Tuesday, 11 May 2010

US & UK Genocidists Caused Iraq Birth Defects

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Allegations that Britain was complicit with the United States of Israel in the use of radiological and chemical weapons linked to a huge surge of child deformity birth defects, miscarriages, leukaemia and cancer cases - plus generalised numptyism - in Iraq are to be investigated by the Ministry of Defence’s Department for Whitewashing – possibly with the inquiry headed by Lord Mutton or Lord Chilcot – both past masters of improbity and chairing official cover-ups.

The case raises serious questions about the UK's role in the rabid Zionist American-led offensive against the city of Fallujah in the autumn of 2004 where thousands of innocent Iraqi non-combatant civilians were slaughtered by hails of white phosphorous shells, depleted uranium ordnance, napalm, DIME warheads and thermobaric bombs – plus all those kiddies providing sitting duck targets for the Coalition of the Guilty’s snipers.

After the battle, in which it is alleged that a range of illegal weaponry was used, evidence has emerged of large numbers of children being born with severe genetic defects to equal those of the popular TV cartoon characters Blinky and Mickey the Mutant.

Iraqi families who believe their children's deformities are caused by the deployment of the chemical and depleted uranium weapons have now begun legal proceedings against Tony Bliar and the UK’s Labour Government. They accuse Bliar (the current Mid-East ‘Peace Envoy’ (sic) believe it or not) of breaching international law, war crimes and failing to intervene to prevent war crimes.

Ambulance-chasing lawyers representing the affected Iraqi families have dispatched a letter prior to court action to the MoD requesting the Government to disclose what it knows about the Army's role in the offensive, the presence of prohibited weapons and the dodgy legal advice given by Attorney General Lord Peter Goldshit to Tony Bliar – the Prime Minister at the time of the UN-disputed 2003 illegal Operation Enduring Genocide invasion of their country.

Conversely legal actions against the world’s Big Bully United States of Israel and super-moron Dubya Bush are blocked by the AIPAC-lobbied US federal immunity laws and the Zionist kikester-run US government's boycott of the International Criminal Court.

Hence by that interpretation of a legal firewall the Yanks can do precisely what the Israeli mad dogs are doing to the Palestinian populations of Gaza and the West Bank – and the same as the Nazis did to anyone they didn’t like during the malevolent years of the Third Reich and Fortress Europe – and be immune from any and all Nuremberg type future repercussions.

Brilliant bit of pre-war legal strategy by the US Dept. of Justice – commit all the war crimes you like in Afghanistan and Iraq and get off scot free. The same rulings will doubtless apply to the forthcoming illegal bombing and invasion of Iran too.

The 2004 offensive against Fallujah, codenamed ‘Operation Kill Every Fucking Thing That Moves’ was described as the biggest civilian turkey shoot committed by US and British military forces since the firebombings of Dresden and Leipzig in WW2.

So there we have it – the Zionist Coalition are as guilty as Hell of using that most evil of all weapons of mass destruction – the long-term depleted uranium killer munitions spreading atomized highly toxic radioactive micro-dust across the landscape and into the atmosphere – and into the lungs, bloodstreams and DNA of every fucker and their dog who breathes the shit in - not only the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan but also the foreign troops (read aggressors) based there that discharged the crap in the first place.

With the atomised depleted uranium possessing a half life of zillions of years – what historians call ‘a very long time’ – and it being a well established fact that no amount of radioactive material can be tolerated by the mammalian anatomy - this stuff will be like the Ever-Ready battery ad’ and go on killing and killing and killing – and maiming – for generations yet to come - and these clots wonder what causes glow-in-the-dark kids and Gulf War Syndrome.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

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