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Earth Entering New Cold Climate Era

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No doubt everyone has, at some time or the other, come across the expression “If it wasn’t for bad luck they wouldn’t have any.” Well, for Al Bore and his Climategate gang at East Anglia University, at the UN’s IPCC - and the Carbon Credits Cap & Trade Exchange banksters all ready and set to rake in zillions of $$$ bucks buying, selling and bartering CO2 offsets – bad luck is the name of the game.

So, for these global warming scaremongers whose criminal doctored data and black propaganda bullshit converted CO2 from an inert and harmless gas - exhaled by mammals and converted into oxygen by the planet’s flora - into a devastating political Weapon of Mass Distraction charged with mega-bucks profiteering capabilities – they’re all shit outa luck.

The Space and Science Research Centre (SSRC), the leading independent research organization in the United States on the subject of our planet’s historic and continuing trend of climate change, which has been going on since the Dawn of Time, today issued dire warnings of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US, Canada and Europe – and not through ‘global warming’.

Taking the past winter months of 2009-2010 as a bench mark for the coming two to three years, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic nose dive even greater than those seen over the Northern Hemisphere’s last Christmas holiday period.
As the Earth’s current El Nino effect dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun’s historic reduction in output, the dormant period or “solar hibernation.”

The US government’s leading science organizations, NASA and the NOAA have completely missed – or purposely ignored – these blatant sore thumb facts - as of course have United Nations climate change experts.

While this long term drop in the Earth’s temperatures - and more importantly as the cause - the advent of a historic drop in the Sun’s output - the solar hibernation – has been a known and established fact, the Global Warming scam artists headed by those profit-at-any-price Carbon Credits Cap & Trade Exchange shysters, banksters and kikesters have bribed, blackmailed and coerced the ranks of meteorological bureaus and scientific bodies and associated alumni to not only ignore such but to doctor their data and records to show the absolute opposite.

First and foremost on this criminal shit list is the Neanderthal impersonator Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, a living and breathing Casey Jones railroad railroad engineer working for India’s Rattle Track train service – and the current chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – and – believe it or not - the chief disseminator of propaganda and bullshit for the Global Warming lobby.

This is why the SSRC is not fully accepted for its leadership role in climate change forecasting – simply due the fact they go around publishing that most annoying and inconvenient thing – the TRUTH – which of course is at direct odds with the aims of the Mammon-worshipping Global Warming alarmists who now control the O’Barmy administration’s climate change policies – and too those of the Brussels-based EUSSR.

The present solar hibernation is proceeding in almost lock step as the last one which occurred from 1793 to 1830 – and previously during the period of 1645 to 1715, in the middle of what was recognised as a Little Ice Age caused by a period of low solar activity known as the Maunder Minimum.

If this continues on present course the forecast cold weather impacts on food and ethanol fuel recently announced will not compare with what is to follow a decade from now.
At the bottom of the cold cycle of this hibernation in the late 2020’s and 2030’s there will be years of devastating to total crop losses in the Canadian, Northern US, European and Ukraine and Russian grain regions.

Hence instead of the Antarctic’s penguins sweating their bollocks off, and the Arctic polar bears drowning, it looks like they might all need woolly socks and a big hug to stay warm.

So, if the Carbon Credits Cap & Trade Exchange scam has gone tits up in a bucket with it getting noticeably colder instead of hotter, then why don’t the Global Warming shysters simply reverse-switch their strategy for the need to produce more CO2 to keep the planet warm.

Ah well, whatever label, slogan, jingle or brand name they stick on it, the only thing we have to fear are the fear-mongers themselves – the Global Warming alarmists.

Well, there’s a job for Chris Hune – a former cormorant strangler now charged with the post of Coalition Minister for Global Warming. He can now swap his title to Minister for Global Cooling and start a frantic mobilisation of getting the nation’s Granny-types knitting up a storm of woolly gloves, scarves, bobble hats, socks, balaclava helmets and cardigans in readiness for the Big Freeze.

Poor Al Gore – who’s gonna give him a big hug? No shit Al’ – can the Nobel Prize Board in Oslo have their medal back – oh and maybe Hollywood will want the “A Convenient Pile of Bullshit” Oscar award returning too.

Do you think it’s getting warmer or colder? Do you wake up at night suffering from frostbite? Do you have any spare hot water bottles you can donate to the ‘Warm-a-Penguin’ world wildlife hugging charity?

* Carbon Credit Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals were chilled or frozen in posting this message. However, a large number of Global Warming alarmists were temporarily inconvenienced.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Thought for the day: Do you believe the announcements being spouted by Global Warming scaremonger and Chicken Little look-alike Lord Poxburgh - and the Climategate gang at East Anglia University - that the current falls of ‘unseasonable’ snow on England’s Pennines and Scotland’s Mount Sassenach this week (mid-May) are actually a thick coating of ‘frozen’ white ash from Iceland’s Mount Whatafuckup volcanic eruption.

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