Sunday, 15 August 2010

Recession-Hit Terror Suspects Make Profit

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The Crown Prosecution Service today announced that four policemen from the Metropolitan Police’s TSG Renta-Thug Squad are to face prosecution over an alleged attack on a terror suspect after receiving an independent report from the Independent Police Coverups Commission advising that this was one case too many involving blatant police abuse, tantamount to torture, to be whitewashed or slapped with a 100-year D-Notice.

Sections of the report leaked by IPCC whistleblowers working undercover for the international snitch and grassers watchdog charity Ox-Rat reveal “Following the Met’s trigger-happy CO19 Armed Response IQ-deficient morons snuffing a perfectly innocent Brazilian electrician on the Tube system in mistake for a radical Paki’ Muslim terrorist backpack bomber – we then have a member of the TSG’s Renta-Thug Squad murdering news vendor Ian Tomlinson in cold blood at the G20 protest rally while his fellow officers stood apathetically by, watching the incident.”

“This travesty was succeeded the very next day by Police Sergeant Delboy Stinkie losing his cool at the self-same G20 rally and revealing the brutal side of police training when he bitch slapped and beat the shit out of female protester Nicola Fisher with a Asp type telescopic steel baton for no better reason than he mistook her orange juice carton for an Uzi sub-machine gun.”
“Hence, we at the IPCC consider that this time around some modicum of justice must be publicly seen to be served and avoid further Grassy Knoll cover-ups such as the obvious David Kelly assisted suicide.”

“Thus the four PC’s responsible for attacking Mr Ahmadashell simply because he looked ‘a bit foreign’ and they had received a dodgy tip-off he might be a terrorist, should face full disciplinary proceedings and the case handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions.”

Mr Barbar ‘Black Sheep’ Ahmadashell, 36, a flying carpet weaver, alleged he was verbally abused and had the shit kicked out of him when arrested in the South-West London borough of Tooting on 2nd December 2003.
Ahmadashell, who was not charged following the raid, was awarded £60,000 in damages last March by the Metropolitan Police and received a personally autographed Sorrygramme from the Met’s Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dickhead.

Mr Ahmadashell's legal brief, Fellattia Gamarouche QC, wrote to Met’ Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson to confirm the four officers had been suspended from duty. However, the police advised that the four officers were still working for the Met. In light of the IPCC's decision, the Met has announced it would now consider whether there should be any restriction or suspension of these officers.

The four offending officers - PC Norman Kuntt, 17; PC Wilf Scumm, 20; PC Jacko McScally, 19; and PC Ghengis O’Twatt, 18; are due to appear before the City of Westminster magistrate’s court next month.

Announcing the decision that the officers could be charged, the head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s ‘Criminal Plods Division’ Sir Irwin Bogbrush informed Pox News that "Mr Ahmadashell suffered a number of injuries during that arrest, including crucifixion, heavy bruising to the head, neck, wrists and feet – and having his arse well and truly rogered by Wolfie, one of the Renta-Thug Squad’s German Shepherds.”
Bogbrush added: "There is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge four of the officers involved in the arrest of Mr Ahmadashell with causing actual bodily harm to his person. The public are no longer willing to tolerate members of the police force behaving like a bunch on Tonton Macoutes."

If the case goes to trial at Crown Court, the maximum sentence the officers could receive for assaulting a suspected Muslim scally is five years in prison. However, the case could be heard at a magistrate’s court where the predicted judgement and sentence from a Freemason-stacked bench would be no more severe than 50 hours of unpaid community service - suspended for six months.

Sadiq Khan, MP for Mr Ahmadashell’s Jihad Hamlets home in Tooting, "I am pleased that the CPS decided to look at this incident again after receiving the IPCC’s report.”
"There are serious issues to be examined here surrounding the conduct of the arresting officers – especially so this story that Barbar Ahmadashell had consensual sex with an infidel police dog.”

However, the reverse side to this entire issue needs to focus on the fact that a remanded Muslim terrorist suspect, still awaiting a decision on extradition to the US on connected terror charges – specifically his website recruitment of Jolly Jihadi wanabees – has received £60,000 quid off the Met’ / British taxpayer for assaults to his person, his dignity and his Islamic sensibilities (sic) during his arrest and while in custody.

So, achieving a top score of ten on the International Hypocrisy Scale - plus totally missing the irony and duplicity of their asinine actions, the Met have awarded a still-imprisoned Muslim terrorist £60,000 quid in ‘Whoops - sorry’ compo ‘ money - while the likes of PC Ghengis McThug of the manky Met’s Territorial Support Stasi, who viciously and without due cause, attacked white Anglo-Saxon British subject – and innocent passer-by - Ian Tomlinson, striking him from behind in typical Plod Squad Bully Boy fashion before shoving him violently to the pavement - adding to his sustained injuries that brought about his sudden death a few minutes later - gets off scot-free and Tomlinson’s family don’t see a single Sorrygramme or one penny in compensation.

Ah well, that’s 21st Century British justice at work – and the shape of things to come.

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