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US Ambassador’s ‘Whorism’ Faux Pax

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The good ole US of A – our favourite global bully and the hypocritical flagship of world-wide democracy - has this week been given reason for Barky O’Barmy’s White House to censor its ambassador to the Republic of the Philistines for publicly stating that the only foreign visitors who spent money in the Third World hotbed of corruption were ‘whorists’ – male tourists out to get laid at an affordable price by the country’s ever-willing and eager legions of LBFMs – ROR (Little Brown Fucking Machines – Run on Rice).

However, US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. has since stated for the public record, and be damned in the process, that he will not apologise concerning his remarks about prostitution in the country, stressing he was only speaking God’s honest truth when he issued the derogatory statement.

Thomas turned a 'stance defensive' into one 'offensive' and challenged those criticizing his remarks, including Catholic priests, nympho nuns, Congressmen and Senators – and too President Benigno Aquino Jnr. in Malacanang Palace, to show what they have done, as individuals or collectively, to stop prostitution and human sex trafficking across the sprawling archipelago’s 7,100 islands – apart from just talk about it, as per usual. Alas, yet another case of corrective actions being more at scent than substance.

The US Ambassador went on to state he was not misquoted in his remark that over 60% of foreign male – and around 35% of female tourists - jointly visit the Philippines just for sex – whether straight heterosexual – or el hombre on hombre fudgers - or toyboy gigolo – or bitch on bitch deviant dyke lesbian – plus any number of perverts and paedophiles as the child sex industry, catering to Filipino and foreign pederasts alike, is rife and thriving around Manila and the nation’s islands.

Not one to be silenced when he believes ‘right’ is on his side, regardless of the lack of diplomacy and the politically incorrectness of his outburst, Thomas continued “People here might well be criticising my remarks, and we know that the truth often offends, but they’re the one’s turning a blind eye to these crimes that are a blot on any modern and moral society. Folks here claim to be devout Roman Catholics but seem to be a bunch of hypocrites who spend more time worshipping before the altar of Mammon and very little paying lip service to the Holy Trinity.”

“There’s no separation from Church and State where the government is concerned here, so why isn’t there a stronger moralist lobby - as common sense prompts us to inquire into the sins of debt bondage and child organ trafficking? Where is the will, the empathy, the compassion, to end these obscenities? The entire fiasco is a Third World shambles run on graft and corruption – and more of a political Kleptocracy than a reformist Democracy.”

Unfortunately Thomas, being your archetype blinkered Yank, is ignorant of the fact that the Pinoy economy is more fucked up than the soup sandwich with the IMF and World Bank and ADB long ago entrapping the people with a Gordian knot of Debtocracy to service. Hence prostitution as a part-time occupation / hobby pays the way through college and buys those little treats that materialistic, spoiled Westerners take for granted.

The Philippines is a Whorist’s Heaven and its epicentre was actually the Ermita area of Manila, with its dozens of blowjob and prostate massage and short-time establishments and go-go bars, all of which ran with impunity under the astute and too, accommodating mayoral custodianship of super-crook and Imelda Marcos lover, Ramon Bagatsing - then later the Mel Lopez crime family - until closed down by a jealous and grouchy faggot named General Alfie Lim in the mid-1990’s when he won the mayoral election - as he wasn’t getting his cut of the payoffs and only humped little boys.

But still, thanks to enterprising Pablo Cuneta, the crooked Mayor of Pasay, he absorbed all of Lim’s dispossessed, so we now have an extended selection of night-time fleshpots around Pasay City and the bay area - plus the P.Burgos labyrinth of the Makati business section of Metropolitan Manila.
Then there's Sin City itself - Angeles in Pampanga; with Olongapo and Pubic Bay in Zambales – and many more whorist spots besides - all on the single island of Luzon.

In addition to this serving of perpetual vice we have too the paedo’ havens of Pagsanjan in Luzon (famous for its waterfalls and kiddie fiddling) and the beach resort of Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Moalboal in Cebu – and a dozen other locations that have long made the Philippines a ‘Paedo’s Paradise’ – thanks to the inherent culture of graft and corruption that has beleaguered the entire archipelago since the Spanish colonisation and the arrival of their Catholic sodomite priests.

Thought for the day: It doesn’t take a political science genius or clinical anthropologist to work out how a bumbling basket case like the Republic of the Philistines figures in the priorities of a superpower such as the United States – especially so since the Pinoy Senate refused to renew or extend the military bases agreement in 1991 and virtually kicked the Yanks out after 90-odd years of colonial domination – obviously unaware of the old Chinese proverb that states “He who is no longer my friend is my enemy become”.

However, on a saving grace, it is indeed a perennially grand thing to experience in the Philippines – wherever you go, you can always find a cold beer – and get laid.

Thought for the day: Regardless of the likelihood of denials and criticisms, to comprehend the depth and levels of graft and corruption permeating all aspects of Philippine culture – socio-political - a person has to be an outsider and live within for a decade or three, sniffing the air – but never inhaling too deeply lest one also becomes infected by corruption’s epidemic contagion.

Such was instanced in stellar fashion with the deportation of American business man Harry Stonehill by the President father of Miss Improbity herself – Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Harry had his hooks into every Pinoy politician – Diosdildo Macapagal included - and facing criticism and prosecution for his sins, stated in the press "Let he who hath not one centavo of my money cast the first stone."

Then we have the Marcos crime family who fled to Hawaii in 1986 – and the little lady in yellow, Corazon Aquino, took over – prompting speculation that perhaps honest government would at last prevail. Alas, within the first month of her Presidential tenure the word was out: “Marcos might have flown the coop but the Forty Thieves are still around”.
Still around today too – as the Marcos-Romualdez criminals are back in the country – and back in political office again.

Alas, the above record is merely scratching the surface of the full catalogue of corruption that infests all aspects of Philippine society: venality, bribability, graft, palm-greasing, jobbery, nepotism, simony, barratry.
One long-standing in-house Pinoy joke goes: What’s the difference between an organised crime syndicate and the Philippine National Police? – Absolutely none.

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