Ahmadashell and his Tehran government would never agree to the swap deal – then they turn round and do precisely that.

Obviously UN Security Council members (and prime Iranian trading partners) Russia and China will now veto any further sanctions with a stern reproach of “WTF? – you kikester blokes have got precisely what you were asking for – a swap deal - done and dusted.”

No shit Baron Rothshite – even Sun Tzu and Clausewitz would be proud of that master stroke chess move.

Where do you get your uranium stockpiles enriched? Do you buy direct from Argos or order online from eBay’s ‘Naughty Nukes’ suppliers? Would you consider donating any old and worn-out high-speed centrifuges to a struggling Third World Islamic nation near you?

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