Thursday, 6 October 2011

Which Scamster Did You Vote For?

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Which British public service organisation with a workforce of 635 bodies has the following employee statistics?

3 have done prison time for assault
7 have been imprisoned for fraud
8 have been arrested for shoplifting
9 have been accused of writing bad cheques
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
17 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
29 have been accused of spouse abuse
71 can’t get a credit card due to crap credit ratings
84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year

So much for the membership of the House of Conmans - the same group that cranks out hundreds of new laws in Parliament each year – all designed to keep the rest of us in line.

Collectively they cost the British tax payer £92,993,748 in expenses for the 2009-2010 period - plus they have the best ‘taxpayer-funded’ corporate pension scheme going.

Thought for the day: Hmmm, no fucking wonder Britain’s ‘Broken’.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and/or squirrel shit.

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