Friday, 28 May 2010

UK International Arrest Warrant Laws Scrapped

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The all-new UK Libservative Coalition Foreign Secretary William Vague, a career ‘Friends of Israel’ apologist, vowed Thursday that he would "act faster than a speeding mullet" to change the protocols governing how arrests are ordered under international law in Britain, following a diplomatic imbroglio concerning cancelled visits by Israeli ministers worried by possible arrest on charges of genocide.

Tipzi Livid, the former mad dog Israeli foreign minister, who was jointly responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip during the outlaw state’s 2008 / 2009 Festive Season ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ psychopathic military assaults - which wreaked 22 days of death and destruction on the civilian population - cancelled a shopping trip to the UK last December due fears of being arrested after a court issued a Nuremberg-style international warrant charging her with crimes against humanity following an application by Palestinian activists.

"It's absolutely my intention to correct this anomaly where Palestinian refugee terrorist types belonging to Hamas can harass our good friends from Israel with UK court-issued international arrest warrants after they’ve acted – as always – in self-defence," Vague explained to one reporter from the Hypocrites Gazette.

"The current situation is as unsatisfactory as it is indefensible. We cannot have a position where Israeli war criminals feel they cannot visit Britain to negotiate arms deals simply due the fact they have an International Arrest Warrant hanging over their heads like some Damoclean sword charging them with genocide. I mean to say, this is God’s Chosen People we’re talking about here – defending themslevs against hordes of unwashed disaffected Arab Jihadist johnnies squatting around the Gaza Strip.”

Vague said Britain's new coalition government led by PM Posh Dave Cameron, would look at various options including one proposed by the previous Labour government – simply make the rogue Israelis exempt from war crimes charges.
Ex-PM Gordon Broon proposed in March to put the government controlled Public Prosecution Service -- as opposed to judges -- in charge of considering whether an arrest warrant should be issued in any case brought under international law – thus enabling Downing Street to stamp and shit all over ‘Due Process’ in the pursuit of ‘Justice Denied’ to accommodate their kikester buddies from down Tel Aviv way.

Judges in Britain can currently issue arrest warrants for war crimes suspects around the world under the Geneva Convention Act 1957, without any requirement to consult public prosecutors – as per the sagacious Montesquieu dictates of separation of political power via an Executive, a Legislature and an independent Judiciary.

So Vague, with the backing of arch-kikester sycophant and Zionism advocate PM Posh Dave Cameron, now intends to tow the current US / Israeli line by saying “Bollocks” to the Geneva Convention. Hmmm, not exactly the reason anyone voted for him and the Tory gang was it?

Well, the things this country’s governments will stoop to just to keep ultra-Zionist Baron Rothshite and his outlaw State of Israel’s war criminals happy.

Perhaps we should follow the illegal criminal state’s ‘kikester’ example and simply send covert military teams abroad to kidnap and abduct war criminals back to the country where they’re wanted and force a show trial – as per Adolf Eichmann being snatched by Mossad from Argentina.

Are you travelling on an Israeli passport – or a forged / cloned British issue? Is your name on any war crimes wanted lists? Have you been accused of acts of ethnic cleansing around the West Bank or Gaza Strip? Are you intending to visit Britain and spend lots of lovely money on arms purchases from BAE but worried by troublesome International Arrest Warrants? Not a problem – just e-mail the Libservative Foreign Secretary at the following cyber address and he’ll get right on it:

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