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The Riots: An Objective Post-Mortem

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Was the Kratos-style murder of Mark Duggan by the psycho SO19 Armed Response Unit simply a provocative device to kick start a resentful and smouldering mob of psycho-Bolshie twats - long marginalised and denied social equality, herded into sink or swim housing estates (read ghettos) - into a state of advanced civil disobedience aggro while our self-promoting elitist leaders were all away on their hol’s and enjoying a ‘blue skies’ summer abroad?

Then, to add to the acrimony and chaos, a few of the Met’s agent provocateur hoodie Asbo scrotes from the ‘Mayhem Squad’ come out of the ‘black op’s’ woodwork to get the petrol bomb lobbing and looting sprees underway up and down the country – while the ‘uniformed’ Plod Squad riot units stood back, saying “Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello – wot ‘ave we ‘ere then, eh?” - and idly watched while commercial properties got looted and burned by members of our nation’s disadvantaged demographic – just to emphasise the folly of slashing police force numbers.
Oh yes, that's the way it was – no ‘kettling of the mob' dynamics intended.

So forget the ‘Cradle to the Grave - Nanny State’ charade - that’s precisely what the shadow government want - the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional society - with the wholesale disruption of the established British community and our culture on the agenda to provide the ‘excuse’ to enforce further draconic legislation and elevate their panopticon fascist control system to the next level and adopt the tried and tested Soviet tactic of incarcerating any and all who dare question or oppose their policies as suffering from mental illness. Welcome to pre-revolutionary Britain. Curfews and martial law, anyone?

Suffering from one of her customary vacillating ‘blonde moments’, the Home Secretary Teresa Maybe stated for the public record “There’s plenty of room left in our prisons – we only need to put another bunk in every two-man cell.”
Au contraire, isn’t that creating what is termed ‘overcrowding’? Does this moronic government actually believe they’re going to ‘arrest’ their way out of this social upheaval nightmare they’ve imprudently awakened, by locking up every rebellious fucker and their dog on charges of insurrection?

Regardless of that speculative hypothesis, and conspiracy theories besides, if it was a coincidental reaction to the extra-judicial killing of bad boy Mark Duggan – whose name was in the Top Ten of the Plod Squad’s ‘Naughty Book’ list - what the fuck did the government expect in the face of the draconic budget cuts, eviscerating our ‘iconic’ social welfare state, with their ‘austerity measures’ hitting the public below the belt at every turn?

Mass unemployment, homelessness via mortgage defaults and gentrification, plus a disenfranchised generation of youth denied University educations due the exorbitant tuition fees - with nothing to lose and everything to gain – (a new iPad and a flat screen 42 inch digital-ready telly) – and just acting out of frustration – criminal though such actions might well be to a well-regulated and polite society.

Alas, to understand why we’ve arrived at this destination in our social history, here we must mourn the Death of Plenty, stricken down in the prime of life by Thatcherism, and fallen victim to de-industrialisation. To sicken and fester and become moribund, along with the fated host, Great Britain – the colossus of Empire upon which the sun never set - that gave the world the Industrial Revolution, now diminished and reduced by an 18-year (1979-1997) campaign of Tory spite and attrition against the Bolshie proletariat - to the Broken Britain we are burdened with today.

Now, shocked by this attack of existential angst but belatedly armed with the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, what did our smug, old Etonian PM, Posh Dave Scameron and his Millionaires Cabinet contemplate would be the outcome of their austerity campaign and increased taxation?

None other than the sum total result of this ‘More for Less’ philosophy that the Cabinet ‘Behavioural Insight Team’ are propagating – the so-called ‘choice architects’ currently manning the ‘Nudge Unit’ - comprised of seven career Common Purpose graduate types – and all armed with more degrees than a thermometer – (and less common sense than a goldfish) – who’ve been tasked with the flawed concept of conjuring up with ingenious ideas and schemes to modify our behaviour and ‘nudge’ (psychologically ‘bludgeon’) the sheeple into accepting whatever the Libservative Coalition say.

Hmmm, didn’t do very well with the human condition - and the mobs’ lack of respect and deference for private property - or their propensity for looting. One might well reflect on the fact that from little anarchists, great revolutions grow.
Ah well, blame moral decay and excessive consumerism, but when civil unrest goes viral you just can’t keep a good mob of marginalised and dispossessed youths down.
Hmmm, is Posh Dave, with his obvious distorted perception of reality, up to bridging the ‘rivers of blood’, never mind stemming their flow when this Chinese fire drill goes viral?

