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Kikester Venom Turned on Palestinians

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In the 18th October blog post - url pasted above - applauding the recent release of the hapless IDF’s Hafganat Koah Brigade soldier, Gilad Shalit, held captive in grotty Gaza by Hamas militants for what horologists term ‘a very long time’ – the US-based ultra-Zionist bigot, Rachel ‘Dexter’ Abrams, had obviously forgone her medication and ignored the strictures of polite society, and too the statutes of racial hatred incitement laws, when she issued a clarion call for the complete genocide of the Palestinian people.

Oh yes, not just the Palestinian Hamas militia besieged inside the Gaza Strip, behind the Israeli’s 30 foot high Great Apartheid Wall, in the biggest concentration camp on the planet - but the entire marginalised and disaffected Palestinian race, wherever they might be found: the occupied West Bank or the myriads of ‘displaced persons’ refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

According to the gospel preached in Abram’s jingoist diatribe, not a single soul is to be spared of these very same ‘Palestinians’ the Israeli terrorists stole ‘Palestine’ from in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe) – to serve as the foundation stone of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s personal outlaw sovereign state – from where they would finally begin their campaigns of Moharebeh (waging war against Islam) and Fesad fel Arz (spreading corruption across the face of the Earth).

What the deranged Abrams - so cosy in her unqualified arrogance and Zionist shell - is calling for is that Israel toss released Palestinian prisoners - whom she describes ‘quote’: as "child sacrificing savages" and "animals" - along with "their offspring" - "into the sea, to float there, food for sharks."
(Hmmm, hopefully not the ubiquitous blood-sucking Shylock ‘loan shark’ variety – out for a pound of goyim flesh wherever they can grab it).

Alas, this is Rachel the Schnoz blabbering on. A person cursed with more of the mongrel in her Khazar-Ashkenazi genes than ‘God’s Chosen’ pedigree, it does appear to all intents and purposes to look like she fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

So, while described affectionately by friends and associates alike as a prehensile-toothed harpy whose prognathous jawline and fucked up dentistry have equipped her with a set of gnashers that can eat an apple through a chicken wire fence - (or bite Muslim baby’s heads off in a single snap) – obviously from the homicidal racist comments contained in her recent Gilad!!!!! blog, her capacity for forgiveness – and too her sense of empathy – are sadly lacking to the point of moral and spiritual desolation. She is, like Hitler and his Nazis before her, devoid of humanity and compassion.

However such is hardly surprising when considered she’s the wife of the Iran-Contra felon and disgraced former Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams, and the daughter of career scumbag Midge Decter and the step-daughter of neo-con founding father Norman Shylock Podhoretz. Hmmm, there we go - it’s a proven fact – you can’t sculpt masterpieces out of a pile of shite.

Abrams, obviously a woman of limited intellectual abilities, a fact which shines through in her blog’s bloviated scribblings – which reveal a rabid fervour for Israeli right-wing politics closely in line with the country’s Likud Party and those of the pro-Jabotinskyist PM Bobo Nuttyahoo.
Yet another good ole patriotic American - who puts Israel first and foremost. Alas, if treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason. Consult Poxman's ADL and AIPAC on this little home truth.

The cursed Abrams is also a board member of the right-wing Emergency Committee for Israel, which recently broadcast a typical kikester canard claiming the Occupy Wall Street movement is anti-Semitic – and it’s participants all Holohoax deniers. Que? WTF? Is this woman wired up right?

Jennifer Scattstein Rubin, a Washington Post ‘journalist’ (sic) and one of Abrams' closest allies in the gutter press, pens the neoconservative Right Turn blog and re-tweeted the link to Abrams’ exterminationist post to her followers - obviously approving of its content for the mass murder / genocide of the Palestinian population.
Hence responsible moral jurists might well call into question the actual policy of the Washington Post regarding the promotion of incitement of racial hatred and mass murder by its staffers.

Oh yes, the mass genocide of the Palestinian people, whose lands the Israeli terrorists stole by force of arms in 1948 – obviously the same brand of genocide the pro-Zionist kikesters are forever pontificating over that Hitler’s Nazi hordes visited on some fantasist and grossly exaggerated six million of their number during the WW2 Holohoax.

Thus, forget all the self-promoting hype about Jewish superior intelligence and culture – Abrams comments, and Rubin’s – and the Washington Post’s – implicit approval and endorsement of them - just go to prove what a gang of war-mongering shits the Shylock kikesters really are – and every fucker and their dog’s fed up with the Zionist Chosen People’s contempt for the rest of the global ‘goyim’ population.

Thought for the day: As to hateful Rachel ‘the Schnoz’ Abrams and her exterminationist blog post viz the Palestinian population - within the Oxford English Dictionary’s indexed lexicon of 750,000-plus words there is none that accurately describes Abrams or her ultra-xenophobic condition - however it has been unanimously agreed by a joint human rights synod and a Muslim solidarity jirga that the word CUNT comes pretty close.

Hmmm, as to Israel - Sic Temper Tyrannis. Quote Jeremiah 12:7 - We shall bury them in Tophet until there be no place left to bury.

There exists now a maxim agreed between Christians and Muslims, and too Jews of conscience alike, that there will never be any form of peace for the dispossessed Palestinians or the Holy Land until the last Zionist usurper is strangled with the disembowelled entrails of the last of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s scumbags.

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