Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Kikester Posts Palestinian Abuse on Facebook

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A split-arsed Israeli soldier has been sharply criticised by several international human rights & wrongs groups for posting images of herself and her butch dyke companion on Facebook - abusing Palestinian prisoners.

The androgynous Pte Sharlila Rashaim from the 21st Ochel Batachat Sabra Brigade – assigned to bull-dozing West Bank olive groves and the generalised bullying of the Palestinian farmers - had put the images of herself and her macho rug-munching buddy Pte Jenny Cidal in an album on the site entitled "IDF Thug Bitches - the best days of my life – terrorising goyim Palestinian scum.”

Pte Rashaim, described by her military and civilian contemporaries alike as a “kikester slut” and a “right evil cunt”, previously served with the Gaza based 16th Body Snatchers Commando assigned to the Great Apartheid Wall’s ‘Burke & Hare’ checkpoint - kidnapping and murdering healthy Palestinian teenagers so their internal organs could be harvested and sold on the Israeli’s international transplant black market via their New York synagogue-based middle men led by Rabbi Shylock Scumberg.

Army officials have condemned Rashaim's behaviour as "not very nice" and promised on a stack of Torahs that the matter would be investigated further if they received complaints from the Palestinian prisoners shown in the posted photos.
The pictures, swiftly circulated by shit-for-brains 'kvelling' Israeli bloggers, include one in which Pte Rashaim drops her pants and squats over a blindfolded Palestinian detainee – then pisses on him. A comment posted beneath the picture states ‘Hamas suspect gets golden shower.’

The controversial images were among scores of photographs Rashaim posted on her Facebook page which Palestinian groups have been quick to condemn, stating the images were humiliating and revealed the "Nazi style brutal mentality of the oppressing Israeli tyrant".

Chaneph Kedesher, head of the Tel Aviv-based ‘Goyim Torture Guidance Committee’, also criticised the images, saying the incident "reflects an attitude of the IDF’s die-hard Jabonskists, which has become the norm and consists in treating Palestinians as if they were lumps of dogshit and not human beings".

Kedesher ascribes Pte Sharlila Rashaim’s barbarous behaviour to an Israeli military culture that brings young Israelis to systematically humiliate the marginalised Palestinians and violate their basic human rights. In cases where Israeli soldiers and police suspect Palestinians are involved in security breaches, they are sometimes abused while bound and blindfolded and waiting their turn to be tortured, have their internal organs stolen, then shot.

Last month six Israeli soldiers – including Freddie and Felix Fagin - the IDF’s notorious hip-joined Siamese twin psychopaths - were widely criticised for posting a video of themselves on Facebook performing Mossad’s cult ‘Hi-Fiving Hymie’ dance around the bodies of a group of 6-year old Palestinian school children they’d just snuffed in the West Bank town of Hebron for playing football.
However charges of murder were dropped when the public prosecutor learned that the slaughtered kids were suspected members of the Hamas Juvenile Brigade and were playing soccer without a permit.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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