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Tri-Com Baying for War with Iran

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The gospel according to a non-existent Trilateral Commission member Mikhail Sloboffsconi - a Cheshire Cat adviser to the Russian leadership - unwittingly provided a revealing insight into the plans of the global plutocracy during the shadowy cabal’s meeting in Dublin last weekend when, while quaffing multiple pints of Guinness and pickled eggs in the Pikeys Arms, he boasted to one of the ‘We Are Change Ireland’ activists that the global Masonic-Zionist ruling elite were now ready to bomb Iran back into the Stone Age - same as Afghanistan and Iraq – so as to steal their oil, control the Straits of Hormuz and finally gain total military hegemony throughout the Mid-East.

Sloboffsconi – actually a Sicilian who travels on a special Israeli-cloned Russian diplomatic passport and acts as chief money-launderer for exiled Ukranian Wankprom Gas oligarchs Oleg Mobsaroubles and Igor Fuckoffsky – further breached Chatham House rules and spilled the beans while under the influence of the black stout brew by revealing the Trilateralists and their BIlderberg counterparts are intent on exploiting the current global recession and economic fubar to implement their New World Order government.

However this agenda is apparently being severely hampered by “Nationalista” style protesters who have been educating themselves via the accursed Internet and achieved total self-awareness that they are getting royally shafted - and realize what a negative impact global government will have on their personal freedoms and standards of living.

In unwitting support of Sloboffsconi’s boasts, the 96-year old incontinent geriatric dog wanker David Rockefeller, a career political meddler, was overheard mumbling to the equally senile kikester Henry Kissinger in Dublin’s Four Seasons Hotel’s Kosher Bar that the military option to enforce a regime change in Tehran – one subservient to their Zionist US PNAC interests - was a number one priority, stating for the benefit of the strained ears of nearby media hacks “We are deciding the future of the world, Henry and need our New World Order government in place - so we have to get rid of this annoying Iranian stumbling block first and re-install a new Shah.”

The general consensus among the Trilateralists is one of frustrated disillusionment at how plans for their Zionist New World Order global government and centralization of power in Jerusalem (Palestine) have become exposed to public scrutiny and are being so fiercely resisted by groups of multipartite radical peasants across the globe.

The fact that this self-proclaimed elite mix of ruling plutocrats and genocidal kikester maniacs had planned for their PNAC / NWO global government to be fully operational by 2000 – having succeeded in culling the world’s population from six billion down to a manageable half billion micro-chipped compliant and semi-sterile slaves via their clandestine bio-wars pandemics and toxic vaccination programmes – is sadly a plan now a full ten years overdue and a cause for severe nail-biting concern.

Even with the EUSSR’s Galileo and Ident hi-tech surveillance and population control systems becoming operational next year it is feared their entire master plan will have gone tits up and be an inextricable quagmire due the current social calamities caused by the West’s greedy grasping Mammon-worshipping banksters.
Adding insult to dire injury is the fact their global warming hoax and carbon credits cap n trade exchange profit-generation scheme has now fallen flat on its arse – principally due being exposed by the august hand of Mother Nature her good self in providing a Yuletide sampler of the coming mini Ice Age with nary a drowning polar bear in sight.

On a more cheerful note, the porcine archetype Shylock Henry Kissinger (Rockefeller’s bagman - a clot who thinks wood grows on trees and ‘foreplay’ involves putting on a condom) was harassed to the point of shitting his pants when a delegation of Irish, French and Spanish activists petitioned the Irish Plod Squad (Garda) to enforce an International Arrest Warrant issued against the genocidal kikester scumbag and take him into custody on charges of his personal warmongering involvement in the multiple deaths of French and Spanish citizens in Chile during General Pinochet’s murderous political purges.

However the Masonic-controlled Garda - in blatant violation of EUSSR statutes and laws governing the arrest and extradition of international war criminals and terrorists - invented a lame excuse that they were unable to execute the arrest warrant due to the fact the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs was closed on weekends – and most weekdays too where warrants against Trilateralists and Bilderbergers were concerned.

Within an hour of the Garda being presented with the International Arrest Warrant, Irish Special Branch were escorting Kissinger to Dublin Airport where the lard-arsed kikester hastily boarded a specially-arranged charter flight back to New York – and arrest-free safety.
Hmmm, little wonder the Republic of Eire has become a short-break holiday destination for international drug lords and generalised arch-criminal types if, due to institutionalised Celtic idiocy, they have impunity from arrest for their sins at weekends.

As Publicity with a capital P is regarded as pure anathema and a most toxic poison with an incalculable radioactive half-life by the ultra-paranoid global power elitists, the ubermench Bilderberger coven of baby-sacrificing Satanists will be gathering in purdah for their traditional annual Monopoly game over a four day period –June 3rd to 6th at the Mediterranean coastal town of Sitges – Spain’s main ‘gay tourism’ centre – located a short drive south on the C-32 Autopista de Pau Casals from Barcelona.

So, if you really want to piss on their Privileged Class bonfire, how about a visit to the Iberian Peninsula in early June to shout a few anarchist slogans, throw a couple of eggs, and take loads of verboten piccies. Then get your arses down there in legions and give them a crowd control problem of Biblical proportions.

To close, a word to the wise - if one is inclined to be a betting man, chuck a few bob on at your local bookies that Iran will be getting the living shit bombed out of its domestic nuclear research facilities – and anything remotely resembling a military base - shortly after the Stiges convocation.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: fuck the Bildebergers and Big Brother – and his little sister – and the Zionist New World Order.

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