Friday, 7 May 2010

Grampian's Masonic Mafia Rule Plod Squad

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Scotland’s grotty Grampian province is foremost in the gutter press for the ongoing political – and criminal - graft and corruption abuses concerning every corner, nook and cranny of it’s perfidious Masonic-run gangster establishment of kiddie fiddlers, venal solicitors, career sodomites and the grasping worshippers of Mammon.

The first Petrie dish of scum to go under the investigative microscope are all associated with Donald Trump’s iniquitous environmental disaster of a golf course and adjoining ‘unaffordable luxury housing’ estate – for which ‘The Donald’ and his Russian exile partners (the oligarch zillionaires - Oleg Mobsaroubles and Igor Sackashit) are demanding - and getting - venal compulsory purchase orders issued against the hereditary owners of the coastal lands Trump requires to form his 19 hole whoring monstrosity.

Hmmm, obviously his greed and ambition are now boundless as in the past old Trumpy seems to have been quite satisfied with three hole high maintenance whores (slappers) like ex-wives and concubines Ivana Wrinkledmuff, Tekem Orloff, Anala Sodomsky, Melania Godemiche, Fellattia van der Gamm, and Sapphie Dildodo.

However, Trump aside, there are far worse examples of the darker sides of human nature and career immorality to envision when considering the felonious miscarriages of justice being visited upon the Parliamentary candidate for Aberdeen South Robert Green due his sworn vow to seek Justice for a disabled girl, Hollie Greig, who – along with dozens of other unfortunate children - had been systematically sexually abused by the leading Masonic lights and local worthies at every level of the Aberdeen establishment.

The named and noted offenders include social care workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers – and members of the judiciary – with this ring of prevaricating and perjuring kiddie fiddling paedo’s having - for two decades plus - even to the present day - covered each other’s abominable backs and tracks at every turn.

But for Hollie and her ilk, Justice is yet to come.

Unfortunately and diametrically opposed, the Daily Shitraker today revealed a Grampian Plod Squad officer accused of sexually assaulting a vulnerable mentally-disabled man and his female partner has just had the charges against him dropped.

PC George Hall, 49, of Crudhead Bay, was due to face trial next week for alleged indecent attacks on two people in Ellon, Aberdeenshire that occurred on repeated occasions from January 2003 to January 2004 – six whole years ago. Now that’s got to be a record anywhere for dodgy judicial foot-dragging.

However, the Crown Office (read Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini ) stated that proceedings would not continue after careful consideration of all the facts relating to the case – such as first-hand evidence getting misplaced and that PC Hall was a leading Aberdeen Freemason belonging to the same lodge as Sheriff McSoddom – 85, Crown Street, Aberdeen AB11 6EX.

The court further heard that Hall has a decade of community work with disabled children around Aberdeen’s Ferryhill community behind him as a glowing character reference and was commended for tackling youth crime in Aberdeenshire in February 2001 by spanking offender’s bums – especially shoplifting teenage yobettes.
He won praise from the Ferryhill Masonic Temple after he set up a drop-in centre and hangout shelter for sexually-abused youngsters in Ellon, Tarves, Pitmedden and Balmedie.

The 49-year-old Aberdeen plod was purposely granted an in-camera private hearing at the Aberdeen Sheriff's Court on Tuesday to ensure a zero publicity factor - where it was again alleged he committed a series of indecent assaults against the two persons in Ellon.
However, in-camera hearings apart - bad news always gets around sooner or later.

Hall, whose address was listed in court papers as c/o McTwat & Scumm (Solicitors & Commissioners of Oaths) 17 Scally Street, Bumph, Aberdeenshire, made no plea or declaration and was then informed of the Crown Office decision to drop all criminal charges and legal actions against him although his police duties suspension remains in place.

This prompted one hack from the Scandalmonger’s Gazette to go so far as to speculate that it was little wonder the felonious antics of the Grampian plod squad have prompted critics to pose the question “What’s the difference between an organised crime syndicate and the Grampian Police Force? Why, absolutely none.”

PC Hall, who still denies the charges even in the face of CCTV evidence and eye-witness statements against him, could not be contacted today for comment as he was busy harrassing and beating the shit out of the couple who grassed him up for the original assaults.

Hmmm, something definitely stinks in Denmark – and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Oh, and by the way, Fuck the Scottish Freemasons and their New World Order.

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