Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Iran Blamed for Climate Change

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Need an excuse to stage a pre-emptive strike on some hapless developing Third World nation – such as finally declaring war on Iran - to cheer up your Zionist masters and fast forward the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion’s agenda for world domination over the Gentile goyim masses?
Easy, just use one of the tried and tested false flag terrorist attack ruses from Mossad’s ‘Dirty Tricks for Dummies’ manual – or shell out a couple of black propaganda trump cards the US kikesters have up their sleeves.

Giving Pakistan a break as the hotbed of terrorism for a change, and wanting to kick Iran in the bollocks for publicly stating this week that they are 100% behind re-arming Hezbollah if they kick off against Israel, the Attorney General Eric ‘Cornpone’ Holder, a former Justice Department bagman and co-founder of the Bronx Halitosis Pariahs Club – aka Mr Fast n Furious - the man responsible for supplying the Mexican drug cartels with American arms (all US taxpayer funded) - claims US intelligence (sic) agencies have foiled a major terror plot in which agent provocateurs, linked to Iran via a trail of semantic bullshit marked with exploding skiddies, A300 flight manuals, beer-stained Korans and sexy cellphone pix taken in go-go bars - were planning to blow up the Israeli and Saudi Arabian embassies in Washington with black pepper and peroxide bombs - and assassinate Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, the Saudi ambassador.

Two men originally from somewhere in the Middle East, possibly Iran - one a US citizen named Shaheed bin Setup and the other, an Eskimo Muslim convert – Nanook al Patsy, were today arrested at their hideout in Washington’s Grassy Knoll Woods, behind the Georgetown School Book Depository, and have since been charged with several counts of conspiracy to do mischief.

Holder described the plot as being conceived, sponsored and directed by the Iranian-backed Jolly Jihad Muhijadeen, a breakaway group of fanatics from Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. Holder further added that President Barky O’Barmy, the Kenyan cuckoo currently squatting in the White House Oval Office, would be announcing the calculated steps of retaliation the US intends to enact against Iran’s ruling Islamic regime after consulting with the Rothshite crime syndicate’s bosses in London and Tel Aviv.

Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, also keen to stir up ill-feeling against their next intended victims of neo-colonial expansion in the war on terror, issued a press release to reporters at the State Department via her rug-munching PPA Mingeeter Dildodo, revealing they had listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1979 when the pissed-off Farsi population decided to stage an Arab Spring style rebellion, which heralded the return from exile in France of religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini – just as Michel de Nostradamus had predicted four centuries earlier - after the Shah shit kittens and fled the country, faster than Road Runner on speed, to seek refuge with his US masters.

Clinton’s assistant went on to further condemn the Tehran government of President Mahmoud Ahmadashell, stating for the public record “Secretary Clinton believes that as far as Iran is concerned, this might just be the new Pearl Harbour we’ve all been hoping and waiting for.”

However, apart from the Iranian government branding the entire story as a ruse by US officials to stir up yet another diplomatic row that only a 'gunboat diplomacy' military solution would resolve, Western intelligence insiders are convinced if this was an actual assassination plot then it was organised by the likes of master bungler Wiley T Coyote – or yet another false flag terrorist attack whose entire plot had been again concocted and scripted - and the choreography rehearsed and vetted by the FBI – prompting cynical news hacks from the online alternative media to raise the question if Wallace and Gromet or members of the Muppett Show had been detained in connection with the plot.

Thought for the day: Thus, the chances of olive branches being proffered in reciprocal fashion by Iran or the US and Israel are as dead as the dozy dodo – perhaps along with the proposed Iran to Pakiland pipeline that the Zionists have so frowned upon.

Conversely, let’s just take a step back, and ‘character assassinations’ besides, consider what do the Iranians stand to gain by knocking off a mere insignificant Saudi ambassador? Absolutely zilch – unlike the Yanks who stand to harvest a bumper crop of brownie points if the disingenuous pantomime goes to plan – and stack up a few more excuses to launch a pre-emptive war of aggression against Iran to forward their Project for a New American Century.

Oh yes, it all come down to ‘cuo bono’? – who the fuck benefits – and the ZioNazi Yanks and their Israeli bed partners want the same for Iran as they did with Iraq and are currently doing to Libya – the established governments overthrown and the infrastructures devastated. Not so much a policy of Ordo ab Chao, but rather ‘Order into Chaos’

Thus, we ponder, what the fuck can the Illuminati elitists try and blame the hapless Iranians for next? Being the major source of CO2-related AGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming? Killing Cock Robin? Taking the crew of the Mary Celeste hostage? Sinking the Lusitanian?
Hmmm, doubtless the US Poison Pen Department’s black propaganda crew will be hard at it, coming up with new ideas to kick start the long-overdue World War Three and cull a few billion of the hapless human herd of useless eaters in the process.

A pity these Illuminati stooges aren’t cognisant of the fact that Iran / Persia laid down an empire that stretched - in topography terms 'a long, long way' – thousands of years before the land-grabbing Spanish Conquistadors or the Pilgrim Fathers ever set foot on American soil – or the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience usurped the land of Palestine in 1948.

While the US and Israeli ZioNazi expansionists might well covet their neighbour’s possession, Iran, they are set to learn the hard way, when 20/20 hindsight is eventually applied, that the Islamic Iranians are not a people they need as an enemy.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tony said...

Nail on the head time again Rusty! Who benefits? Indeed.

I am amazed that people are still falling for this shit. The more desperate they become the more ludicrous it gets.