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Labour Renamed ‘Conflict of Interest’ Party

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Britain’s old New Labour Party is now notorious in the annals of political infamy for telling mobs of porky pies, running up a pantomime catalogue of scandalous graft and corruption cases, misuse of political office by MPs, spicing up dodgy WMD dossiers, ordering the assisted suicides of weapons inspectors with a conscience, illegally invading Mid-East sovereign states - and conspiring to murder their own voters with the 7/7 false flag terror attacks on the London Underground tube train system – plus a double decker bus – just to demonise Muslims and Islam and move one step closer to their planned Big Brother panopticon surveillance state in the process.

So, to offset the ignominy rained down on their collective heads by the above index of abuses – crowned in the final death throes of their misrule by PM Gordon ‘Incompetence’ Broon re-inventing super-fudger Peter Scandalson as Vermin in Ermine and his Business Secretary – then referring to one pensioner as ‘a bigoted old twat’ – Labour’s stalwarts have been fighting a losing battle trying to re-brand the party after a star-crossed 13-year spell in government, mismanaging the affairs of our once-sceptred isle and achieving the current state of Broken Britain so adequately set in motion by Maggie Twatcher in the 1980’s.

During their party’s annual conference last month, the most memorable remark by its juvenile leader Ed Millipede was “I am not Tony Bliar – I don’t tell a porky every time my lips move. Super New Labour will be even more transparent than Posh Dave Scameron’s silly coalition – and purer than Caesar’s wife. Well, purer than that dumpy dwarf Hazel Blears – or Jacqui ‘Porno DVD’ Smith anyway.”

To the contrary, Millipede’s commitment doesn’t appear to have affected Labour’s hypocritical stance on Middle East policy as the ginger-mingin shadow Foreign Office minister, John Spellar has been exposed as having an especially incestuous relationship with London’s BICOM pro-Israel lobby – quite possibly through the nefarious web of Labour’s Friends of Israel Club.

Spellar’s Parliamentary declaration of interests reveals that he travelled to the Herzliya security conference in Israel last February – with airfare and accommodation paid for by Shylock Scumberg, a director of the British Israeli Research Centre (BICOM) – a lobbyist outfit dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain – by suborning and corrupting British politicians to do its bidding and partake of Baron Ja’akoff Rothshite’s venal munificence – usually manifest as 30 pieces of silver.

So, anyone smell a conflict of interest rat around this pile of steaming excrement?
Will boy wonder Ed Millipede be putting his foot down with a firm hand and abolish the stigmatic Labour’s Friends of Israel Club? Will Hell freeze over? Will Shergar run in the next Grand National? Watch this space – but don’t hold your breath.

Obviously this man Spellar and his dodgy associates are working from a most sinister agenda that is wholly in conflict with the national welfare of Britain and too the socio-political views and will of the British voters whose interests he was elected to represent – to serve and defend.

Thus, while we’re confounded by the duplicitous Tory Party going against the national sentiment and ‘modifying / amending’ the Universal Jurisdiction law solely to facilitate Israeli war criminals visiting Britain with impunity - indemnified from being arrested for a catalogue of crimes that would have seen them found guilty and hanged at Nuremberg - and further ignoring the opinion of the UK public who whole-heartedly support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against the rogue, pariah state of Israel over their inhuman treatment of the Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip - this Super New Labour gang – or certain members thereof – specifically the shadow cabinet member Spellar – seem to have their own pro-ZioNazi agenda that runs contrary to the wishes – and interests - of the British public.

Hence we pause to ponder and speculate how far the Israeli / Zionist vermin have infested our ‘hallowed’ (sic) halls of government to acquire a veneer of the legitimacy, and political spin – to positively propagandise this hypocritical beacon of Mid-East democracy that denies the entire Palestinian people their most elementary rights – after stealing the Holy Land from them in 1948. War criminals - that label isn’t even in it.

Hmmm, down the rabbit hole we go. MP Spellar’s Parliamentary researcher Linda Smith is the partner of BICOM staff member Luke Akehurst - an ex-arms industry spin doctor – with both serving as Super New Labour members of London’s Hackney Council. Ouch!

Spellar’s connection to Israel’s rogue regime raises hackles – especially so regarding the all-too recent controversial scandal involving Israeli meddling in the UK’s Mid-East foreign policy via the slimy Adam Qwerty - whose jet-set lifestyle was being bankrolled by three prosperous Zionists - which resulted in the resignation of his faggot boyfriend, Tory Liam Pox MP, as the Libservative Coalition’s Defence Minister.
To add to the calumny, alike Spellar, when Adam Qwerty attended the 2009 Herzilya conference, his expenses were also covered by BICOM.

Thought for the day: The Rothshite crime syndicate’s kikester stooges expend almost as much fiscally and effort-wise on the establishment and upkeep of internationally-based Zionist support groups and the promulgation of positive propaganda for the illegal rogue state than Israel’s racist, warmonger-infested Knesset do on building their Great Apartheid Walls around the illegally-occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip – now classified as the biggest concentration camps on the planet.

As to Labour’s man Spellar - the old maxim goes: “If treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason".

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