Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hague Outed as Zionist Stooge

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During an interview today with the Shylocks Gazette, aimed at generating a spot of self-magnification and cementing his reputation as one of Israel’s running dogs, incoming UK Foreign Secretary William Vague donned his new Rothshite Club yarmulke then publicly exercised his Democratic right to talk and act like a moronic imbecile by vowing to see British law adulterated and corrupted so as to ensure Israeli war criminals are immune from war crimes charges when in the country to buy armaments from BAE Systems - with which to committ further war crimes and generalised Holocaust-style atrocities against the marginalised civilian populatiions of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza.

Capping his little brown-nosing homily Vague - founder of the Rotherham Dog Wankers Society - further promised to take a tough line against Iran’s civilian nuclear program by referring to it as the “most urgent thing” for him to tackle once he had emptied his new FO shelves and desk drawers of all David Millipede’s copies of the Beano and Dandy.

To the astonishment of many – and the acute embarrassment of several more - Vague appears to be adopting a considerably more chicken-hawkish position on Iran than the Labour government ever bothered doing – informing the media that he wasn’t ruling out drastic military actions against the Islamist state.
However, on second thoughts after getting an under-the-table kick, Vague stated he wouldn’t be prepared to attack Tehran personally and his first preference would be for “tough sanctions” against the nation – such as freezing their British bank accounts and imposing trade restrictions with UK companies – thus driving our once-sceptred green and pleasant isle deeper into unemployment and recession.

Hmmm, nice one Willy – you’ve just moved the UK up a couple of notches on Tehran’s target list. Seriously, why the fuck are the Brit’s bothered if Iran does have Nikes, Nukes or Nachos? Pakistan, also an Islamic state and right next door – even though a Western puppet to some extent – have more nukes than enough to make one hell of a fucking mess of Israel if a Jolly Jihad kicks off big-time.
To say nothing of all the MIRV warheads the Iranian Khamenei regime bought from the numerous black market car boot sales around the Soviet satellite states during the chaotic bust up of the USSR in 1991 – and onwards – which are under the direct control of the Sepah – the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Conversely, while common sense civil service mandarins keeping a tight leash - and even tighter muzzle - on the more rabid Zionist kikester elements of the Labour government – such as David Millipede and Scandalson - had repeatedly referred to the prospect of a joint US / UK attack on Iran as an unmitigated disaster of Biblical proportions, Willy Vague is about to throw caution to the wind and kick start World War Three – and possibly the Apocalypse – single-handedly.
Well, at least Israeli Slime Minister Binman Nuttyahoo will be pleased he now has an upper-class led coalition ‘fagging’ for his outlaw Zionist state.

The news of Vague’s conversion to Judaism – and imminent foreskin snipping – will be a most welcome bit of news in Israel, where the kikester-controlled media have been having a field day portraying the Coalition of Convenience (read ‘Neccessity’) Librarian Dummercats leader Mick Clogg as anti-Israel – hence a raving anti-Semite and a Holohoax denier - and warned his inclusion in the government poses a danger to Israel’s policy of Mid-East military hegemony and the global expansionist plans of God’s (Jehovah) Chosen People.

However, as Vague has been a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel (founded by the late Conservative MP for Bury & Haifa, Sheldon Scumberger) since he was a 15-year old prat, he is doubtless, like many pro-Zionist Gentiles, brain-dead concerning the outlaw rogue state’s construction of towering racist apartheid walls around Gaza. Thirty foot high walls!? They weren’t even that high around the Warsaw Ghetto. In fact Hadrian’s Wall was less than a quarter of that height and the Scots never worked out how to climb over it – probably due the fact that ladders had yet to be invented.

One thing the UK does not require is a foreign policy governed by the capricious whims and requirements of Baron Rothshite and a Zionist Israel when their Knesset rulers are condemned by International Jurists alike and the UN throughout as Nuremberg-class war criminals for the privations they have visited upon, and continue to inflict on, the Palestinian civilian populations of Gaza and the West Bank.

What the British people actually desire is to be insular once again. No more Empire hang-overs. Bollocks to immigration, EUSSR membership, pull out of neo-colonial wars of aggression, ditch the US of A as a pain in the arse n’er do well 'cousin' - and call a halt to any and all foreign meddling in our affairs of state and trade – Rothshites, Friends of Israel kikester opportunists and agents provocateur included.

Hear that one Willy? Good – and take careful note before you go and start another effing conflict you have no intentions of fighting in yourself. Oh, and by the way Willy, fuck the Rothshites and the Israeli genocidists and all who sail in them.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

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