Tuesday, 18 October 2011

99% Occupying ‘Wrong Places’

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Well, we must prudently inquire, are the burgeoning (and too, copycat) ‘We Are the 99%’ movements manifesting across the good ole US of A and Europe in the wake of this year’s Arab Spring rebellions, and all out to achieve socio-economic-political reforms, in the process of getting hijacked by the powers that be – aka THEM?
By THEM we mean the dynastic families who control Zionist military-industrial bankster cabals that seem to have been running world affairs to suit their own ends for the past few centuries – since the Roman Catholic church lost the thread and it’s inherent corrupt practices became self-consuming.

Unlike Bahrain, where the brutal Saudi-bolstered police and militia simply beat the shit out of anything that holds a protest placard up, for a fact these ‘Great Awakening’ radical reformist groups are most definitely being infiltrated by agent provocateurs out to kick start a spot of gratuitous violence and discredit such protests - or are intent on simply worming their way in to corrupt the civil disobedience and non-cooperation mutinies by steering them in an alternative direction and coerce their aims towards an acceptable political agenda – Republican or Democrat.

The ruling elites, oozing smugness from every pore, are disturbed, perhaps in a state of paranoid fear – not so much for the sanctity of their own arses just yet – but definitely the preservation of their fatally flawed banking system now these anti-establishment protests are going globally viral and people are not so much asking awkward questions but front an irate mob - such as that which turned up at a cashier’s desk in CA on Bank Transfer Day, and one by one had the audacity to withdraw their balances in greenback readies and close their accounts – until the police arrived on the scene and arrested them under the convenient statutes of ‘domestic terrorism’ legislation.

So, for our home-grown UK rebellions and demo’s, the Occupy London movement, focusing the nation’s attention on the derivatives-ridden London Stock Exchange and a fractured Capitalist system – and too now cluttering up the steps at St Paul’s Cathedral - let’s focus on the fact it’s not just Britain that’s ‘Broken’ – it’s the entire global system that’s been bust for quite some time.

While the elitists got away with it for generations as it really only affected the ignorant hapless peasant populations of colonial Europe’s Third World shitholes, no fucker or their dog in the West really gave a toss.
But now it’s hitting home and the realities of gross materialism and living in a Debtocracy due the shifty Shylock banksters fractional reserve lending system reaching self-destruct level and finally fucking itself squarely in the arse - and going under at a geometric rate that no amount of ‘quantitative easing' (closing the windows at Herculaneum and Pompeii in 79 AD as Mount Vesuvius erupted) is going to assuage nor fix.

Regardless of the Muslim ‘Arab Spring’ or Occidental versions of ‘Occupy This, That or the Other’ movements being hijacked, steered and controlled by the elitists agent provocateurs, the manifestation of these rebellions has demonstrated with disturbing effect the implications for freedom when a disaffected and marginalised humanity collectively raises its head in anger and applies the force its numerical potential to say ‘No More!’ to the system - and ceases to further cooperate with its own involuntary servitude.

Hopefully the collective unconscious will kick in and the participants wake up before their little protest movements get totally hijacked by subversive elitist forces and realise that ‘Occupy this, Barricade that, Boycott the other’ acts of defiance and rebellion are all okay but they need to primarily focus on the blackballing and ostracising of the big bank pariahs (and their non-existent derivatives products and subprime lending schemes) – such as the Rothshite crime syndicate’s institutions of advanced usury.
Then turn their collective attentions to occupying Congress and the Senate – and the White House – and every propaganda-blasting media centre – then the Fed (and audit that den of iniquity and improbity - plus check the debased gold content of the Fort Knox bullion billets for tungsten).

On the west side of the Atlantic the protesters should evict the kleptomaniacs infesting the EUSSR headquarters in Brussels and occupy that edifice of corruption – then more of the same with the UK Parliament’s House of Conmans - and the Lords – and the scumbags infesting Fuckingham Palace – then go for the puppet BBC and every other stooge newspaper and media organisation – and get the tumbrels rolling again and Madame Guillotine oiled up and sharpened.

For there is no way this volatile issue will be resolved by negotiation or peaceful means. There can be no political concessions to modifying the venal system – the lot’s got to go – politicians, banksters, lobbyists, the parasitic monarchies -
and if the baby’s tossed out with the corporatism bathwater, then so be it. If it comes down to total violent revolution as per France 1789 and Russia 1917, then again, so be it.

