Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nuttyahoo Faces Flotilla Inquiry

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The outlaw state of Israel’s Slime Minister 'Belligerent Bibi' Nuttyahoo is due to give evidence to a public commission (comprised of Israelis and career Zionist scumbags) investigating the sequence of events that initiated the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May by commandos belonging to the IDF’s elite Thug Brigade that resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish activists - with scores more wounded and tossed over the side of the flotilla’s ships to the circling sharks.

The defence minister Jakoff Weaselberg and the head of the Israeli army General Mamzer Ratsach are also to give their personal perjurious versions of events later this week.

While Israel has declared - for anyone gullible enough to believe them - that the inquiry will be a thorough examination of the events, the dodgy Commission of Inquiry was only set-up due international political pressures, with observers and critics alike claiming such will not address the fact that the attack was yet another blatant example of state sponsored terrorism by the IDF – and sanctioned by the Knesset’s ruling racist psychopaths.

The storming of the activist’s ship in international waters by the IDF’s kikesters sparked a crisis between Turkey and Israel, and kick-started widespread protests around the world. Waves of mass criticism from its stooge allies following the Freedom Flotilla massacre forced the Knesset to ease its criminal blockade of Gaza - allowing in more food and humanitarian goods – such as bags of crisps, triple tinted toilet tissue – and body bags.

Ms Zonah Kedeshah, a spokeswoman for the Commission of Inquiry, spoke to one reporter from the Genocide Gazette, stating for the record “The fact that we have the ultra-nationalist Rabbi Achzib Snippitsky heading the commission doesn’t mean it will be biased in Israel’s favour. The international community must stop supporting the Palestinians – it is we who are the victims here.”

Conversely the Beirut-based international jurist Sir Manuke Khara, opined to a journalist from the Hypocrites Review, “This internal investigation – this so-called Commission of Inquiry - is a misnomer - an oxymoron - a double negative - and a pejorative for a real investigation. The kikesters running the rogue state of Israel are once again making up the rules as they go along – to suit their own nefarious ends.”

“We require an international inquiry that will present an analytical and critical view of the IDF’s criminal actions and of Israeli government policy regarding the illegal siege of Gaza – not another three coats of whitewash to cover up the bloodstains.”
“In fact we require another Nuremberg Tribunal establishing to cast the eye of international jurisprudence and moral conscience upon these war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out in the false name of self-defence by the Israeli government against the Palestinian civilian populations of the West Bank and Gaza.”

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