Alas Scameron & Co have deluded themselves into believing that the TV and red top gutter press brainwashed common herd were going to respond to ‘’ego-stroking’ or play Pavlov’s dog, and roll over in sycophantic compliance and do nothing – and by this rule our inept government thinks it can still pick up a lump
of shit by the ‘clean’ end? However, when the only tool you possess is a hammer, then every problem starts to look like a nail.

So much for Broken Britain’s Big Society of passive, conditioned citizenry of ‘good dogs’ - all marching along to the drumbeat of conformity - sitting, begging, shaking a paw, then playing dead on command – and getting a condescending pat on the head from Uncle Dave.

Perhaps the Nudge Unit necromancers are deluding themselves that they’ve come up with this all-encompassing novel concept borrowed from the Yanks. Alas the flawed ‘Mindspace’ reverse psychology schemes to go back a lot further than Freud or Jung – or Goebbels – all the way to the Indian Emperor Ashoka of the 3rd Century BCE Maurya Dynasty – and perhaps earlier as it’s rumoured that Ashoka only came to grips with attempts to manipulate mass opinion after he devastated the kingdom of Kalinga, got heavily into religion and picked up a book on the subject of psychological warfare at a Sunday morning chariot boot sale in Madras.

Oh sure, the common herd can be programmed – to a greater or lesser extent – just depends on the scope of the lie – where rhetoric is challenged by reality – such as Tony Bliar declaring he’s “an up-front kind of bloke” when he’s really an all-out lying scumbag who wouldn’t recognise the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the arse.

But most sheeple have been deluded into believing Bono could well be the Messiah; that 9/11 was an Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden job – alike the Madrid train station bombings, and the 7/7 false flag Muslim terrorist attacks on the London Underground transport system, carried out by Mohammed al Patsy and his hapless stooge cohorts - all of whom ended up snuffed by MI5 and our old pals from the Old Bill’s SO19 Armed Response crew at Canary Wharf later that same morning.
Oh yes, yet another glaring example of Kratos style extra-judicial killings of coloured persons – just like a certain Brazilian electrician with the ‘Mongoloid’ look about him at Stockwell Tube Station in 2005 – and the star-crossed Mark Duggan two weeks ago: whose headshot murder launched a thousand rioters.

Being blessed with an ability to apply lateral thinking while on their feet – (unlike our Plod Squads who’ve never been trained to think ‘outside the box’) – to overcome their communications being eavesdropped via the GCHQ monitoring their cellphone transmissions – (listening in on the Riot Season schedule) - the scallies out for a spot of aggro reverted to the tried and tested bush telegraph methods of smoke signals, tom-toms, and a man with a forked stick bearing message – which the Echelon eavesdropping spy satellite system – so far - lacks the software to decode.

Prime Minister Scameron – a world class wanker in his own right who is suffering major credibility issues – and still believes wood grows on trees - summed it all up in a nutshell when he said, quote: “These riots show that certain things are very wrong in our society – we are stricken with a moral vacuum.”
Hmmm, well, the Tories, with their Millionaire’s Cabinet, are in power for starters, hence a lack of appropriate leadership for our times.

Then we have our elected House of Conmans MPs setting such a good example by fiddling their expenses like a bunch of petty thieving kleptomaniacs out to ‘loot the public purse’ – followed by the disingenuous Cabbage Patch Dave breaking his sworn pre-election manifesto pledge to give us our long overdue one-off ‘in’ or ‘out’ referendum on EUSSR membership.

Whatever verbal diarrhoea and fractured rhetoric Scameron and Co spout is phoney baloney and hypocrisy-ridden – for our self-appointed Guardians of Morality are stricken with short memories on top of their barely concealed contempt for the common herd and oicks in general.

Our over-privileged twat of a Prime Minister, along with Chancellor Georgie Osborne, and none other than London Mayor, the broom-wielding Bonkers Boris Nonsense, are well remembered around Oxford as hooligan Hooray Henry members of the Bullingdon Club – and notorious for their drunken delinquent behaviour - vandalising the property of small shopkeepers with impunity.

Then we have gaggles of sanctimonious MPs, displaying the audacity to rear up on their back legs in the House of Conmans post riots and bark about bestowing the Plod Squads with further arbitrary powers to abuse and oppress the common herd – and here we seen their brand of decaffeinated fascism evolving by sinister design to high octane totalitarianism – a dark foreshadow of things to come.

