Friday, 20 August 2010

Yanks Convinced O’Barmy is Muslim

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According to the results of a recent Shyster Research survey poll, the majority of Americans now believe, without a shred of a doubt, that President Barky Hussein O’Barmy is a Fifth Column Muslim Muj’ in Coon’s clothing.

What is even more damning is the fact the polling was expedited before the dodgy Pres’ committed the biggest political faux pas of the century on August 13th when he defended the right of Muslim lobbyists to build an Islamic centre and mosque on Ground Zero to commemorate the sacrifice of Big Al Qaeda’s non-existent Muhijadeen terrorists who were blamed for flying non-existent passenger jets into the Twin Towers in an attempt to undermine Western democracy and kick start the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The White House have been quick to attribute the erroneous beliefs about President O’Barmy's religion to a "misinformation campaign" pursued by his political opponents.
"While the president is personally committed to his own Christian faith and always says grace before tucking into a plateful of his favourite quorn pork belly and hominy grits, there's certain Devil-worshipping folks out there who’re intent on spreading falsehoods,” White House faith adviser Mohammad ibn Himar told a reporter from the Daily Shitraker.

While O’Barmy himself claims to be a practicing Christian who attends Washington’s Pancake Tuesday Adventist church his detractors grow in number by the day.

Republican lobbyist and career shit-stirrer Billy Bob McTwat, the current spokesman for the KKK, told a reporter from the Scandalmongers Gazette that “The guy’s rubbing our noses in the smelly brown stuff – he’s even got a Muslim name – Barky Hussein O’Barmy - now what kind of a good ole American boy is that? Then we have irrefutable evidence he was at school in Indonesian under the name of Barry Soetero – for fuck’s sake this guy has identity problems of gigantic proportions.”

“So, O’Barmy’s people reckon he’s a kosher American then where’s his real goddamn birth certificate – and I don’t mean this Hawaiian piece of shit that stinks of tampering and forgery? The guy’s an impostor and we’ve got a Kenyan cuckoo in the White House – he’s pro-Zionist stooge and an Israeli Mossad agent. Hellfire, it ain’t rocket science – any numbskull with half a brain can see we’ve got more money-grubbing Shylocks and Hymies in the White House and overall administration than there are in Tel Aviv.”

“Mr ‘Hope and Change’ is a Rothshite crime family syndicate puppet - bought and paid for with AIPAC kikester money. If he’s a true Christian with the American people’s welfare and best interests at heart then why the fuck does he wanna back these jihadist types building a manky mosque on the Ground Zero site of the Israeli false flag attack on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers?”

Forty-three per cent of those questioned in the Shyster Research survey poll stated for the public record that they didn’t know what President O’Barmy's religion was – with many hazarding a guess that he is actually Jewish.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

Thought for the day: Fuck Barky O’Barmy, and Israel and the Rothshite crime family syndicate – and the kikester Templar Freemasons and their New World Order.

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