Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pink Hitler Ad’ Raises Italian Ire

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The 18 foot high posters of ex-Nazi leader Adolf Hitler advertising a line of chic clothing for young people adorn the street corners and bus stops across the Italian capital of Rome in competition to the trend-setting Jimmy Choo-Choo fashion label’s poster ad’s displaying Ghengis Khan clad in fishnet tights and a peephole bra.

One of the Fuhrer Fashions posters fronting the entrance to St Peter’s Square and the Vatican receives a papal blessing and a passionate “Sieg Heil!” salute every morning from ex-Hitler Youth member Pope Benny, the Mk XVI German built-to-last Uber-Pontiff model – formerly Junior Obersfuhrer Joey Ratflinger - as he strolls out onto his apartment’s balcony for a quick smoke and a scratch at his nuts.

The larger than life posters display the genocidal maniac Fuhrer in a fluorescent pink Wehrmacht uniform, with his swastika armband replaced by one bearing a bright red heart, above the slogan "Change Style – Forget the Holohoax – Hug a Kike".

Many of Rome’s plebian Catholic classes are highly critical of the advertising campaign, claiming it is offensive and have called for the posters to be taken down.
One city councillor with the just-right of centre-Left Democratic Party, Rosario Fuctifino, has protested to Rome’s Mayor Guido Corruptioni.

"The use of an image of the mass murderer Hitler - a person responsible for the worst violent chapters of the last century – apart from Dubya Bush and Tony Bliar - is offensive to our country's constitutional principles - and to the macho Latin sensitivities of male population – men wearing pink indeed. What are we to be insulted with next – a poster of Mussolini in a powder blue tutu?”

Rome’s Director of Culture, Fabrizio Fuckapiggi opined to a reporter from the Transvestites Gazette "Having Hitler's face on a fetish clothing poster cannot be passed off as an innocent advertising message – especially so when children ask “Hey Mama, who’s the faggot with the knobhead moustache?”

Conversely Ronnie Ratmeister, a fashion design consultant to Aryan Apparel, the advertising agency which came up with the Despots of History ad' theme claimed critics of the campaign were over-reacting and totally missing the sublime message.
“The Herr Hitler poster is a tongue-in-cheek way of encouraging young people not to follow the crowd in their fashion choices.”
"We have ridiculed Hitler in a way that invites young people to create their own style and not to be influenced by their peers – or the massed ranks of SS storm troopers.”

Aryan Apparel also stocks a range of international fashion brands including Miss Shitty, Calvin Kikester and Dograt Diesel. So far none of these clothing houses has commented on the campaign as they too plan on utilising similar posters incorporating images of history’s dictators and tyrants as role model father figures.

Regardless of whether the Mayor of Rome orders them torn down, the posters are due to be replaced in June anyway. Aryan Apparel is planning a new ad’ campaign in the next few weeks, which will feature the late Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse Tung in full cross-dressing fetish gear – including a black leather waist-pinching basque and six inch stilettos – wielding a rawhide flogger.
Plans for a Stalin designer label fashion icon poster are still under discussion.

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