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Libya Mission Accomplished: Iraq Mk II Fubar

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Typical of his over-privileged public school elitist class, the UK’s Tory Slime Minister, Posh Dave Scameron, has, assigning faulty rhetoric to take precedence over logic and rationality, moronically hailed the street justice murder of usurped Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as a definite step towards establishing a civilised, democratic Big Society future for the North African nation.

Speaking to one press hack from the Warmongers Gazette in Downing Street moments after the Grim Reaper website posted a tweet officially confirming the bonkers Colonel’s execution, Scameron declared he was proud of the role Britain had played in facilitating RAF air strikes in conjunction with a belligerent NATO’s indiscriminate saturation bombings – all to protect Libyan civilians - after the Rothshite-funded conspired Arab Spring rebellion against Gaddafi's regime kicked off in February.

Scameron, morbidly joking over the Libyan leader’s murder, opined to salivating media hacks that now was perhaps the time to remember Gaddafi's victims.
“Well, that’s got him back with knobs on for Lockerbie and Pan-Am Flight 103 – even though it was really the CIA covering up their Mid-East drug trade operations that put the bomb on the plane. Plus it’s payback for PC Yvonne Fletcher’s shooting too – even if it was one of Mossad’s Kidon assassins who pulled a false flag op’ and snuffed her to get Gaddafi and Co in the shit. And let’s not forget all the victims of IRA terrorism - who died from Libyan-supplied Semtex bombing campaigns in their bid to escape the yoke of 900 years of imperialist aggression by the British Crown.”

No sooner was Gaddafi senior’s death announced by the National Transitional Council’s rebel leader, Mr Liwat ibn Zamel, a former wheelbarrow mechanic and co-founder of the Benghazi Halitosis Society - who informed a press conference in Tripoli: "This is the moment we have all been waiting for - Gaddafi is dead and now our Kleptocracy Party can collect Baron Rothshite’s thirty pieces of silver then form a government and hold an election to vote us into office, so we can divvy up all the frozen overseas bank accounts. Then we can consolidate our rule and track down all those thousands of Gaddafi loyalist supporters and mete out justice on them – and hopefully get the tons of gold bullion back from the rest of the Gaddafi clan in Mali and Algeria.”

So much for due process, Geneva Conventions, human rights and wrongs, and the letter of the law, when all the former are wreaked asunder by copious lashings of soundbites and spin from the New World Order’s propaganda merchants.

But as Seymour Scattstein, the CIA / Mossad double-agent assigned as Chief Minder-Adviser to the NTC’s rebel leader Liwat ibn Zamel confided to one of WickedLeaks’ whistle-blowing moles over Meths and Camel’s Hump beer chasers in the bar of Tripoli’s bullet-riddled Rixos Hotel “No shit, now the nutty Colonel’s gone our next target’s Syria – then Iran. But goddam, this sure has been fun, lighting up half of Libya’s vital infrastructure with targeting lasers for the NATO’s bombers so Halliburton and Bechtel have plenty to rebuild. I ain’t had so much fun since we pulled off that false flag Sarin gas terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway back in 1995 and dropped old Shoko Asahara and his numpty Aum Shinrikyo cult gang right in a pile of deep shit.”

Conversely, regarding this case, in their brazen arrogance the agents of the Zionist neo-cons running the US military-industrial global bully network overlook the glaring fact that Gaddafi’s death is simply a harbinger, a black omen, that will kick start a mob rule wave of internecine tribal conflicts and ethnic cleansing across the nation, and like Iraq before it, with malice aforethought, initiate a reversal of the order out of chaos maxim – specifically order ‘into’ chaos.
To date, the entire shebang has taken several rapid steps backwards from the thriving economy it until recently was, into the Third World basket case shithole that existed under the despotic autocracy of the corrupt King Idris - prior to Colonel Gaddafi’s military coup in 1969.

On receiving the glad tidings of Gaddafi’s extra-judicial murder, the US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton (aka the Arkansas Mena Mafia Matriarch) in Kabul for meetings with President Hamid Karzai’s corruption-ridden kleptocracy government, responded with jubilation to the news like a cackling harpy, with typical kikester Schadenfreude – giggling dementedly over his sanguine demise at the hands of the mob that are now set to rule Libya – in the name of the Rothshite crime syndicate.
Facing the news cameras with her customary manic stare, the rug-munching dyke slut set up a top end score on the International Scumometer scale of 1 to 10 by hitting a 12 for her most politically incorrect gleeful comment of “We came, we saw, and we killed the butt-ugly Muslim shit.”

In reference to the Libyan tragedy, Clinton’s boss, Barky O’Barmy, the Kenyan cuckoo currently squatting in the White House and impersonating the US President, deludingly stated for the public record that the cold-blooded murder of Gaddafi, a man who for all his quirks and idiosyncrasies took Libya from one of the poorest nations on the planet to the highest standard of living in Africa, was a momentous day for Libyans - as they survey the mass death and destruction of their country’s infrastructure and civilian population wreaked by the NATO liberators (neo-con’ colonialists).

Thoughts for the day: Since the US / PNAC-instigated NATO aggression to force a regime change in Libya kick started with a large Ka-fucking-Boom! the day after St Valentine’s in February, with warplanes carrying out over 26,000 sorties, including 9,600 air strike missions employing banned cluster bombs and white phosphorus munitions - a mortality headcount by the Ox-Rat and Amnesty human rights and wrongs charity groups reveals a very conservative estimate of 60,000 civilians wounded, 3,000 maimed and 25,000 killed – including the bonkers Colonel.

How’s that for a UN-sanctioned ‘no-fly zone’ policy of ‘humanitarian intervention’ (the all-new soundbite mantra for imperialist belligerence).

Er, anyone or their dog thought about what should present this rag-arsed National Transitional Council’s job number one priority? Like how to disarm every fucker and their dog currently wandering around macho style with an AK and bandoliers stuffed with 7.62 ammo?

Regardless, and Insha’Allah - fuck the ZioNazi Masonic Illuminati elitists - and their New World Order.

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