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Plods & CPS Sniffing MoD Scandal

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Following a week of denials that, like Adolf Eichmann before him, he did no wrong, Defence Minister Liam Pox, while forswearing the honourable option of committing ritual seppuku by falling on his own letter opener, has been forced to submit to political pressures and resign due the all too cuddly relationship with his part-time gay playmate Adam Qwerty.

The position vacated at the MoD due Pox’s departure has now been filled by Philip ‘Piranha Teeth’ Hammond – formerly the Tory Minister for Things With Wheels – who confided in press hacks that it was a real honour and privilege to take over from the disgraced Minister at the lucrative helm of defence, and get the chance to squirrel away a few bribes and kickbacks for his retirement fund.

In a swift piece of Chinese style political legerdemain last Friday, PM Posh Dave Scameron reshuffled his stacked deck cabinet – with the moronic Hammond going to the MoD - and the incumbent low profile Treasury’s Money Box secretary, Justine ‘Blonde Moment’ Greenback, handed Hammond's post at Transport’s wheelbarrow department – becoming, surprisingly enough, the fifth split-arse in the Millionaire’s Cabinet regardless of the fact she hasn’t (yet) two brass farthings to rub together - with no-one replacing her at Georgie Osborne’s department as the piggy bank’s totally empty from paying bills to Brussels.

So, by this auto-da-fé act of resignation, do the despicable sleazebag Liam Pox and his money-grubbing henchman Adam Qwerty actually believe the airborne shit from this burgeoning scandal they are jointly responsible for allowing to hit the proverbial fan is going to settle placidly like snowflakes on the alpine firs and no more will be heard of the matter?

Flatbrokes, the ubiquitous UK High Street bookies are giving fair odds that it’s going to end up under the scrutinising beak of Inspector Hugh Dunnit and the Crown Prosecution Service – in the public interest and all that good shit.
“Ello,ello,ello – wot ave we ere then – dodgy deals at the MoD?” – and once again bring a timely – overdue – focus on abuse of office and influence peddling by our government ranks of elitists who believe, in their unqualified arrogance, that they are above the law and rules of polite society.

New Labour’s shadow defence secretary Ron Fuctifino, displaying his usual ignorance of what the fuck’s going on, claimed it’s still unclear who paid for Adam Qwerty’s's trips abroad with Minister Liam Pox – while the rest of the world are able to smell a skunk a mile off and simply log onto a variety of alternative media and whistle-blowing websites such as and WickedLeaks to find out who the rumour mill reckons funded his dodgy junkets.

For starters we have the celebrity venture capitalist and Russian oligarch exile Oleg Mobsaroubles, CEO of Wankprom Oil and owner of the Crapford United premier league soccer team, who spoke to a press hack from the Daily Shitraker on Friday and stated for the public record that Dr Liam Pox approached him personally on a begging mission following the 2010 general election - mooching funds for a company that his pal Adam Qwerty was setting up.
Oh yes, condemnation signed and sealed – the UK’s Minister of Defence soliciting for his poofter mate Qwerty and drumming up donations like some pondscum mercenary pimp.

Mr Mobsaroubles’ business partner, Michail Sackashit, the owner of Russtheft Oil and Gulag Gaz, claimed that Qwerty set up the firm, Pargav Backsheesh SA, to provide security policy analysis and research services - and market weapons of mass distraction.
“When Dr Pox’s faggot friend Qwerty come to see me an’ Oleg he says he is bankrolled by US and European corporate intelligence firms like the CIA and an Israel lobbyist firm called Mossad. Then he displays some documents with the British MoD letterhead on them and letters of intent and credit from Sheikh Ras al Scumbag’s G3 Snafu Governance Group, and Fubar Real Estate - the investment company owned by Poju Zabloudowicz - the kikester chairman of the pro-Israel lobby group Bigcrap – and they each give him £35,000 quid apiece to put a good word in with his boss, Minister Liam Pox.”

Head honcho of the civil service and PM Scameron’s Cabinet Secretary and 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, Sir Gus O’Donnell, has been tasked with waving the big stick and expediting an inquiry into precisely what the fuck has been going on.
Confiding in one gutter press hack at the bar of Shitehall’s Rat and Pikey pub, on the promise he wouldn’t tell more than a dozen, Sir Gus explained the plot so far. "Liam’s treated Adam Qwerty more as his business agent than just a casual homosexual lover – with the Ministry of Defence representing some sort of franchise to access a money-spinning cornucopia – and provide the opportunity for the bisexual Pox to get away from his missus to engage overseas in beast with two backs games.”