If that’s what it takes to get ‘OUR’ world back on track, where materialistic greed is surpassed and usurped by spiritual attainment – like the constitutional government of Bhutan in the Himalayas – where they measure their annual GNP on a ‘Gross National Happiness’ index and not on a tally of credit card debt.

Long ago, so too did all people of this Earth – until coerced and corrupted by such venal edifices as the Catholic Church and a plethora of other like control freak religions and institutions – and the money lenders. Buy now – pay later, a most Satanic contract entered into by corrupt politicians with money-grubbing Shylocks whose morals are rated at the very bottom of the kikester pondscum scale – and betrayed each nation’s population by pawning the right to print their own interest free currencies.

However, THEY are feeling the pinch, even at this precursory stage of rebellion, as was all too obvious and evidenced by Stateside examples over the past few days, with financial institution customers being forcefully arrested for their collective Bank Transfer Day protest.

Once the Monster feels truly threatened then they’ll loose their black propaganda brigades and black op’s agent provocateurs to stir the shit and throw a few petrol bombs, snuff a couple of cops, start a looting rampage – and then, in breach of Posse Comitatus, unleash the National Guard on the crowds and declare martial law.
For nothing but nothing can be allowed to put a damper on the status quo and their burgeoning Big Brother panopticon surveillance – control freak society.

If THEY can’t pervert the course of this rebellion to suit their own ends or hijack it in entirety, then they’ll do their best to crush it under the jackboot - as false flag terrorist attacks don’t seem to be distracting the sheeple from their collective plight and getting them focused on a fresh round of demonising Islam and revamped xenophobia – for no fucker or their dog will be permitted to contradict the consensus reality line.

Hence, violent overthrow of the established crooked and corrupt order in all its covert disguises and Satanic manifestations will be the final alternative and only path to redeeming freedom for the masses and abolishing this Debtocracy that shackles global commerce and individual aspirations.

Oh yes, these elitists who think they’re running the world have brought the global peasantry to the edge of the abyss of Malthusian chaos through convincing themselves they could continue milking the cow without feeding it and overlook the obvious that stared them in the face.

This current shower of moronic self-centred shits have, totally ignoring the facilities of 20/20 historical hindsight, removed the middle class buffer zone by turning everyone into a pauper – hence who do the poor and destitute target – the next lot up the food chain – THEM.
And while they have think tanks full of beardies and anoraks with more degrees than a thermometer, they’re all fucking the cat with their socio-political-economic engineering game plans as they miss the metaphoric carnivorous dinosaur looking through the window straight at their fat arses.

They are arrogantly oblivious to the obvious, the whole point of advancing their own position while maintaining the status quo – which is to keep the proletariat smiling – fully employed and no time to do anything after work - apart from more overtime – then home to watch the stupefying goggle box or having a few equally-stupefying pints of Old Headbanger or Bitch Thumper lager down the pub – and plan for their fortnight’s annual discount holiday in some sunny shithole in the Balearics.

Idle hands are the Devil’s hands – so the maxim goes – and unemployed peasants are apt to stick their miserable, reduced quality of life predicaments under a magnifying glass - and have time on their hands to cast a glance in the general direction of the parasitic nobility and elitist gentry that lord it over them - and their mega-bucks salaries and performance bonuses and golden handshakes and blue chip pensions – and start thinking for themselves “what the fuck goes on?”

And that is the criterion behind the ‘Occupy this, 99% that’, etcetera, et al – and as much as these elitist scumbags are trying to coerce, pervert, divert and take over these movements, it’s a lost cause due the fact they are going to expand and evolve at a geometric rate until the entire shebang goes up in a revolutionary thermo-nuclear chain reaction - proportionate to the abuses suffered.

THEY would be well advised to get their noses out of the feedbag for a minute and reflect well upon the reasons for the 1789 extinction of the French Bourbon dynasty and 1917 Russian Romanov dynasty – lest such become their own collective fates.

Thought for the day: To misquote the French ‘Age of Enlightenment’ philosopher Denis Diderot: “The world will never attain its long-sought Utopian state of being until the last remaining corrupt politician is strangled with the disembowelled entrails of the last of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s banksters.”

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