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Libservative Coalition Hypocrisy Begins

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Hey ho, here we go again. The Libservative Coalition’s hypocrisies and broken promises have begun to manifest within two weeks of scraping into office. But that’s more or less what was to be expected from yet another bunch of career dog wankers and serial liars – their ego’s intent on self-magnification, owning duck islands and pursuing their own agendas – to the detriment of the many and for the benefit of the few.

Tory Fuhrer Posh Dave Cameron promised the Nation a referendum on EUSSR membership if we were all good and voted for him. The same referendum Tony Bliar also promised us – then went back on his word – as did Gordon ‘No Mates’ Broon.
Then Posh Dave declared – even pre-election - “Ah well, no point now as the Paddy’s have voted a big ‘Yes’ to the Treaty of Lisbon (Treachery of Lisbon – a European Constitution by any other name) in their second referendum – or was it their third? Seriously, I can’t recall now, apart from the fact they kept holding them until they finally achieved the required majority ‘Aye’ vote.

This duplicity is again demonstrated when we examine the pledge to safeguard the right to protest as part of the "new politics" promised by the Libservative Coalition government that will be undermined today as a legal challenge begins to remove peace protesters camping on Parliament Square.

As part of the Queen's Speech that vowed to restore lost freedoms and civil liberties Posh Dave’s administration shouted from the rooftops of House of Conmans that it would allow "members of the public to protest peacefully without fear of being criminalised" – or beaten to death by the Met’s Riot Thug Squad’s sadists as per the 2009 April Fool’s Day G20 demonstration incidence of newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson.

Mr Tomlinson was actually an innocent passer-by walking home via the Royal Exchange area, when one of the Met’s barbarians thought a spot of sport was in order and belted Tomlinson from behind with a riot staff then pushed him to the pavement whereupon he impacted his skull and died several minutes later.

Now there’s another whitewash case being sat on until it grows cobwebs by the bent IPCC (Independent Police Coverups Commission) who seem totally indifferent to the term ‘Justice Denied’ and unwilling to get their finger out and prosecute the barbarian responsible for the unprovoked attack and illegal killing / murder of Mr Tomlinson.

However, in total contradiction to Posh Dave’s ‘peaceful demonstrations allowed’ statement the Hypocrisy Gazette has reported that Downing Street was wholly aware of a plan by the Mayor of London, the thatch-bonced Bonkers Boris Nonsense, to use the courts to remove peaceful, bona fide protesters from Parliament Square.

Mayor Nonsense signed the decree on Monday allowing Community Enforcement Stasi types from the Renta-Thug security agency to begin civil proceedings against the protesters for trespassing on the turfed park land, which the Greater London Authority controls.

The camp, admittedly now consisting of an eyesore of dozens of small tents, was set up by anti-Iraq war protesters in 2001 – in advance preparation for the actual invasion in 2003. It is currently occupied by climate change activists (for and against), the Basingstoke Nudists Club, 7/7 Truthers, the ever-elusive Shergar, neo-Luddites, Tibetan anarchists, Martin Bormann, a tribe of swan-roasting pikeys, self-hating Jewish Holohoax deniers, unemployed Chinese cockle pickers, fugitive Balkans war criminals, homeless banksters, the crew of the Mary Celeste, opponents of the Afghanistan war – and a Lord Lucan look-alike who goes by the name of ‘Lucky’.

Yesterday the camp's longest inhabitant, Lord Haw Haw, still on the run from the Nuremberg War Crimes Commission, was arrested in a separate incident.
He allegedly obstructed police security checks ahead of the Queen's Speech and personally assaulted a total of 1,465 police officers who were guarding Her Majesty as she went on ‘walkabout’ around the encampmetnt, commenting that perhaps Prince Charles might like to stay here for a weekend ‘City Break’ away from the chain-smoking Gorgonzilla.

The Prime Minister had signalled his support for the removal of the protesters before entering a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, who have traditionally given strong support to freedom of speech issues.

However, PM Cameron and Deputy PM Clogg both appeared to swing behind the plan to clear the area and agreed that protecting the right to protest was different from protecting activists who had hijacked Parliament Square and turned it into a veritable pikey and gyppo camp.

Mrs Shambles Chuckabutty, the perma-sun tanned director of the human rights and wrongs group Lex Talionis, told Pox News "We are very sad to see that on a day supposed to celebrate British democracy, peaceful dissent is going tits up. The new coalition Government has promised to restore the right to non-violent protest and bringing in the bully boy bailiffs to clear Parliament Square of homeless dossers and tossers is not the most promising start."

Meanwhile, at the other end of the hypocrisy and broken promises trail leading towards Zero Credibility, Deputy PM and Lib-Dum leader Mick Clogg was forced to admit to gutter press hacks from the red top tabloids this morning that his pre-election boast to uphold the human rights of UFO X-Files computer hacker Gary McKinnon and halt his extradition to the US might now be more at scent than substance.

