Saturday, 22 October 2011

Scameron Fixes EUSSR Referendum Vote

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A petition signed by every fucker and their dog over three years of age in the entire UK, including Polish plumbers, reformed Somali pirate refugees, Paki Muslims who hate out democratic freedoms - and swan-roasting Albanian pikeys – plus the remaining residents of Dale Farm - demanding a referendum into continued EUSSR membership, was recently handed into Downing Street.

The petition called for our promised referendum to be finally held by May 2013 and that the hapless British public should have three options put to them in the nationwide vote – specifically: keeping the status quo, leaving the EUSSR altogether, or reforming the terms of the UK's membership of the fatally-flawed European Union.

However, the powers that be from all three main parties, headed by the dodgy Libservative Coalition PM Posh Dave Scameron, have typically resorted to political legerdemain, wheeler-dealing and outright chicanery, to coerce and compel MPs to vote against holding a referendum and obey the Brussels’ mandated Mafia / IRA status quo style pledge of ‘Once in - Never out’.

As PM Scameron and FS Willy Vague would miss the scheduled voting date on 27th October due a trip to Australia to suck up to the Queen and her psycho Virus Man spouse Philip at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Wallamaroo, the House of Conmans Backbench Business Committee has agreed to hold the debate on Monday, the 24th October.

To this end, as 60 Tory MPs have signed the motion, Scameron has tasked the Tory party’s chief whip, Genghis ‘Pitbull’ McGnasher with kicking a few Parliamentary arses and circulating a rumour that any Eurosceptic MPs caught thinking for themselves and out to cause a spot of mischief by voting ‘yea’ for a referendum might just find themselves getting body bagged up in the David Kelly Memorial Woods at the back of Hampstead’s Grassy Knoll Common – with a suicide note pinned to their worthless hides.

To add to the conspiratorial calumny, Mick Clogg’s Lib-Dum whips have ordered their MPs to vote against also; with New Labour leader Ed Millipede – the Child Emissary from the Planet Fuckwit – stating for the public record that he too, just to keep well in with the ruling Coalition, would order his MPs to oppose the referendum vote – which he, in his profound ignorance, convolutedly claims would be an irresponsible and terrible distraction.

Er, hang on a fucking minute – isn’t this supposed to be a ‘democratic’ system where each MP holds a personal opinion and is entitled to stand up and be counted on the strength and conviction of their own beliefs - and not what some bullying public school oick orders them to say and do?

Hence what it boils down to, instead of the three proposed choices – MP’s now have no fucking choice, capiscĂ©? Right, that sounds about par for the course with this shower of shit coalition government

So, if the actual truth be known, regardless of Posh Dave ‘Soundbites’ Scameron’s Big Society / transparency in government mantra of ‘Rule of the people, by the people, for the people’ – and the broken campaign pledge to hold a one-off ‘in or out’ referendum if the Tories won the election – (and not a repeat of Eire’s where they kept holding referendums until they got a ‘Yes’ vote) – if he went against his mandated orders then the Rothshite crime syndicate’s jackboot would be on his privileged neck – and he might be going home to find Sammy three hole butt-fucked and the kids sold as sex slaves to one of Scaberdeen’s ‘untouchable’ paedophilia cabals.

Why the fuck don’t they simply postpone the vote until April 1st 2012 and then we can all have a bit of a giggle over the futility of trying to go against Scameron’s political agenda directives from his Shylock bankster bosses.
Talk about Broken Britain with a capital B - the EUSSR mess in Brussels and Strasbourg are totally fucked with a capital F.

Ah well, as the old adage states: We can’t cure stupid, but can vote it out of office come the next election – and usher in an equally incompetent set of crooked scumbags.

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