“So I’ll carry out the investigation, and if need be broaden it further by having that podgy lying shit Qwerty arrested by Special Branch and flown out on one of the CIA’s regular extraordinary rendition flights from Gatwick to Egypt or Israel and let them stamp on his scrotum a few times until we get the whole truth of the matter."

Doubtless further damning disclosures are likely to form a core part of Sir Gus's inquiry into the Pox and Qwerty pantomime, which was launched as the monumental scandal started gathering pace at a geometric rate – devastating all and sundry in its path.

In a further damning revelation to hit the headlines this morning, Qwerty, known to friends and business associates alike as a bourgeois twat with delusions of grandeur – and obviously possessed with ambitions far beyond the scope of his intellectual capabilities – had apparently become embroiled in an audacious plot to topple Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadashell – pushing the current influence-peddling / cash-for-access imbroglio up several points on the international Scandalometer.

The ominous revelations that this Walter Mitty poseur, portraying himself as Liam Pox’s chief of staff, and who truly did enjoy unrestricted access to the same - being present during meetings Pox attended with Third World despots and their military advisers, dodgy diplomats and greedy defence contractors while he was serving in Posh Dave Scameron's Cabinet - was at the same time attempting to overthrow the democratically-elected Iranian President and government, will doubtless be the source of raucous laughter and amusement in Tehran.

Conversely, on a more realistic note, the bad news is bound to fuel alarm in Willy Vague’s paranoia-ridden Foreign Office - that the Iranians might well interpret this as official UK government policy – especially so considering all the Iran-bashing the Tory’s pro-Zionist Friends of Israel Club have recently performed to date on behalf of their Rothshite crime syndicate backers and bosses.

The latest rumour fresh out of Shitehall claims that Mr Qwerty has been quietly advised by persons unknown to cop a guilty plea whatever happens and not make a big song and dance over this mess of potage brought about by his own indiscretions and stupidity - nor open his gob too far in his own defence in a futile attempt to justify his position in this matter - else he might well be found propped up against a tree in the David Kelly Memorial Woods at Grassy Knoll Park – left wrist slashed and a fatal dose of co-proximal tablets in his gut – and a complimentary assisted suicide note – scribbled in blood on Dignitas letterhead - pinned to his chest.

Thought for the day: The moronic closet case Foreign Secretary Willy Vague has rejected outright, without a moment’s prudent consideration, suggestions that this super-creep sleazebag lobbyist Adam Qwerty may have been independently trying to create UK foreign policy to suit the New World Order neo-colonial military expansionist requirements of his Israeli and US clients.

Vague, drawing on his vast resources of personal ignorance concerning international affairs and the history of the British Empire (on which the sun never set - until successive government mismanagement broke Britain) informed the BBC’s Andrew ‘Bat-Ears’ Marr show that the idea of a lobbyist influencing one cabinet minister (his gay lover Liam) to adopt and promote a completely separate policy was a fanciful idea and quite absurd.

Alas, Willy’s never heard of James Brooke, the first Raja of Sarawak (circa 1840’s) who claimed a greater part of Borneo for Queen Victoria and the Crown, established his own dynasty, and set British Far East foreign policy to his own requirements and fancy – and vast profits.
Further the thick twat’s never heard of Philby, Maclean and Burgess either, who, along with a couple more Freemason traitors, made their own stellar contributions to determining and steering foreign intelligence policy to suit their Soviet masters’ will.

So, to conclude, and just to be a rotten sod and chuck a big spanner right into the works, has Willy Vague, FS, and career member of the Tory’s Friends of Israel Club, never heard of his predecessor at the FO post – one Arthur Balfour? - who, in November 1917, to accommodate a personal request from his dining mate Baron Walter Rothshite, London bankster and leader of the British Jewish community, wrote out a letter stating – on behalf of the entire government and Crown without prior consultation - that:

"His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

One man, one memo – the notorious – nay, infamous, Balfour Declaration - and as a result the sovereign state of Palestine was usurped and their lands stolen in 1948 by the gang of Khazar Ashkenazi Jews of convenience who used Balfour’s letter as a licence from the British government to establish Baron Rothshite’s personal crime syndicate fiefdom on the usurped lands of the Palestinians – the outlaw rogue state of Israel.

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