Clogg, a Tony Bliar style MK-Ultra clone that occasionally tells the truth, candidly informed the media “Hey, okay, so I’m more full of shit than a Christmas goose and despite all my earlier asurances and promises, the chances are I might not have the authority to stop Gary McKinnon's extradition – as it will piss the Yanks right off. They want to make an example of Gary for exposing the fact their computer security at the CIA, Pentagon, NASA and the NSA was as much use as tits on a bull and lock him away for 60 years in one of their sodomite paradise penitentiaries.”

The comment - his first intervention in the case since becoming Deputy Prime Minister – was like a smack in the face with a stocking-full of festering dogshit for supporters of the 44-year-old hacker as it is completely at odds with Clogg's previously stated perspective.
In opposition Clogg, backed by up independent legal advice, had argued fiercely that ministers could use human rights grounds to halt Gary's extradition to the US.

Critics were quick to jump on this reverse-step move, declaring that with trust in politicians at an all-time low, it was vital for Clogg to live up to his promise and not sacrifice political credibility to the capricious whims of the illegal Kenyan immigrants and paranoid psychopaths now running the US administration.

The Lib-Dum leader made his new remarks in the wake of the decision by Home Secretary Theresa Maybe-Nott to halt McKinnon's extradition while she considers fresh medical evidence concerning his Asperger’s Syndrome affliction and the fact he is suicidal and may well take his own life to avoid being extradited to the States.

Clogg was previously one of the staunchest supporters of the Asperger's sufferer, who hacked into Nasa and Pentagon computers looking for evidence of 'little green men' and alien types while Whitehall and Parliament was full of them.
Several months ago, when the prospect of his Librarian-Dummercats Party finding itself with a share of government was as unlikely as Tony Bliar telling the truth, Clogg informed reporters it was 'completely within the power' of then Home Secretary Alan Johnson to step in and tell the Yanks to go and FOESAD.

Gary McKinnon’s own Tory MP David Burrowes, a former shadow justice minister, told Fux News 'There is the power and I disagree with anyone from the Prime Minister down who says the Home Secretary cannot intervene if there has been a breach of human rights and wrongs.”
'The big issue in the election was one of trust. It is now about Parliamentarians keeping their word and doing what they promised.'

Legal advice obtained from human rights QC Sir Isaac Fuctifino, one of the UK's leading extradition lawyers, opined '”It is plain that the Home Secretary has the power - and indeed the duty - to intervene in any extradition case even after the court process has ended if the evidence establishes that there is a real risk of a human rights breach should extradition proceed.”

Hmmm, consider that one for a second: “A real risk of a human rights breach should extradition proceed.”
The Yanks are chomping on the bit to get McKinnon extradited so they can prosecute him in Virginia, which they have subtly implied still carries the death penalty for such heinous crimes as he is supposed to have committed by poking his cyber-beak right through their firewalls.

Since their self-inflicted false flag attacks on 9/11 the Yanks have gone into total psychotic mode concerning anything that questions their egoist Zionist motives or challenges their John Wayne global bully status - and have not only trampled over the Universal Human Rights of the Afghan and Iraqi populations - plus wholly supported Israel committing the same against the Paestinian populations of the West Bank and Gaza – but with enforcing their draconic Patriot Act and legislating several other Stalinista style laws, have trampled and shit all over their own Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Not to mention their ‘justified’ use of ‘extraordinnary rendition’ – a political spin term that actually means ‘Torture’ with a capital T.

So, with reflection on the above in Gary McKinnon’s case, is there “A real risk of a human rights breach should extradition proceed?” Absolutely. Definitely. Without a shred of a doubt.

Of course, the greatest travesty linked to this ‘extradition’ dilemma is the lop-sided nature of the beast. While the US can point to any suspected UK scally and grab them as a ‘criminal’ or ‘terrorist’ the British Courts have to extablish and prove ten kinds of shit before any extradition to the UK from the Continental United States or any of its empire-dominated acquisition territories might be considered.

One top floor Whitehall mandarin committed to volunteer work for ‘Ox-Rat S & G’ (the whistle-blowing snitch and grassers charity), informed the media “The problem here is that Deputy PM Clogg is now back-pedalling and has got cold feet that if he gets the McKinnon extradition order recinded then he’ll end up on one of the Yank’s political hit lists.”

“Apparently when our new Foreign Secretary Willie Vague was summoned to Washington last week by the rugmuncher US Sec’ of State – H. Rodent Clinton – she told him in no uncertain terms that any of the Libservative Coalition do-gooders – such as Mick Clogg – who interferred with McKinnon’s long-overdue extradition might just be ‘abducted’ by little green men themselves and end up as an X-File.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: If a bear shits in Parliament Square is that considered a legitimate protest over the lack of public toilets?

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