Thursday, 26 August 2010

Forced Sterilisations for Numpties

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Sir Irwin Bogbrush is to chair a live debate in which the Fabian Society’s principal eugenics and euthanasia advocate Professor David ‘Boggy’ Marshland proposes to not only defend, but also vindicate his view that the mentally and morally unfit should be irreversibly sterilised - and a British court of law - manned by moronic magistrates with zero legal training - tasked to enforce this just like an Asbo or community service order.

Prof. Marshland is Emeritus Scholar of Kafkaesque Studies at Brunel University, London; and Professorial Research Fellow for Totalitarian Control via Social Progressivism at the University of Fuckingham; plus an affiliated consultant to Common Purpose, the social engineering Gestapo that poses as a do-gooder Utopian charity.

Marshland, renown for his Nazi-themed views that the only way to prevent the abuse and neglect of children whose parents are incapable of looking after them is to stop them from being born in the first place – or hand them over to the State machine at birth to be proselytized as model citizens – and serve as sex slaves to the Masonic establishment’s ruling ranks of hetero’ paedophiles and ‘Boy’s Own’ arse bandit kiddie fiddlers – and the occasional Satanic blood sacrifice oblation.

Marshland’s sophistry states it should be open to corrupt police and social workers bent on some personal brownie points mission to recommend to an equally venal judiciary that any child they deem ‘in need of care’ (blonde, blue-eyed virgin type) should be snatched from their parents and institutionalised in a state orphanage – and said parents duly sterilised to prevent the conception of further low IQ social pariahs.

Much of the above recipe might well be illustrated by the current Hollie Greig paedophile abuse case where her own father had been sexually molesting her for years – along with a fair selection of Aberdeen’s perverted Masonic establishment worthies – police, school teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, members of the local judiciary – including the Sheriff himself - plus the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. And when her Uncle had the audacity to complain he was murdered by members of the above – with them returning a verdict of suicide – plus Hollie's mother illegally sectioned under the Mental Health Act for having the audacity to file an official complaint.

So, this is where Marshland’s prescription for a Utopian society falls on its arse – when the corrupt vagaries and capricious notions of human nature become involved.

Further, there’s nothing innovative about his idea – selectively euthanizing society’s drop-outs or misfits worked pretty well for Hitler, Stalin and Mao – and a variety of other lesser-known despots since time immemorial. However, our much-vaunted moralist advances to this high point – this ‘zenith’ of our ‘civilisation’ (sic) should be able to provide some worthy alternative to “Off with his bollocks!”

So, we are compelled to inquire, who will comprise the ranks of Professor Marshland’s ‘mentally and morally unfit’? Window lickers in general? The physically disabled? Drug addicts and alcoholics? Common criminals? Prostitutes? Transvestites? Plus of course the parents of such ‘societal abominations’. Any mention of kiddie fiddlers in Prof. Marshland’s index?

Perhaps our man wholly overlooks – or ignores – the blatantly obvious factor that it’s only one short step for the New World Order's officialdom to include any fucker and their dog - the old and infirm - and those suffering with Alzheimer’s who can’t even remember what ‘mentally and morally unfit’ means – and then where does it stop. Obviously it doesn’t – not according to the historical record.
Hitler soon expanded the Nazi hit list to Gyppo’s, Pikeys, Slavs, darkies – and of course the Jews - considered by the Nazi hierarchy of being mentally and morally unfit for membership of the human race – and especially so ‘Aryan’ society due their obsession with things kosher, money lending and usury, snipping off foreskins – and their whingeing portrayal of themselves as the eternal victims.

Mentally or morally unfit – hmmm, now there’s a broad field to apply this criteria to – apart from the morons and cretins comprising the ranks of the general population. How about anarchists in general and nihilists in particular - and anyone else who disagrees with what the government says – or has the sheer nerve and audacity to question their motives and the veracity of their disingenuous statements - is to be classified and sectioned as stark raving bonkers or a domestic terrorist.

The debate is to be aired on the BBC’s ‘Despot’s Hour’ and challenging Marshland’s insane views will be several specialists in their own related fields - including Jack McScrunt of the Window Lickers Union, and a selection of prostitutes, junkies, alkies, kiddie fiddlers, serial killers and rapists, - plus a team of officers from the Met’s Plod Squad to protect Prof. Marshland.

Viewers of the programme are invited to join in the debate via emails and text-messages – offering your opinions of who decides if Prof Marshland is mentally and morally qualified to propose his sterilisation programme – and should his nadgers get snipped off first.

Hmmm, one is prompted to speculate if Marshland is aware that while Orwell’s ‘1984’ provides insights to what a Dystopian state might manifest as, the book in itself was never meant to be used as an instruction manual – Totalitarianism for Dummies.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy, testicles and Fallopian tubing.

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