Friday, 14 May 2010

Kagan Bitch Gets Supreme Court Nomination

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US President Barky O’Barmy’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, reputed to be very much AIPAC’s creature and their number one choice for the job, is perfect in each and every detail to slot into the top judicial – and once august and respected - body.

Kagan’s ultra-Zionist beliefs – brainwashed into her thick kikester skull since childhood – blend well with her Totalitarian leanings and declared desires to ban free speech, detain suspected American domestic terrorist types without trial indefinitely, re-establish command and control socialism, kick the living crap out of civil liberties in general – and otherwise shit all over everything the US Constitution ever stood for before Dubya Bush and his gang of Shylock Neo-Con scumbags emasculated and butchered it with their Patriot Act – inter alia.

The Kagan Bitch has often displayed her penchant for ignoring our hard-won and time-honoured legal precedents by declaring a person guilty until proven innocent – and was recently quoted by the Fascist Review while stating for the record that: “Someone even just suspected of helping to finance - or send Christmas cards - to Big Al Qaeda and his gang of Jolly Jihadists – or any of these Muslim terrorist groups - should be subject to battlefield law.”
“This translates as indefinite detention without a trial — even if they were captured in a place like a Pestco supermarket in England while doing the family shopping rather than a physical battle zone – such as Gaza or Times Square.”

While Kagan passes herself off as a Social Democrat she is in fact privately a hard-core neo-Nazi and a life-long supporter of Tel Aviv’s Nekeshers Party (Greedy Bastards) who has enjoyed the patronage of AIPAC and other pro-kikester groups in the US since she won her first Golden Gloves Women’s Boxing title at Madison Square Garden in 1980 with a knock-out of opponent Sapphie ‘Mad Dog’ Dildodo.

Though her Shylock political supporters are legion, then so too are her Goyim critics and declared enemies spread throughout the labyrinths of Capitol Hill, who see in Kagan the will of the Israeli Knesset being enforced upon the US domestic and foreign policies.

Renown as a raving rug muncher and a Georgetown ‘Godemiche Club’ habituĂ© social girlie pal cum bed partner of US Secretary of Sleaze - and career Israeli apologist - Hilarious Rodent Clinton – Kagan has earned a reputation as an ultra-Zionist fanatic for her loyalties being to Israel first and the US second – and labelled by one fundamentalist Rabbinical group as a ‘kedeshah’ (political prostitute).

On May 10, 2010, President O’Barmy nominated Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by the impending retirement of Justice Sheldon Isaac Scumstein at the end of the Supreme Court's 2009–2010 term - regardless, and to her detriment, of the fact she has never served as a judge.

If confirmed, she will become the fourth split-arsed Justice ever to sit on the Supreme Court bench, plus her appointment would also make US Supreme Court history with it then being ruled by an all-Jewish panel of ‘nine’ pro-Zionist Jurists – with nary a goyim Gentile in sight.

Long before the election of the Kenyan cuckoo to the White House top job, the Kagan Bitch was the subject of repeated speculation that AIPAC were pushing for her nomination to the Supreme Court if a dozy Democratic were elected in 2008 – or even if the Diebold ballot box machine’s software screwed up and the Republican geriatric McCain got elected by accident.

During a Daily Shitraker interview the Harvard law professor Ghengis McTwat, an outspoken Holohoax denier, speculated that Kagan would likely be put forward as a Presidential nominee, describing her as “Very much a Barky O’Barmy type person: a dual nationality imposter and career liar, a bisexual self-promoting scumbag – and a Democrat-of-convenience to boot.”

However, much to her own impairment – but her critic’s delight – the Kagan Bitch sat on the advisory council to the disgraced Gold-in-Sacks investment banksters between 2005 and 2009 – with it being her job to offer analysis and advice to Lord Goldmine himself – company CEO Lloyd Wankfiend – plus the bank’s board and its clients.

Hence President O’Barmy’s spin doctors and the Justice Department are now engaged in frenetic damage control over Kagan’s Gold-in-Sacks connections and her extensive role working for the “Great Vampire Squid wrapped around the face of Humanity and sucking away its Life’s breath and blood in true parasitic fashion” – or, as Lord Goldmine himself would put it “Simply doing God’s (Jehovah’s) work.”

While the Senate Majority Whip Seymour Weaselstein makes the absurd proclamation that Kagan will serve the interests of average Americans, it must be remembered that first and foremost Elena Kagan is a kikester operative put in place to serve the interests of a Jewish-owned Wall Street and Gold-in-Sacks – and was selected by Baron Rothshite and the NWO Zionist global elite specifically for this purpose.

To conclude, it may prove nigh on impossible to criticize the Kenyan’s Yid nominee due the fact she’s ‘toevah’ - a raving dyke - and an active proponent for gay marriages. Hence if anyone has the balls to point out her kikester Wall Street connections they’ll be labelled homophobic – and a single mention of her ultra-Zionist leanings then anti-Semite and Holohoax denier get added to the label.

The only hope for what’s left of the vastly diminished entity that once proudly stood as American Justice is enough of the Muppets manning Capitol Hill can still smell a rat a mile off and kick Kagan’s nomination back in O’Barmy’s – and AIPAC’s - faces.

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