Saturday, 15 May 2010

Clinton: Paki’s Harbouring Osama bin Patsy

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In perhaps the clearest signal yet that tensions between the US and Pakistan have been purposely switched from ‘cool’ to ‘simmer’ to ‘boil’ mode in a couple of sneaky tip-toe moves, Secretary of Sleaze Hilarious Rodent Clinton has accused unnamed parties in Pakistan’s government of operating a covert kidney dialysis clinic in the remote northern Fuckaziri Province and harbouring the long dead al-Qaeda leader (and ex-CIA asset) Osama bin Laden.

The Rodent, addressing a contingent of the press hacks outside the Beltway’s prestigious ‘Ladies Only’ Muffdivers Club, informed one reporter from the Warmongers Gazette “We’re not claiming that President Asif Goatmuffer and the Paki’ top government officials or SIS and military brass are in on this scam but some fucker and their dog in the ruling hierarchy knows where Osama bin Laden and his good-for-nothing buddy Big Al Qaeda are hiding – and those other scumbags with the beards - Mullah Omar and Taliban Dan.”

“We expect more cooperation from these people to help us capture and kill Mohammed al Patsy and all those other suicide bombers who attacked America on 9/11 and knocked down poor Mr Slimestein’s lovely Twin Towers – and don’t any of you journalist shites start smirking and even dare to mention hi-fiving Israeli removals men – or else,” the Mena Mafia’s Matriarch warned with her customary bombastic line of intimidating threats of Zionist retribution from on high (AIPAC and Tel Aviv).

US officials have regularly made pointed comments about Pakistan’s status on bin Laden whenever tensions are on the rise and the Pentagon hawks get another frustrating ‘itch to scratch’ urge to grab hold of Islamic Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal at any price – or cost - of dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

However, it seems Barky O’Barmy’s administration has returned to the “hard line” position previously forced on the White House by AIPAC’s ultra-kikesters - largely as political fallout from the failed Times Square ‘cherry bombing’ fiasco earlier this month which European intelligence services claim has got to be the biggest US / Israeli false flag fubar to date – with Paki’-born Faisal Shazhad bin Patsy wittingly or otherwise, acting for the CIA or the manky Mossad, to justify continued and expanded aggressive US military intervention in South Asia.

Ms Sapphie Dildodo, official spokeswoman and ‘personal aide’ to Secretary of Sleaze Clinton, informed the Godemiche Gazette that “the most serious of dire consequences” would result against Pakistan in retaliation for this failed attack if the planted evidence just happened to point to the involvement of the Sipah-e-Sahaba (SIS intelligence service).

“Once our extraordinary rendition consultants from Renta-Thug have finished ‘interviewing the Pakistani bomb terrorist - Faisal Shazhad bin Patsy - and we learn that the SIS or their agents provocateurs have been involved with the Time Square IED car bomb plot then it’ll be all Shock and Awe and no more Mr Nice Guy from Uncle Sam.”
“They’ll go straight onto our cruise missile and bomber payload target list when the Pentagon’s Christian Crusaders of Zion commence the next stage of Operation Enduring Genocide against Iran this summer.”

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