Friday, 21 May 2010

The Never-Ending Palestinian Nakba

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May 15th, the Yawm in-Nakba – or ‘Day of Catastrophe’ to the Palestinian people – a date they commemorate annually – and with good reason.

Sixty-two years ago, more than 726,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes and lands to make way for the illegal and rogue State of Israel and have been prevented from returning ever since.
Thousands of Palestinian villages and neighbourhoods were destroyed - with seven million Palestinian refugees now living in exile - and 1.3 million Palestinians suffering perennial privations in 58 UN-administered refugee camps around the Mid-East and denied their own country by the kikester usurpers.

In previous historical conflicts refugee rights have been honoured and respected, including the right of return, restitution and compensation. Not surprisingly, in typical Khazar kikester fashion born out of unqualified arrogance of their superiority to the goyim Gentiles, the outlaw State of Israel refuses to even recognize the Palestinian right of return, thus continuing to deny the refugees’ basic human rights.
Further, the Palestinians occupying the besieged Gaza Strip and the West Bank suffer 24/7/365 privations, the likes of which are purported to have occurred in the charnel houses of Auschwitz and Belsen – and were recorded for posterity in the annals of the Nazi Nuremberg Trials.

Hence the Palestinian Nakba continues to this day without relent, for Israeli continues with its fascist policies of evictions, home demolitions, deportations, settlement activities and the construction of their Great Apartheid Wall across the occupied West Bank and encircling the hapless and devastated Gaza Strip.

Yet will the international community draw any lessons from the Nakba to force the United Nations to uphold international law and declare unilateral sanctions against Israel, and force a cease and desist policy onto AIPAC / US support for the rogue state? Alas no. Yet what nation should be allowed to place itself above the law as Israel has – thus moral conscience alone must compel the international community to force an end to Israeli belligerence and disregard for international law. Much as they did against Saddam Hussein.

The Shylock kikesters have been deceiving the world with blatant lies, incessant propaganda, and biblical mythology for Millennia but now their Rothshite-backed state is up shitcreek without a paddle and the entire Protocols of Zion / New World Order agenda is coming undone like a ball of twine the cat’s just mauled.
Their plans for a Greater Israel stretching from Nile to Euphrates (Oil) – and beyond (Afghanistan / Pakistan = opium control) – is coming off the tracks big time.

To highlight the duplicitous and hypocritical stance that Zionist running dog Western politicians have viz the Nakba and the continuing Palestinian Holocaust, the British Embassy in Seoul, responding to this morning’s concocted news that one of mad Kim’s Nor-Kor submarines deliberately, and with malice aforethought, torpedoed and sank the South Korean warship ‘Cheonan’ - quoted the UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague as stating: “North Korea's actions will deepen the international community's mistrust. The attack demonstrates a total indifference to human life and a blatant disregard of international obligations."

Hmmm, pity the life-long 'Friends of Israel' club member Hague doesn’t direct the same condemnations against the illegal rogue state of kikesters for their insidious treatment of the Palestinian people and attacks on Gaza.

US Pres’ Barky O’Barmy described the sinking of the ship as an "act of aggression" by North Korea that challenged world peace and personally threatened sanctions against Nor-Kor.

The pathetic UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Twat went so far as to state the torpedo incident report was "deeply troubling" – regardless of it being a pack of concocted lies – or bearing a single iota of verisimilitude.

Japan's Prime Minister Yakuza Fuckayama issued a statement that North Korea's action was "unforgivable".

But any word of condemnation – or even a spot of mild reproach – from these career kikester political apologists of Israel’s dirty deeds against the Palestinians? Nary a one. Any mention of these same Freemason Zionist types embracing the content of the Goldstone Report of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead genocidal attacks against Gaza’s civilian population? Not an effing word.

Hellfire, Israel can torpedo who the fuck they like and still get congratulated – much the same as they did with the USS Liberty in 1967 off the Sinai Peninsula, killing 34 crew members and wounding a further 171. Yep, an attack wholly funded by the US taxpayer - how’s that for irony.

Alas, we corrupt our souls when we blind our eyes and conscience to the acts of the Israeli terrorists.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and / or squirrel shit.

Thought for the day: Fuck the Zionist Freemasons and the Temple of Solomon and their New World Order.

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