Posh Dave Scameron might well be correct in dissing the Black Bloc looters and their display of insurrection, as they fucked up his little vacation at Butlins in Tuscany and badly chipped the gossamer veneer of British ‘civilisation’ - but he needs to reflect on why this section of marginalised society is tinder box ready for spontaneous combustion to ignite, and reach a pyrotechnic conflagration state of being at a geometric rate.

Hmmm, it is a personally-held opinion that every moment of this fatally-flawed Libservative government’s frustration and misery is so richly deserved

Do we actually have to spell out why the oppressed youth of today hate the police – and the rest of the public wholly distrust them - when these Plod Squad thugs in uniform have licence to bully and intimidate who they please – especially so those observing or filming their criminal actions.

The looting aside, one single act of rebellion by the country’s frustrated youth to somehow fulfil this all-consuming void in their lives and they’re branded as social pariahs.
Conversely, the Plod Squad has played a significant role in triggering civil disobedience in the UK through their unprofessional and brutal way of dealing with innocent civilians.
Such was instanced when the plods went overboard and beat and kicked the living shit out of the likes of 16-year old Feryl Beryl McSkanger in Tottenham on the Sunday night for launching a barrage of very awkward questions – but in that case it’s due the excusable fact they’re ‘adrenalized’ – which apparently vindicates their brutality, alike the Roman Catholic Church granting an indulgence to absolve venal sins. But that’s what the Independent Police Coverups Commission was created for.

Hmmm, something stinks in Denmark, and it isn’t Hamlet’’s socks.

So, do we want the local Plod Squads reforming or whatever? Nope, we want them gone and we’ll ‘police’ our own neighbourhoods – tribal style.

Thought for the day: So, the all-new “Go get ‘em” Zero Tolerance Dave Scameron’s latest dynamic is to adopt a tough system of policing first popularised in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia – (and still enforced as a social norm in Israel against Palestinians whingeing about being besieged behind the Knesset’s 30-foot high Great Apartheid Walls) - which will see even minor offences such as double parking, littering and jaywalking being prosecuted vigorously with fines of up to £1,000 plus a 6-month custodial sentence of hard labour in Dartmoor’s Marmite bogs to send out the message that no form of law-breaking will be tolerated in our Big Society.
Just take a look at the Shop-a-Looter posters slapped up around bus and train stations with the number of your local Plod Squad’s ‘Jolly Judas’ snitch and grassers hotline.
Now you too can join the Big Brother Stoolie Club and pick up 30 pieces of silver for every scally and scrote you turn in.

Nice one Dave – so that’s how the government intends to deal with the country’s ‘moral collapse’, as you term it. Hmmm, moral collapse indeed – how about you and your Millionaire’s Cabinet stuffed with public school double-barrelled toffs, declaring war on Libya – does ‘diplomacy ignored’ and then commissioning the RAF to bomb the shit out of civilians, represent the pinnacle of moral rectitude?

While this dipshit Scameron and his corrupt ilk do pay lip service to the common herd, we are actually regarded with utter contempt – especially so when we fail to agree with government policies.

The establishment frowns on individuality – people who think for themselves – automatically branding them a threat to the order of things – these radical reform-seekers, anarchists and domestic terrorist types who spread mistrust of government by asking awkward questions and making unacceptable allegations – regardless of the verisimilitude of such.

Hence with Home Secretary Theresa Maybe’s recent draconian edict, issued in the wake of National Riot Week, banning marches – though totally ignored with impunity by the ultra-fascist EDL – yet presenting a stellar example of the establishment’s high octane determination to compromise our ability and chartered right to object, protest or demonstrate in any shape or form.

Hmmm, so much for the ‘democratic process’ – RIP. The irony of this lies in the fact that ‘democracy’ is precisely what the NATO attacks on Libya are purported to be bringing to the anti-Gaddafi regime rebels – and the reason quoted by Foreign Secretary Willy Vague in his demands for President Assad of Syria to step down and allow his people ‘democratic elections’ – yet we’re being denied the full rights of the democratic process here in the UK. Does anyone notice the stench of hypocrisy?

Hmmm, from little Anarchists, great Revolutions grow!

Oh, and the best of ‘Broken British’ luck at the next elections, Mr Scameron – you’re gonna fucking need it.

Stop press question: Did anyone see Posh Dave, on his return to London, go out and practice what he preached in his election campaign manifesto - actually ‘Hug a hoodie’?

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