Monday, 9 August 2010

Finland’s ‘Whacky Pursuits’ Sauna-Bake

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Flaky Finland, renown for its weird and whacky cultural pursuit crazes, has seen this year’s world sauna endurance tournament challenge end in a sunny-side-up cum flambé fubar tragedy for the record-bid participants – with the death of one competitor and another admitted to the Helstinki Central Hospital A & E burns unit.

Russian finalist Vladimir Casserolsky and his Finnish rival Bork Fuckwitt were both taken to hospital after collapsing, with the Russian being pronounced a medium rare on arrival, and the Finn parboiled to near perfection with the flesh tenderised to a degree that it was falling off his bones.

British entry Bazzer Bakewell from Smegmadale-on-Sea pulled out of the ‘hothouse’ challenge when a four hour stint saw his 16 stone body weight drop by 40% due dehydration and left his chronic haemorrhoids a crispy brown texture. Likewise Turkish competitor Mustapha al Dente was out carted out of the sauna on a paramedic-borne stretcher after his eyeballs burst.

The insane macho endurance event, which has been running since 1999, requires participants to withstand a 110 degree Centigrade temperature for as long as possible – but according to tournament umpires not until the contestants actually drop dead.

Ms Tekem Orloff, a former Leningrad stripper and girl-friend of the deceased Russian contestant Casserolsky, informed a reporter from the Self-Harmers Gazette that he had been practicing for the annual event by spending three hours a day sitting on top of the deep fryer - basting his body with a secret Siberian marinade containing a mix of goose fat and asbestos – until his skin turned to a golden fried chicken patina.

Rumours that Albanian medical students studying at the Helstinki Central Hospital ate several portions of Bork Fuckwitt’s broiled anatomy while he was in a coma have been strenuously denied by the hospital trust authorities – however police authorities are investigating the whereabouts of his missing left leg and studying fingerprints found on a bowl of sweet chilli dip discovered by his bedside cabinet.

Finland is world-renown for several reasons apart from rampant alcoholism: mass-produced mobile phones, pristine freezing lakes - 190,000 of them – being the home of Santa Claus and the Eurovision Hardrock Hallelujah monster band, Lordi - and scalding hot saunas.

Finnish summer sports and pastimes owe something to all of these things. The telecoms industry, the natural environment - and the country's gimmicky eccentric side – with a list that includes boot eating, wife throwing, mosquito slapping, mobile-phone chucking, swamp football, hosting the world championships for playing the air guitar – and sauna bath endurance.

Helstinki-based psychiatrist Scrotella Mingerot opined to the Bonkers Gazette that there is a single factor that helps to explain the popularity of goofy sports in Finland. “This is a thing I refer to as ‘the blessed madness’ – which is basically an improvised rite where a member of the community exalts himself by doing something stupid or dangerous while drunk – or sober – such as one of my patients Lars Knobwart who happens to be the world endurance record holder for sticking his cock into a wasp’s nest - and sitting naked on an ant hill.”

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