Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bahraini Princess Gets NVQ1 in Waterboarding

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One of Bahrain’s spoiled brat royal princess’s has been fingered by the Amnesty International and Ox-Rat human rights and wrongs charities and stands accused of personally torturing protesters illegally detained in the country’s months-long barbaric crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations.

Scores of Bahraini medical professionals sentenced to draconic prison sentences by a military – not civic – court for treating injured protesters as patients have alleged that Her Regal Scumness, Sheikha Sharmuta Bala’a il A’air Iblis al-Khalifa, beat them with sticks and a rubber hose, and inflicted electric shocks to their genitalia with a cattle prod.

The jailing of doctors and nurses, who were tortured and forced to sign false confessions, has generated international condemnation of the Bahrain’s fascist monarchy, although not one word of reproach has been uttered by the despotic regime’s staunch supporters and enablers: Britain and the United States – whose Fifth Fleet naval forces are based at Manama, the flea-infested capital of the postage stamp island kingdom.

One victim, 26 year old nurse, Mingeeter Godemiche, alleged the psychotic princess had sexually abused her during repeated interrogations in March following her arrest for treating injured socio-political reform protesters.
“She slapped me, beat me and called me a Shia pig – then had me bent over a table and shagged both my holes with a strapon dildo – much to the amusement of the female prison guards.”

Last August, in a fit of pique, the monarchy ordered the firing of thousands of state employees from their jobs for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations.
Ms Winnebago Jaffacake was one such unfortunate who alleges she was interrogated by the psycho Princess Sharmuta at the Manuke Khara Jahannum Prison – and searched through her BlackBerry, discovering an e-mail sent to the Geneva-based Human Rights Watch reporting she had bee fired from her job for having a moral conscience.

”She totally spit the dummy and screamed at me ‘How dare you destroy the image of my country by telling the truth?’ – then waved a copy of her NVQ1 Diploma for Abu Ghraib Manicures in my face – and proceeded to rip out my fingernails with a pair of pliers while her dyke lesbian guards waterboarded me by pissing on the towel covering my mouth.”

Allegations of this magnitude against Bahrain’s totalitarian government are nothing new, with scores of detailed reports and top secret State Department diplomatic cables released by Julian Blancmage’s WickedLeaks website bearing witness to the widespread torture and abuse at the hands of the venal al Khalifa regime.

Conversely, regardless of the ongoing brutality, Barky O’Barmy’s AIPAC-dominated White House administration has repeatedly reaffirmed US support for the manky monarchy. However, a United Nations commission is currently investigating alleged human rights abuses in Bahrain and will issue its report by the end of 2015.

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