Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Censorship Drug for Political Incorrectness

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Government totalitarians, Stasi Plod Squads, and Gulag prison authorities around the world have unanimously heaped the highest of praises and glittering awards on the Rothshite Pharma-Meds Corporation who - working in conjunction with the Atlanta-based Centre for Disease Control’s ‘Bio-Weapons Division’ – have produced the ‘miracle cure’ ICPI (Instant Censorship of Political Incorrectness) prescription drug ‘PolCorzac’ for the treatment of PISS (Politically Incorrect Statement Syndrome) and SHIT (Severe Habitual Internet Terrorism).

The early symptoms of PISS (Politically Incorrect Statement Syndrome) usually manifest when a person is inebriated in the local pub and declares for all to hear that their MP’s are all a bunch of scallies and sticky fingered thieves – and the EUSSR’s ‘Europa’ Big Sister ‘cradle to the grave’ control state really ‘sucks’.

Even when totally sober and in the workplace such instances as frustrations with dodgy computer programmes and hardware – or even a blunt pencil - can cause outbursts of PISS – with an employee going red in the face, spluttering and telling the boss to stick his minimum wage job up his fat arse.

The primary symptoms of SHIT (Severe Habitual Internet Terrorism) are normally cases of PISS that have reached an advanced and chronic state. This is usually evidenced by disaffected and marginalised persons no longer satisfied to air their subversive opinions vocally but seek a wider – global – audience via the medium of sending e-mails and posting comments on websites and blogs that actually question the methods and actions of their democratically-elected governments.

Those affected by cases of PISS and SHIT are normally diagnosed as suffering from chronic paranoia and all manner of deep psychosis – which have been brought on from losing their jobs due being made redundant, then having their homes repossessed by the mortgage company, their children snatched by social care workers, then the missus divorcing them for being a total fuck-up – and not much good in bed anymore.

Now thanks to the funding and research efforts of the Rothshite Institute for Eugenics and Population Reduction and the Common Purpose social engineering charity (not to be confused with Common Porpoise – the benevolent fund for distressed dolphins) we have ‘PolCorzac’, a novel prescription drug that cures people who suffer mental conflicts from doubting the veracity of what the government tells them or what they see on the telly or read in the Zionist kikester-owned press.

Rothshite Pharma-Meds chief Dr Sheldon Weaselstein told one reporter from the Autocrats Gazette that PolCorzac works by closing down the brain's centre of intellectual inquiry and blocking the knee jerk re-uptake of politically incorrect neurotransmitters involved in critical thought processes, making it virtually impossible to distinguish between truth and lies.

Speaking from the Brussels-based EUSSR Parliament, the Minister for Cerebral Amnestics, Heinrich van der Loon, informed the media that PolCorzac might just prove to be the panacea for society’s ills.
“Here in Europe we have penitentiary’s bursting at the seams with professors, investigative journalists, and academics who all suffer the symptoms of advanced and potentially fatal Politically Incorrect Statement Syndrome.”

“Their heads are full of PISS or SHIT (Severe Habitual Internet Terrorism) and other diseases associated with human awareness and a passion for broadcasting the truth concerning the real purpose of our Galileo and Indect super-surveillance systems. Then we get these annoying accusations that the EUSSR is run by the Vatican’s Men in Black – the Jesuits, in a sinister power-sharing deal with Opus Dei."

“A lot of these people are your classic anarchist types who have been told the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a forgery but still insist they’re genuine simply because everything written in them – each and every one of the twenty-four protocols – has – or is – coming true – and they cannot understand this is only coincidence so all becomes a big deception and conspiracy.”

“Especially so with that sector of society which chooses to incessantly question the actual legality of the Balfour Declaration, the probity of the Holohoax - and the truth behind the Nazi’s Final Solution when there are still so many Jews around running the United States and besieging Gaza – and whether Zionism simply isn’t just another kikester claim jumping scam to steal Palestine from its rightful owners.”

“These persons are a nuisance, thinking for themselves and reading books – some even writing them too. They ask lots of most embarrassing questions and have an unnatural and very unhealthy obsession with finding out the truth – worrying at anything that bears a hint of controversy like a terrier with a dead cat. They simply do not believe a word we say.”

“People who can think for themselves – these ‘individual’ types - present a clear and present danger, perhaps even worse than those who don’t read newspapers or watch TV and get their information from these damnable uncensored alternative news sites that exist in Cyberspace.”

“You know, Politically Incorrect Statement Syndrome and eventual Severe Habitual Internet Terrorism syndrome begin at home and in the classroom. Do your children ask questions or read books? Are they showing any signs of developing that most self-destructive habit of thinking for themselves? Do they get bored with television news programmes and surf the Internet for uncensored history sites and the truth about 9/11 and hi-fiving Israeli removals men?”

“If the answer to any one of these painfully necessary questions is ‘yes’, then your child should be treated with PolCorzac immediately before their brains have a chance to fully develop their dangerous critical faculties and grow up to become highly intelligent people who question the official versions of history."

“However, now we have PolCorzac this might just put an end to such troubling events when our doctors start prescribing it like Paracetamol and we add it to the public water supplies – same as we do the covert Fluoride dosings.”

“All we want at the end of the day is a society of normal, well-adjusted people who watch television, trust the government, don't ask questions, pay taxes, and never bother to question the status quo – or keep asking why nobody sits in Seat 666 at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg – and if it’s really reserved for the Anti-Christ or just a symbolic gesture to Satanism.”

Going one ‘fascist’ step further, laws are being proposed on the old Stalinist social model where political agitators or protestors can be arrested and ‘sectioned’ for psychological evaluation and end up injected with a sub-dermal PolCorzac time-release capsule.
This programme will be overseen and administered by Brussel’s newly-formed ‘Thought Police’ across the EUSSR and by the Department of Homeland Insecurity contractors Slackwater / XE’s ‘Psycho Op’s’ division in the United States of Mexico, America and Canada.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Hmmm, PolCorzac aside, fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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