Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Israeli Pariahs Bin Peace Talks

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The Bobo Nuttyahoo-led Israeli Knesset has announced plans to construct a massive illegal kikester settlement in the occupied West Bank territories, in a move condemned as simply shitting on attempts to revive peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

Shovrim Shtik, the spokesman for Peace Now, a leading Israeli moralist group focusing on the rogue regime’s human rights and wrongs record, told media reporters that they denounced the plan to build 2,600 homes at Meshuggenah Mamzer on the southern edge of Jerusalem as a slap in the face for the long-suffering Palestinian Authority and international opinion as the construction will serve to cut off the Muslim Arab east of the city from the rest of the illegally-occupied West Bank.

The UN, the EU and Britain joined the Palestinians in condemning the move as provocative at a time when the major powers are struggling to rekindle negotiations while the predestined-to-failure Palestinian bid for statehood recognition is before the United Nations Security Council.

Palestinian Authority spokesman, Mohammed al Ka-Boom, told one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette that this latest abusive move by the outlaw state presents the biggest stumbling block to peace negotiations since the last big stumbling block.

Mr Ka-Boom explained “They do not want to return one inch of the lands they usurped from us in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah – and if the international community turns its back long enough, these Khazar Ashkenazi ‘Jews of convenience’ shitbags will execute their secret mass genocide programme and be rid of us all instead of this slow-cook ethnic cleansing campaign of killing a few Palestinian here and there.”

“Always with these Jabotinskyists ruling the Knesset, it is more Chutzpah and Hasbara – and lashings of Hudaibiya. We are faced with a Catch 22 situation where they say they want to negotiate a peace treaty and return our lands to us – but how can this ever materialise when they are building more and more illegal settlements. This does not present so much of a handicap to any peace process as a total impasse.”

The planned Meshuggenah Mamzer settlement, which will have the St Shylock’s Synagogue for Latter Day Kikesters at its centre, has now been bestowed with the Knesset’s blessings, and will complete the crescent of Jewish settlements which, in parallel with the West Bank’s Great Apartheid Wall, serves as a racist barrier to isolate East Jerusalem from the rest of the rapidly diminishing Palestinian territories.

Israeli peace activists claim the Knesset’s criminal intention in sanctioning the new settlement’s construction by Freddie and Felix Fagin’s O’chel Batachat Engineering group is to solidify the government’s claim to all of Jerusalem and hence minimise the amount of the city ceded to an independent Palestine – on the day Hell freezes over.

Chaneph Kedeshah, a left-wing member of the Jerusalem council that holds the portfolio overseeing the east of the city, said that the Meshuggenah Mamzer plan has more serious implications as it established a new colony of kikesters.
“The government knows the Palestinians cannot live with this, that settlements are the most important issue for them and this represents the last nail in the coffin of the peace process.”

“The hard core Jabotinskyists behind this scheme are pyromaniacs and terrorists out to ignite widespread firestorm that will initiate a new wave of attacks from the Palestinians - maybe a Third Intifada - and thus provide the desired excuse for the IDF’s Hafganat Koah Brigade to start another Operation Kill Every Fucker campaign, same as they did in Gaza two years ago, and cull their population to zero."
“Alas, this is our government and there is no end to their belligerence and crimes against humanity.”

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