Sunday, 29 August 2010

Monsanto GMO’s Targeted by Will of the People

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Following the US HAARP-inflicted catastrophic earthquake that targeted Haiti in January of this year, shamelessly murdering 230,000 peasants (solely to punish the island population further for their outrageous 1791 revolution that kicked out the foul and foreign French and brought the slave nation freedom) and creating an excuse for the Zionist Neo-Con’s to turn it into yet another military base, Monsanto attempted to fob the gollies off 475 tons of hybrid corn and terminator vegetable seeds in partnership with the New World Order’s nefarious US-AID outfit.

However in June, 10,000 Haitian farmers marched in protest of the poison gift which produces no viable seeds for future plantings and requires heavy chemical inputs of Monsanto’s own fertilisers and pesticides – a dodgy biotech money-spinning scam that makes farmers dependent on the likes of greedy grasping multinational corporations such as the manky Monsanto, Pioneer and Syngenta.

Over on the far side of the Atlantic on a recent Sunday morning, specifically August 15th, French police stood helplessly by as sixty people turned Monsanto’s security precautions upside down and locked themselves inside a razor wire-topped chain-link fenced field of genetically modified grapevines, uprooted all the plants, then surrendered – and in Italy last month, dozens of irate organic farmers destroyed two GMO fields planted with spaghetti seedlings.

Likewise, Indian farmers recently burned mutant Bt cotton plants in their Cremate Monsanto campaign due heavy use of chemical fertilisers leaching into the water table – plus the Bt cotton plants were runts and less than half the size of the traditional cotton plants in the adjacent fields.

Their complaints and peaceful protests ignored by multinational corporations and corrupt public policy makers and lobbyists for so long, citizens are finally reacting with focused disdain and getting their proverbial act together to protect the food supply and the planet.

Conversely Monsanto Mutant Foods claim their GMO crops are totally safe and deny their critic’s scientifically-correct accusations that they require massive chemical inputs which destroy local biodiversity and poison the water tables – or that air-borne seeds will cross-pollinate with natural and organic crops.

Monsanto further refuse to accept the hard scientific evidence that proves their ‘mutant foods’ cause organ damage, sterility, and diabetes and obesity in mammals. Critics again point out that we already have enough problems with toxic chemicals being added to the food chain with the neuro-toxin aspartame – and fluoride being added without public consultation not consent in the water supplies.

Both these chemicals are designed and proven – and intended - to dumb-down the human race to a state of permanent apathy that they can’t be arsed to protest even when all their children are snatched by the state and put into care to serve the perversions of officialdom’s Devil-worshipping kiddie fiddlers and political pederasts as sex slaves and grist for their sacrificial Satanic altars.

With Washington infested with unscrupulous GMO lobbyists, the US is pushing hard at the world to accept Monsanto’s mutant foods, and the corruption-ridden American Farm Bureau Federation demanding stronger sanctions against the European Union for its GM crop ban.

Meanwhile, the White House cuckoo, Mr Hope and Change - President Barky O’Barmy, has had his administration stacked with greedy kikesters and biotech insiders – even going so far as to appoint Mr Izlum Shitbagg Siddiqui as Agriculture Trade Negotiator despite the fact Siddiqui is a former pesticide lobbyist and vice president of CropLife America, a biotech and pesticide trade group that lobbies to weaken environmental laws so they can plant their mutant crops at will.

Thought for the day: Perhaps the majority of the global population will eventually catch on to the deceit when their kids start being born looking like Blinkie the fish when this shit worms its way into their DNA spirals.

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