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Scotland Launch ‘Kick a Samaritan’ Month

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Taking a copycat page directly out of the Zionist Israeli’s annual Schadenfreude Festival, which involves running down and squashing the shit out of foreign human rights activists with a Caterpillar D8 bulldozer as they attempt to stop the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank - bonny Scotland’s political elite (reared on a diet of first malt stubbornness and over-ripe sensibilities – festooned with lashings of graft and generous portions of corruption) have decided to stage their very own ‘Kick a Samaritan Month’ this coming 14th November at Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court.

According to Genghis McTadger, Chief Constable of the Grampian Plod Squad, the occasion will focus on the public pillorying - and possible crucifixion - of misguided Sassenach do-gooders who’ve been stirring up trouble around the nation’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen over the past couple of years by taking it upon themselves to initiate their personal Grand Inquisition to expose the crimes of a ring of paedophiles, with nary a thought for the culprits whose stifled consciences and dignity they might offend with their accusations of wrong-doing.

These acts of provocation and harassment have further involved petitioning for the release of suppressed police and coroner’s reports under the Freedom of Information Act concerning the official cover-ups of at least one murder - and attempting to initiate an independent inquiry into a catalogue of ritualised sexual abuses of disabled children attending the Beechwood Special Needs School by establishment figures rumoured to be connected to the Ferryhill Masonic Lodge.

Unlike the rest of the UK, where allegations of gross sexual perversions committed against minors by ranking local government worthies would immediately elicit outrage and spark the launch of ‘name and shame’ official investigations - (unless, of course, viz Operation Ore, Tony Bliar’s the Prime Minister) - in Scotland such finger-pointing simply kick starts a round of blatant denials and strategies of criminal concealment.

The primary showpiece victim of this coming November’s ‘Kick a Samaritan Month’ - and first in line to be fed to the lions - will be Robert Green, the lay legal representative and ‘knight errant’ for Hollie Greig, a Downs Syndrome sufferer, and the central victim in the now internationally notorious paedophilia sexual abuse case cover-up involving a legion of Scaberdeen’s establishment figures.

Further, Mr Green’s indiscreet revelations have also spurred public demands for an investigation into the suspicious death of Hollie’s uncle, Robert ‘Roy’ Greig, in 1997 - murdered to prevent him exposing the pederast ring that was abusing his niece and a host of other children – a sinister cabal which included her own father and elder brother.

This heinous crime was whitewashed over by the Scaberdeen Coroner’s Court, claiming the post mortem autopsy determined ‘death by suicide’ – wherein the victim had driven his vehicle that fateful night to a secluded spot – specifically the David Kelly Memorial Woods in Grassy Knoll Park – to expedite his auto-da-fé.

Once there, Mr Greig had proceeded to beat himself around the torso and head extensively with a pick axe handle, then dosed up on co-proximol tablets and slashed his wrists with a blunt gardening knife before dousing the interior of the car – and his own person - with petrol and setting fire to himself – prompting the Coroner to comment that this was the most resolute incidence of self-harm he had ever presided over.

So, despite the pick and mix potpourri of extraordinary anomalies and contradictions reported by emergency services personnel, further compounded and confused with the blatant perjuries put around by the Plod Squad officers that attended the crime scene - which were promoted as truth at the inquest - it was still a matter of ‘Amen - case dismissed’.

While the controversial nature of each ‘stand alone’ case itself is in the public’s interest to be subjected to an investigation by an authority detached from - and wholly independent of - the corrupt Scottish political and legal establishments, unfortunately for Lady Justice, Holyrood’s official SCUM Committee (Scottish Cover Up Merchants) have decided to keep these matters under their own scrutiny – and hence overall control – to protect their fellow criminals.
And that is what Rob Green is labouring against for Truth, Reason and Justice on Hollie Greig’s behalf: ‘lex talionis’ - retributive satisfaction and closure.

Rumours that Ferryhill Masonic Lodge members Father Hector O’Skanger of the St Sodom’s Church for Latter Day Catamites - and Sheriff Graham McScumm, who jointly stand accused of acts of galloping pederasty and loitering around school toilets, encouraging children to stroke their ‘sporran hamsters’, have fled the country for Portugal’s Praia da Luz kiddie fiddling paradise, remain unsubstantiated as of going to press.

Thought for the day: North of the border the story goes that you can tell when a politician’s lying – by every time his lips move. Likewise, a standing joke poses the riddle ‘What’s the difference between an organised crime syndicate and the Scaberdeen police force? Absolutely none.
Further, one modern day adage directed at the cesspit of immoral corruption presented by Scotland’s legal system holds ‘why hire a fucking lawyer when you can buy a judge’.

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