Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wayne Memorabilia Nets Mega-Bucks

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So, who remembers US actor Marion Mitchell Morrison, a Hollywood icon famous for his numerous film roles in which he attempted to portray a series of ridiculous figures, ranging from a Roman soldier to cowboys, sea captains, pilots, detectives, gunslingers, cattle barons, marshals, and military officers – all called John ‘Duke’ Wayne – and was too the real-life target of Vietnamese snipers, Stalin’s KGB assassins and legions of carping film critics?

The Wayne character epitomized an aura of rugged faggot-bashing masculinity, which many viewed and interpreted as a cover for his own latent closet-case homosexual proclivities and a bent for sheep shagging while into his habitual afternoon drunk sessions.
Wayne’s 150-plus movies, in which he always played the same character, elevated him to the lofty heights of an enduring American icon - renown for his distinctive smoker’s Corncrake voice and the ambling, biased list of his gait and stride – which prompted many to speculate that it looked like he’d just droppped a gnarly wet fart – or simply shit his pants.

This last week has seen an auction of Wayne’s movie memorablila that netted mega-bucks from star-fascinated morons, out to own a piece of the legend himself.
A green beret worn by the late actor in the ridiculous1968 film of the same name - when the moronic White House and Pentagon still thought they had a chance of beating General Giap and his Vietcong forces - sold for $180,000. The eye patch Wayne sported in the 1969 movie True Shit - which netted him the Oscar that Richard Burton was cheated out of by dirty Daryl Zanuck - sold for $47,800. A pair of his jockey shorts, complete with a four inch skidmark and piss stains, worn while filming North to Alaska, went under the hammer for $52,000.

The Heritage Auctions sale, held in Los Angeles and the first of Wayne’s effects since his death in 19979, also saw a record winning bid of $78,000 bucks by the Joe McCarthy Institute for Political Skullduggery for his personal ‘I Hate Communist Scum’ sweat shirt – the same article of clothing in which he was attired to devastating effect during the 1949 filming of She Wore Bright Yellow Knickers – a display of blatant and gratuitous anti-Marxist prejudice which so enraged Joseph Stalin that the Russian leader put out a KGB contract on Wayne’s thick head.

It was also a bonanza day for the firearms aficionados too. Wayne’s Colt .45 Peacemaker model six-shooter, which he never re-loaded once during the 1948 filming of Fort Apache - even though double-tapping several hundred warriors personally and decimating the entire tribe – brought $125,000 bucks and was displayed, post-auction, to ardent Wayne fans by purchaser and movie producer Shylock Scumberg as being a specially modified mini-Uzi capable of discharging 950 rounds per minute cyclic.

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