Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Russians Begrudged Katyn Memorial

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A well-known Polish investigative journalist Rafal Goneoffsky has disappeared after being arrested outside the residence of Poland’s newly elected Moscow stooge President, Bogroll Mosaroubles, in Warsaw last week after he was caught – cock in hand - pissing through the front door letterbox.

In a moronic media release so typical and reminiscent of the opressive Soviet style martial law state under the iron fist rule of General Wotdefuck Jaruzelski, Warsaw police spokesperson Igor Lyingitski told a reporter from the Hide & Seek Gazette that the journalist had signed a document stating he does not want anyone to know where he is - and was released from custody – but has not been seen since.

Goneoffsky, whom friends and family alike now believe is actually hiding in a coffin six feet underground, has been in the gunsights of the Russian mafia and Prime Minister Putin’s FSB (KGB – new name – same old dirty tricks) since he investigated the Smolensk plane crash and recorded interviews with eye witnesses who claimed that there were no bodies to be seen at the site of the crash, throwing doubt on the official version – with an amateur ‘Smile –you’re on Candid Camera’ video that has since been confirmed to be authentic, showing the surviving crew of four being shot by FSB agents at the Smolensk site of the crashed plane.

It has been speculated by Cracow’s daily ‘Rumourmongers Gazette’ that President Lech Kaczynski and the 96 other upper echelon Polish government officials, including all top brass military officers and the national bank governor, Mr Dimitri Zloty, were likely as not all abducted and snuffed in Poland or elsewhere – not least as common sense and logic prohibit so many leading figures getting on the same plane at the same time - and especially so where a Russian-built aircraft is concerned.

Critics of the murdered President Kaczynski were unhappy with his right-wing politics and traditional approach to family values. Opponents claim his nationalist and euroskeptic policies placed Poland on an isolationist course within the EUSSR – which sealed his fate and that of his administration.

According to one bullshit official version, journalists could not travel with the entourage to Katyn on April 10th because the plane was full - however a Tupolev 154 aircraft contains 152 seats - and only 96 passengers were listed as being aboard – which was quite surprising as no passenger’s bodies were recovered from the wreck.

An ardent critic of the corrupt administrations of President Bogroll Mosaroubles and Prime Minister Rhino Tusk – plus their joint mishandling of the dodgy Smolensk plane crash inquiry, Goneoffsky had lived abroad for 25 years before returning to Poland.

He clashed with the government over the confiscation of 70 hectares of his family’s land, taking the fight to the EUSSR Parliament but was sentenced to 4 months in prison in Poland for slander - with the judge admonishing him for not realising that the ‘truth’ is no defence in a Polish court of law.

Goneoffsky’s disappearance after being arrested by the police comes amid a growing conflict over whether a 4-meter high wooden cross to commemorate the victims of the Smolensk plane crash should be allowed to remain in front of the Presidential Palace’s Pilsudsky Square or not.

Recently President Bogroll Mosaroubles ordered the cross to be removed. However, yesterday large numbers of police and security were drafted in to stop crowds protesting the removal of the cross but a small number of Poles positioned themselves in the centre of the square – later reinforced by crowds from the adjacent Saxon Gardens - and refused to abandon the memorial cross – which has become a symbol of the determination of legions of honest Poles to seek out the truth about the mysterious Smolensk plane crash that has killed so many of their top officials.

A large number of armed priests then appeared out of the Świętokrzyska Metro Station and engaged the legions of anomic protestors but they too failed to persuade them to give up the cross. The protestors then demanded of the dodgy clerics if they really were priests or the same FSB agents who had murdered the 96 members of their first principled and honorable government and were now acting as agents provocateur to stir up a shitfight to get the hallowed cross torn down.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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